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  1. When I type out a sentence as art text, Holding two fingers on the keyboard to move around the cursor does not work. Here is a video showing the bug A0A39319-4690-4997-91D7-A39C2CFB5F64.MP4 version
  2. When rotating text it’s very difficult to see the rotation degree because my finger covers it up when I rotate text. I made a video showing the rotation I’m referring to 4DC07F29-1BD4-4650-9596-77EF9A5D3586.MOV version
  3. Add support for System Rating and Review Prompts, this would allow users to rate/review from inside your app, this would increase the amount of ratings Affinity photo gets, Which also may increase the amount of people that buy your app. Here are instructions on how to support this feature. Ratings and Reviews SKStoreReviewController
  4. A user on the app store is having a lot of problems with AF, and raised it 1 star, can the issues this user is experiencing be fixed? Click on the image below for a higher resolution version or click here
  5. jacki3wrfsef

    Save bug

    Crash logs should be automatically sent, if here she has enabled it in iOS settings. Under analytics it’s the option called share with app developers, it will necklace in the crash log whenever the app crashes to affinity photo developers. The best option is to capture a Sysdiagnose right after the crash occurs and then send that to affinity photo developers.
  6. jacki3wrfsef

    Save bug

    It might be helpful in isolating the issue/bug if phecko connects his iPad to a Mac, opens Console app and clicks on the iPad. Then reproduces the bug on the iPad, after that go to the Console app select the whole log using log using "⌘ Command A" to select all of the log then "⌘ Command C" to copy the log. After that you can send the Staff a Private message with the log pasted "⌘ Command P" into the message body.
  7. Im running the latest Developer beta of IOS and the issue is still occurring.
  8. jacki3wrfsef

    Camera module no control iPad as the camera.

    What version of affinity photo are you using, (1.6.7 - Release Candidate 1) is the latest beta release.
  9. Thanks for the video, I was selecting the blemish removal tool and long pressing on the photo and dragging my finger actress the screen. I was using release Candidate 1.
  10. Here is a link to the video that should work. https://www.icloud.com/iclouddrive/0WmAfUrUR9fqFpT5CL5gOMdrg#8638C233-04B2-4919-8B29-B56185095FB8 and it could be that it is a beta but this needs to be fixed before IOS 11.3 is out.
  11. Odd, I tested on IOS 11.3 dev beta 2 and on a iPad Pro 10.5 inch and it was very laggy as shown in the video. 8638C233-04B2-4919-8B29-B56185095FB8.MOV
  12. When I use the blemish removal tool the performance is very bad and there is no indication on where I’m touching. Here’s a video showing the bug. iOS 11.3 8638C233-04B2-4919-8B29-B56185095FB8.MOV And here is the photo I used in the above video. IMG_8758.jpeg.zip
  13. Im using the Apple Pencil mainly, but when I long press and move my finger around 1 mm, while long pressing the taps disappear, I have to keep my finger extremely still to keep the Taps visible.
  14. When I long press it in beta 5, the tips show up for a second then disappear even when I hold my finger right on the "?".