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  1. You need to turn on 'On-screen modifiers keys' underneath the 'Interface' tab in Preferences.
  2. Are you using iOS 11.3 beta?
  3. The first issue will be fixed in the next beta and will no longer be a long press. Thanks for your help.
  4. Andrew Tang

    Save and Open issues

    We have located the issue and have put in a fix for the next beta. Thanks for your help.
  5. Andrew Tang

    Save and Open issues

    Is this iCloud drive or a different type of drive storage? If it is a different cloud storage (ie DropBox), make sure that you are updated to the latest version and to run that app once and that you are logged in properly.
  6. Andrew Tang

    Opening Pictures in AP

    If your Photo Library is blanked from Affinity Photo, it usually means it (Affinity Photo) doesn't have any permissions to access the Photo Library. Make sure it's turned on in iPad Settings > Photo > Allow Photo to Access > Read and Write
  7. Andrew Tang

    Affinity Photo Beta for iPad (1.6.7 - Beta 3)

    There seem to be something wrong with touches for gestures. We will fix it for the next beta.
  8. Andrew Tang

    1.6.7 Beta 3 -> now is useless

    Hi lucarubino, Sorry that the beta isn't working well for you. Are you using the Apple Pencil? If so, please turn off 'Touch for gestures only' (Preferences (Cog in top right corner) > Tools) as I suspect our gestures aren't working with that setting properly anymore. Andy
  9. Andrew Tang

    Affinity Photo Beta for iPad (1.6.7 - Beta 3)

    @PMudditt Where are you trying to save to?
  10. Andrew Tang

    Affinity Photo Beta for iPad (1.6.7 - Beta 3)

    Hi, the white background flash for Help is a known bug. There are two Cloud buttons because one is an import and the other is open in-place. We have both otherwise certain Drives (ie Amazon) don't show up in certain modes because they don't support in-place opening. We will probably change the icon to differentiate it more.
  11. Andrew Tang

    Amazon Drive does not show up

    I took a quick look into this and it's because we open files in-place now as opposed to just importing it. This requires apps like Amazon Drive to fully support the Files app which it hasn't yet. Both DropBox, and Google Drive do, OneDrive will show up but doesn't really support the full functionality of Files. Unfortunately, this requires Amazon to update their app. I will probably put in an Import from iCloud as an extra option somewhere but you still can't export into Amazon Drive until Amazon update their app. As far as I can see there's no way to actually put files into Amazon Drive from the Files app, no paste option nor will drag-drop work.
  12. Thanks for the bug report. This will be fixed in the next version.
  13. Andrew Tang

    Problem loading multiple files

    This should now be fixed in the new beta 1.6.7
  14. Andrew Tang

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (1.6.6 - Beta 7)

    I've changed it now to account for this. The new beta should use your system's main language decimal separator independent of the chosen language set in Designer/Photo.
  15. JGD - Can you also provide your monitor setup (make and model), and the connection type you use?