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  1. I took a quick look into this and it's because we open files in-place now as opposed to just importing it. This requires apps like Amazon Drive to fully support the Files app which it hasn't yet. Both DropBox, and Google Drive do, OneDrive will show up but doesn't really support the full functionality of Files. Unfortunately, this requires Amazon to update their app. I will probably put in an Import from iCloud as an extra option somewhere but you still can't export into Amazon Drive until Amazon update their app. As far as I can see there's no way to actually put files into Amazon Drive from the Files app, no paste option nor will drag-drop work.
  2. Hi,


    I've noticed your post about the font issue. Is it possible you can send the font file to (or attach it to a PM message). We will only use it for fixing this issue and remove it from our systems afterwards.




  3. Thanks for the bug report. This will be fixed in the next version.
  4. This should now be fixed in the new beta 1.6.7
  5. I've changed it now to account for this. The new beta should use your system's main language decimal separator independent of the chosen language set in Designer/Photo.
  6. Andrew,

    Affinity working well up to today. Suddenly the selected photo to open does not appear on the main screen. Can you help please.

  7. JGD - Can you also provide your monitor setup (make and model), and the connection type you use?
  8. hi andrew,i am new to affinity and trying to send my images to disc but struggling is there anything you can do to help or give me any tips?

    thanks paul

    1. Patrick Connor

      Patrick Connor

      Please ask questions like this in the public Questions forum where any member of staff can answer it, not here in the users status area

  9. Yes this will be issue. I've noticed iOS11 App Store seems to be a bit wonky with detecting and updating apps at the moment as I've had the same issues with a few apps now. You can force this update by deleting the app and re-downloading it but please be aware you need to offload and save your internal documents to the iCloud otherwise you will lose your work by deleting the app.
  10. What format is that image you are dragging? Also, make sure you do have version which will be shown in the Preference panel (cog icon in the top right).
  11. Andy


    I have been following the portrait video and none of the tools (frequency, Inpainting and paintbrush for quick masking appear to be working. I am using a developed NEF file and following the tutorial to the letter. I am using an iMac pro. Affinity Photo 1.5.2

  12. This may be a font issue if you are getting squares. Try changing to a supported Japanese font to see if it will make a difference?
  13. This looks like an issue with iOS 11. The beta allows you to save a copy to any cloud storage (DropBox, GoogleDrive, One Drive etc) with a 'Locations' button in the top left of the Save panel in iOS 10. However, it looks like they've removed this button for iOS 11. Whether this is intentional or not, we'll probably have to wait for the release version to find out. Edit: At the moment you will need to use the Files app and choose Share (no drag and drop support for external locations) to copy it to your other cloud storage.
  14. It sounds like the stored application data is corrupt. Have you tried starting the application up with Control key held down?
  15. Apple Photos can convert your image to JPEG especially if you have told it to 'optimise'. The only way to bypass that is to tell it to 'Keep Originals', and to use the Apple Photos iCloud storage system, Especially in iOS11 where it will store HEIF internally, but give you the JPEG when asked by any application, or dragged to the desktop. You can always use any cloud storage system (iCloud, DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive etc) to store your RAW files and so ensure it never gets converted.