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Camera module no control iPad as the camera.

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I went out yesterday and shot some photos with my ipad air 2 , I used the free Lightroom CC app. The camera control is excellent it lets me control iso shutter speed , white balance  point of focus lets me rack the focus and highlights in green what is in focus it even applies some styles before i press the shutter in realtime and I can use a timed delay as well.


Affinity Photo has a shutter button some pretty incomprehensible displays (i couldn't find any controls). 


The iPad has a pretty good camera but it needs the iso kept low in order to produce good quality photos   


The rest of the App is doing quite well , although I couldn't see how to save as DNG just 16bit Tiff.

It really does need some work on the camera module, try the lightroom cc free version to see how much control can be had, It handles my Pentax DNG  files pretty well but the iPad isn't just the platform to use when you haven't got your laptop handy it needs to work well with the onboard camera and so far this is disappointing.   

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Yes, I agree there is room for improvement here. Currently limited to face recognition (the smiley face), bracketed HDR (HDR circle) and record raw image (RAW). The histogram shows exposure info but provides no control.

Help file is in Get Started, Opening and Importing. Near the end of the list.

IPad Pro 10.5/512GB lpadOS 13.1.1  Affinity Photo Affinity Design Publisher for iPad ?

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