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  1. The issue with having it built into the dialog forces it to be a fixed size, resizing will then affect the entire export dialog. As a separate window, you have complete control where it should be and what size it can be, or not shown at all. There's an argument to be said to have the preview window shown by default though.
  2. You should be able to zoom with one of the following method: ALT + Mouse wheel for any standard mouse with a mouse wheel control. Mouse wheel will also scroll (vertically, or SHIFT for horizontal scroll). Track pad pinch gestures. Touch Bar controls. Magic Mouse zoom is currently broken.
  3. Any chance you could clue me in on this one? It doesn't seem any different to me... is it only relevant to certain types of layers or something? It's one of those improvement that I'm hoping will have no noticeable difference to the majority of users. When it works it should be invisible. Basically, if your node is a child object, it will attempt to keep it within the same parent (keeping it inside the group if possible) no matter where you initiate the drag.
  4. Hi, Can you check your Privacy settings in macOS Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy Tab On the left choose 'Files and Folders', and on the right side you should see Affinity Photo. Make sure you have given access to the Documents Folder, iCloud Drive and anywhere else you allow the app to have access.
  5. @galactichippo If you can send us the document with the object that shows the wrong hex value, then that might help in solving this mystery! Thanks.
  6. Looks like a bug where it imported it the swatches in reverse order. I will also take a look at the naming issue.
  7. Yes please. Also can you give us the OS version you are running it on. Thanks.
  8. You need to turn on 'On-screen modifiers keys' underneath the 'Interface' tab in Preferences.
  9. The first issue will be fixed in the next beta and will no longer be a long press. Thanks for your help.
  10. We have located the issue and have put in a fix for the next beta. Thanks for your help.
  11. Is this iCloud drive or a different type of drive storage? If it is a different cloud storage (ie DropBox), make sure that you are updated to the latest version and to run that app once and that you are logged in properly.
  12. There seem to be something wrong with touches for gestures. We will fix it for the next beta.
  13. Hi lucarubino, Sorry that the beta isn't working well for you. Are you using the Apple Pencil? If so, please turn off 'Touch for gestures only' (Preferences (Cog in top right corner) > Tools) as I suspect our gestures aren't working with that setting properly anymore. Andy
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