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  1. Hi, Can you check your Privacy settings in macOS Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy Tab On the left choose 'Files and Folders', and on the right side you should see Affinity Photo. Make sure you have given access to the Documents Folder, iCloud Drive and anywhere else you allow the app to have access.
  2. If your Photo Library is blanked from Affinity Photo, it usually means it (Affinity Photo) doesn't have any permissions to access the Photo Library. Make sure it's turned on in iPad Settings > Photo > Allow Photo to Access > Read and Write
  3. Hi,


    I've noticed your post about the font issue. Is it possible you can send the font file to atang+support@seriflabs.com (or attach it to a PM message). We will only use it for fixing this issue and remove it from our systems afterwards.




  4. Yes this will be issue. I've noticed iOS11 App Store seems to be a bit wonky with detecting and updating apps at the moment as I've had the same issues with a few apps now. You can force this update by deleting the app and re-downloading it but please be aware you need to offload and save your internal documents to the iCloud otherwise you will lose your work by deleting the app.
  5. What format is that image you are dragging? Also, make sure you do have version which will be shown in the Preference panel (cog icon in the top right).
  6. This may be a font issue if you are getting squares. Try changing to a supported Japanese font to see if it will make a difference?
  7. Apple Photos can convert your image to JPEG especially if you have told it to 'optimise'. The only way to bypass that is to tell it to 'Keep Originals', and to use the Apple Photos iCloud storage system, Especially in iOS11 where it will store HEIF internally, but give you the JPEG when asked by any application, or dragged to the desktop. You can always use any cloud storage system (iCloud, DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive etc) to store your RAW files and so ensure it never gets converted.
  8. Hi Matthewob, That sample photo you've attached is not a RAW file even though it has a CR2 extension. You can verify this by using the MacOS "Preview" app to view it and use 'Tools > Show Inspector' to see that it is a JPEG file. Have you already processed the image before hand? Andy
  9. If "Optimise iPad Storage" is on, it will not load the RAW image from the Photos library.
  10. I apologise for the lack of response. We don't always have time to reply to every post but we do read them. It is also unfortunately bank holiday weekend for us so most of the team are in the sun. Thanks for your report and we will be looking into the issue. For now, you can try going into your 'iPad settings > Photos & Camera > Optimise iPad Storage' to see if it helps.
  11. We've have located the issue and a fixed have been made so will be available in the next update.
  12. Can you give use the model of your Canon camera? Also does it display the RAW icon in the Photo library?
  13. Can you let us know which iPad this is, and what type of photo you are importing?
  14. For now, you can move the RAW image into your iCloud Drive and load it directly from there.
  15. Can you try it with '▸ Optimize iPad Storage' first to see if that will import correctly. If that works, then can you try again by setting it back to '▸ Download and Keep Originals'.
  16. Try: Ansicht -> Kontextleiste einblenden English: View -> Show Context Toolbar
  17. We don't have anything to do with the iOS keyboard I'm afraid. It will just be the one supplied by iOS.
  18. This has something to do with Apples Photo App not returning an image for us to use. Try: - Go into Settings - On the left select 'Photos & Camera' - On the right select 'Optimise iPad Storage' - Try placing an image in Affinity Photo - Go back into Settings - On the left select 'Photos & Camera' - On the right select 'Download and Keep Originals' - Try placing an image in Affinity Photo Hopefully this forces the Photo app to download the image you need.
  19. Unfortunately we have no control over the iOS App Store. What I would suggest is to double check that both iPads are logged into the same account - you can try signing out and then signing back in again. Then go back to the App Store, and take a look at the Purchases tab (the button at the bottom of the App Store) and hopefully you should see all your purchases there.
  20. Thank you for testing using the beta as that helps us narrow down the bug. Unfortunately you can still get the crash as it seems we still have an issue with some fonts even though we are able to use the font selector flyout. Is there any particular place where you purchase your fonts so we can investigate? As for Font Styles, it is currently missing in Affinity Photo from both the keyboard toolbar and the text panel in the studio. Hopefully I can get this in within the next couple of betas. AndyT
  21. Try resetting this setting to see if it helps: - Go to iPad 'Settings' - In the left panel select 'Photos & Camera' - In the right panel select 'Optimise iPad Storage' - In the right panel select 'Download and Keep Originals' Try importing your RAW photo in Affinity Photo again.
  22. Can you try viewing the photo in the Photo Apps first and then try loading it in Photos again?
  23. It's trying to find out which font that is causing an issue. We don't support raster fonts but it shouldn't cause a crash.
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