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  1. The issue with having it built into the dialog forces it to be a fixed size, resizing will then affect the entire export dialog. As a separate window, you have complete control where it should be and what size it can be, or not shown at all. There's an argument to be said to have the preview window shown by default though.
  2. You should be able to zoom with one of the following method: ALT + Mouse wheel for any standard mouse with a mouse wheel control. Mouse wheel will also scroll (vertically, or SHIFT for horizontal scroll). Track pad pinch gestures. Touch Bar controls. Magic Mouse zoom is currently broken.
  3. Hi, Can you check your Privacy settings in macOS Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy Tab On the left choose 'Files and Folders', and on the right side you should see Affinity Photo. Make sure you have given access to the Documents Folder, iCloud Drive and anywhere else you allow the app to have access.
  4. Hi,


    I've noticed your post about the font issue. Is it possible you can send the font file to atang+support@seriflabs.com (or attach it to a PM message). We will only use it for fixing this issue and remove it from our systems afterwards.




  5. Andrew,

    Affinity working well up to today. Suddenly the selected photo to open does not appear on the main screen. Can you help please.

  6. hi andrew,i am new to affinity and trying to send my images to disc but struggling is there anything you can do to help or give me any tips?

    thanks paul

    1. Patrick Connor

      Patrick Connor

      Please ask questions like this in the public Questions forum where any member of staff can answer it, not here in the users status area

  7. Andy


    I have been following the portrait video and none of the tools (frequency, Inpainting and paintbrush for quick masking appear to be working. I am using a developed NEF file and following the tutorial to the letter. I am using an iMac pro. Affinity Photo 1.5.2

  8. If "Optimise iPad Storage" is on, it will not load the RAW image from the Photos library.
  9. I apologise for the lack of response. We don't always have time to reply to every post but we do read them. It is also unfortunately bank holiday weekend for us so most of the team are in the sun. Thanks for your report and we will be looking into the issue. For now, you can try going into your 'iPad settings > Photos & Camera > Optimise iPad Storage' to see if it helps.
  10. This has something to do with Apples Photo App not returning an image for us to use. Try: - Go into Settings - On the left select 'Photos & Camera' - On the right select 'Optimise iPad Storage' - Try placing an image in Affinity Photo - Go back into Settings - On the left select 'Photos & Camera' - On the right select 'Download and Keep Originals' - Try placing an image in Affinity Photo Hopefully this forces the Photo app to download the image you need.
  11. Try signing out of the Mac App Store, and then sign back in again. Make sure the Apple account you use is the one you bought Affinity Photo with.
  12. Yes, you will get a free upgrade to version 1.5 when you purchase version 1.4, so no worries. :)
  13. Unfortunately, at present you will need to purchase them separately for each OS.
  14. Pretty much what Miguel have already said, the conditions to get it to work is as follows: Apple Menu > System Preferences... > General > Close windows when quitting an app (unchecked) Affinity Menu > Preferences > Reopen document on Startup (checked) If that doesn't work for you, I suspect it could be the way you are closing the application. You must make sure that you are closing the application in its entirety, and not the document. This has to be done via Cmd+Q, or Affinity Menu > Quit. This tells the application you want to quit the application, with all documents opened. If you press the red cross button (in the top left of the window), or use Cmd+W, this will close the document which tells the application not to open it again. If you are doing all the steps above, then the best way to diagnose your issue is via a Quicktime Screen recording which can show us the 2 checkbox settings, and the actions you are doing which you can upload here, or send to us at support(at)seriflabs(dot)com. Hopefully this will show us exactly what might be going wrong. Thanks, Ad
  15. Hi Jim, The document palettes will be saved with the document, but you must reselect the palette in the swatches panel every time you load up. At the moment the Affinity products don't bring back the selected document palettes but I'm looking to improve on this soon. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime. A
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