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  1. HI there i was hoping to clip some shapes inside an object and roughen the edges using a textured stroke set to erase to get the attached effect but as soon as i add the shapes inside the object the rough edges disappear. the same happens on both windows and ios. Is this a known issue? and is there a workaround? many thanks
  2. Thank you so much for your replies. I will check out the new beta - that sounds like the perfect solution have a great day
  3. Hi there, I hope someone can help. In designer I know that i can fill a rectangle with a bitmap fill and tile it - but i can’t find a way of tiling a bitmap image that I have dragged in from the assets window? I have a few plugins that contain bitmap textures that get installed in the assets window what is the best way to tile them in designer. Many thanks in advance
  4. I must admit adobe kinda knocked it out the park with the mobile version of illustrator. I love the way all the most common functions appear beneath the selected items. It makes it so much easier than rooting around in various panels and sub panels, and yes of course auto closing lines, why would you not I think this was Adobe saying ‘we see what you are doing Serif’ and we raise you I look forward to seeing how the guys at serif respond. A little healthy competition is good for everyone.
  5. First up have to say that I love the affinity suite of products. I am currently in the process of switching from mac to windows as a lot of my work is headed toward motion graphics and 3d. I have a lot of software that I use on a daily basis and have fortunately found that the vast majority of them have cross platform licensing which means that I don’t have to re-purchase the software for the windows platform. It would be great if the Affinity suite could do something similar. I realise that this is not currently possible but I hope that it is something that you will consider. Or at least in the meantime if there was some discount that you could offer to customers who already own the affinity suite on the mac and are look to purchase it again for windows. many thanks Dave
  6. Hey there I thought I had added an update here but apparently not. I found that if I closed down the hundreds of fonts that I don’t use the issue was resolved. I hope this helps for you too
  7. @Murfee that is perfect!! It was that edit document/image button that I was missing That does exactly what I was looking for whilst still staying inside publisher ...awesome!! And I can also see your first method coming in pretty handy so thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, it is very much appreciated. Have a great day Dave
  8. Hi @Murfee thanks for your reply. Yep edits made in publisher don’t change the linked files I was a little concerned that when we make certain photo edits in publisher that the files become rasterised at the document resolution e.g if you import a 300 dpi image and scale it down to 50% (effectively now 600dpi) and then switch to photo and clone something out in publisher it rasterises that image so that it’s now a new image that is 300dpi @ 100% .so if you later decide that you need to scale it back up to the size of the original linked image then you will find that it is really now 150dpi @ 200%. it’s certainly not a dealbreaker, and many photo edits will be live effects so they wouldn’t be rasterised, but I would recommend that any major retouching should probably still be done to the original file in photo rather than on the page in publisher. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts best regards dave
  9. I know what you're gonna say "StudioLInk!" You don't need to open it in photo you can edit it directly in publisher… it's Awesome!! And it is BUT when we edit images in Publisher I am pretty sure that it rasterises them and embeds them into publisher at the resolution that they appear in the document. Whereas a lot of times I will want to retouch the original image at the original resolution and resave it so that it can be used for other projects. there is an Edit in photo option but this open the document in photo rather than the image. SO just wondering is there an option to open linked images or is it currently best to go to resource manager reveal linked image in finder then open that in photo, edit and resave. many thanks in advance Dave ps congrats on the release it is AWESOME!!!
  10. You beautiful genius!!! That worked!! I deactivated the hundreds of fonts that I have activate and then reactivated the handful that I actually use and I can now save things in affinity and office. Man I had that issue for so darn long, and tried so many things. I thought the only way I was gonna fix it was with a new laptop Thank you so much! Dave
  11. Studio link is awesome... especially for me as I have been unable to save affinity photo and designer files on my regular Mac user account for the past couple of years due to ‘permissions’ issues BUT it is letting me save publisher files. So thanks to Studio link I can open up publisher and switch to designer or photo mode and save it as a publisher file!! Wooo hooo happy days!
  12. Hey there I am pretty sure that this is just me, but I still can’t save affinity documents. I get a “you don’t have permission to create a file in that location” error I have had this since about affinity designer 1.5 and have tried multiple ways of resolving the issue without any luck . I can save affinity files if I log in as a different user on my Mac so bit that isn’t ideal. My Mac is getting quite old now 2012 MBP so that may have something to do with it. I am only mentioning it now because when I was using the beta versions I didn’t have that problem and I could open and save without any issues so I was super excited, but with the official 1.7 release it isn’t working again. i’m not sure if anyone has any ideas ? many thanks in advance dave
  13. A quick update on this issue. It’s not just my Mac the folks at Wacom have confirmed that the modifier keys don’t work on the express key remote on the Mac. They are hoping/planning to resolve this issue in a future update.
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