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  1. Please attached for a visual demonstration of why this is important to have
  2. Ah, this is good to know. I suppose it is an intermittent thing though as in my other project (using the same beta software) this problem with artboards and bleeds is not an issue. And thanks Mark for your detailed exploration of this issue!
  3. Trying to export a print PDF: File > Export > PDF (for print) I'm working in AD 1.7 beta for another project and tested this multiple times in that document and it prints the bleed area fine. But on this document, it's just giving me white around the edge even though a 3mm bleed is specified on each edge. Not sure if this is a bug or me being a doofus and blindly overlooking an obvious option?! Any help would be great, thanks. Richard cc_a5-flyer-upload.afdesign
  4. Can I send my file privately for this to be looked at? I've just created another artboard (CMD + J'd the previous one, making a document of only 6 in total) but simply cannot draw anything on a pixel layer (if I make massive swings of a brush stroke sometimes it registers, and I can pull that drawing on to my board and continue drawing but still, it still has that initial bounding box cut off on the right hand edge. It's so bad now I've had to resort back to drawing in Photoshop and then bringing in the drawing to be inked in Affinity D... Thanks
  5. No problem, after using Adobe suite for over 10 years (Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign) I can see the potential of this software is immense so I really want it to be a success. Currently a bit buggy but when it's all ironed out it's gonna blow Adobe out of the water. Just please never move to a subscription model....! You could afford to increase the price of the software too to pay for updates, I would have gladly paid double for what we get. (Probably a more appropriate place to post these sentiments but hey ho...)
  6. https://www.useloom.com/share/05cafbf1cd084a988ffda991f3d8c119 In my document, at first the pencil tool took about a minute to render what it was drawing, I thought it had crashed. Now it seems to have sorted itself and draws in real time but still strips out the fill when drawing. Doesn't matter if a stroke is selected as well or not, it always strips out the fill. I only want to draw with a fill so this seems buggy. As the video shows this also happens in a new document.
  7. I work in many, many layered documents, even within groups there are so many curve layers that make up objects. Having new vector layers added to the top of the stack inhibits flow as I have to drag it down everytime to where I want it. New drawing layers are added above the current layer so please could this happen for vector layers? Thanks.
  8. Hi, Attached are the brushes I'm using. Also, I can't recreate this behaviour in a new document. This document was initially a 1.6.5 document which for various reasons I'm now working on in the 1.7 beta. I can send the file as well if you'd like. Let me know as would like to send privately. Thanks EDIT: Actually - could I send the brushes to you privately?
  9. https://www.useloom.com/share/667b01f1e6c3498097b9190e0cb59a9c As the title says, when I draw the first stroke with the stroke stabliser on without any layers selected, the first stroke is incredibly slow to draw. But then it's ok. It's a v odd one... again if you need the file please allow me to send it privately. Thanks.
  10. https://www.useloom.com/share/ba63d3521bf74a2f89bf9ace3c32a2a3 In Pixel mode, when designing in the grey area around an artboard (regardless of whether the artwork is nested in an artboard or not), Rectangle marquee tool, Freehand selection tool and Flood fill tools do not work (not many other tools do either). Move the artwork above an artboard (again, regardless of whether it is nested within an artboard or not) and the tools work as expected. (Almost, the freehand selection tool, when nudging the selection, the artwork disappears....) Again, any questions or if you would like the file, please could I send it privately. Many thanks. Richard.
  11. https://www.useloom.com/share/f21ea5e72740499f824922d7f3975cf1 The title and the vid explains it all really. Let me know if you have any questions or need me to send the file (would like to send privately if so) Many thanks, Richard
  12. rnbutler87

    Slices are not pixel perfect

    Hi, I have an artboard which when selected to create a slice out of, the slice often and unpredictably adds a pixel either to one of the edges, in this case, it adds an extra pixel to the height. Please see the screenshots below : --- In the transform panel, you can see that the artboard is positioned with whole pixels and has dimensions made up whole pixels. I've even done the 1pixel nudge left and right fix which I heard might fix the problem to ensure 100% whole pixel alignment. However, you can see the export persona selective slicing has added an extra pixel to the top of the slice. It doesn't always do this but it does it often enough for me to have to check every single side on every single slice to make sure the slices are cropped correctly. It's not a big deal for most exports but it is a problem for such things as repeating bg patterns used on website and also for creating texture brushes. For example, if overlooked, you get a pixel thin white streak in the stroke and then you have to go right back to fixing it, importing the brush, adjusting all the settings and reapplying the stroke to all your brush strokes - it's been a bit of a nightmare! If you would like the file I'm working with, I'd like to send it privately if OK so please advise. Many thanks. RIchard
  13. https://www.useloom.com/share/28ee96559df14300af129d144c19de10 Duplicating via ALT + Drag is OK Duplicating via CMD + J is OK But duplicating via Copy + Paste is not OK - the text frame becomes unlinked. I can confirm as well that in a blank document, symbolising a text frame and copying and pasting, the issue still occurs.