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  1. Hi, Can you check your Privacy settings in macOS Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy Tab On the left choose 'Files and Folders', and on the right side you should see Affinity Photo. Make sure you have given access to the Documents Folder, iCloud Drive and anywhere else you allow the app to have access.
  2. Hi,


    I've noticed your post about the font issue. Is it possible you can send the font file to atang+support@seriflabs.com (or attach it to a PM message). We will only use it for fixing this issue and remove it from our systems afterwards.




  3. If "Optimise iPad Storage" is on, it will not load the RAW image from the Photos library.
  4. I apologise for the lack of response. We don't always have time to reply to every post but we do read them. It is also unfortunately bank holiday weekend for us so most of the team are in the sun. Thanks for your report and we will be looking into the issue. For now, you can try going into your 'iPad settings > Photos & Camera > Optimise iPad Storage' to see if it helps.
  5. This has something to do with Apples Photo App not returning an image for us to use. Try: - Go into Settings - On the left select 'Photos & Camera' - On the right select 'Optimise iPad Storage' - Try placing an image in Affinity Photo - Go back into Settings - On the left select 'Photos & Camera' - On the right select 'Download and Keep Originals' - Try placing an image in Affinity Photo Hopefully this forces the Photo app to download the image you need.
  6. Try signing out of the Mac App Store, and then sign back in again. Make sure the Apple account you use is the one you bought Affinity Photo with.
  7. Yes, you will get a free upgrade to version 1.5 when you purchase version 1.4, so no worries. :)
  8. Unfortunately, at present you will need to purchase them separately for each OS.
  9. Pretty much what Miguel have already said, the conditions to get it to work is as follows: Apple Menu > System Preferences... > General > Close windows when quitting an app (unchecked) Affinity Menu > Preferences > Reopen document on Startup (checked) If that doesn't work for you, I suspect it could be the way you are closing the application. You must make sure that you are closing the application in its entirety, and not the document. This has to be done via Cmd+Q, or Affinity Menu > Quit. This tells the application you want to quit the application, with all documents opened. If you press the red cross button (in the top left of the window), or use Cmd+W, this will close the document which tells the application not to open it again. If you are doing all the steps above, then the best way to diagnose your issue is via a Quicktime Screen recording which can show us the 2 checkbox settings, and the actions you are doing which you can upload here, or send to us at support(at)seriflabs(dot)com. Hopefully this will show us exactly what might be going wrong. Thanks, Ad
  10. Hi Jim, The document palettes will be saved with the document, but you must reselect the palette in the swatches panel every time you load up. At the moment the Affinity products don't bring back the selected document palettes but I'm looking to improve on this soon. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime. A
  11. The latest version 1.4.3 of Affinity have all the Sierra fixes and improvements. You can get this update from the Mac App Store.
  12. This is good to know. Have you tried deleting Photo and reinstalling it from the App Store? You need to do this by opening the application folder, and drag Photo into the trashcan. Now empty your trash can. Open the App Store, go into the purchased tab, to redownload Photo again.
  13. Do you get the splash screen? If you get the crash report, you can post it here so we can take a look. Andy
  14. To be fair, no one knows what I do over here either - they haven't sussed out yet that I just walk around with a clipboard looking busy all day. Shhhhhh. ;)
  15. Ah, I understand. I don't see why not and it will be a point to consider, but as of now version 2.x is still a way off that you won't need to worry about it for some time yet. :)
  16. You will most likely always be on the latest version so this issue never becomes a problem. It's just more apparent this time around because the only Windows version is the beta which is base on 1.5 technology. Also I want to take this chance to say that the betas should never really be used for serious work as technology is still in flux, even though we will try our hardest to keep it all stable.
  17. Well, the new Colour Picker Tool in the current beta, and in the future 1.5 release will have exactly that activated with the shortcut 'I'.
  18. > I do not understand why that extra step is necessary or why it is still there after all the complaints about it. This is to stop you accidentally changing your selection's fill without realising it since the Colour well reflects your selection's fill state. Hence why you need to specifically say you want it to change by choosing the colour picker well. Admittedly, this is a vector issue rather than a raster issue since there is no reason when there are no selection (or capable of making a selection) not to change the default fill which would be reflected by the colour well when there are no selection.
  19. You can double click on the active tab to minimise it. Alternately, if your mouse supports a middle mouse button, you can middle button click the active tab to do the same. :)
  20. There is no license number as all purchases is handled by the Mac App Store. All you need to do is log into the Mac App Store with your Apple account, and the app will appear underneath purchases for download and install.
  21. Hi all, Fixx is correct and that it was a conscious decision to moved the Cmd+M shortcut to Adjustments > Curves. However, you can reassign this back to Minimise. The Minimise menu item is under Window for the Mac OS and is available in the MAS version. AndyT
  22. We have our own font rendering engine so it's possible that we are doing something different. If possible, can you send us the font file to support at seriflabs dot com so we can take a look at it. Thanks.
  23. Most of our panel pop up respond to ESC. Looks like we've missed one!
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