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  1. Thanks! I've since realised that these stroke options can affect slices.
  2. Attached is 2 screen shots, one showing the editor and one showing the export: In the PDF export, the pig, which is vector, the colours appear the same. But the animal prints and bullet points, which are pixel data, are appearing darker. I don't know if this is just a coincidence but I suspect not. Document colour format: CMYK/8 Document colour profile: U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2 PDF Export: PDF (for print) and the colour space and profile are set to use the documents space and profile. Attached are the files and the export. This has been annoying me for a while so I'd love to get to the bottom of it. Many thanks. Richard pig.afdesign pig-export.pdf
  3. Thanks, this works! It does seem strange and unintuitive functionality though...
  4. Hi, thanks. Here is the file and palette: CK_palette-issue.afdesign UNIVERSAL-palette.afpalette
  5. Hi, I've already posted on this but thought I would again with confidence that I've not missed anything from the suggestions given last time. I also have updated to the latest beta since posting on this last, in which I seem to remember reading in the release notes there was a fix regarding the positioning of artboards (which was perhaps one of the problems last time) Anyway, as you can see in the video, I've got 4 icons, all sat on whole pixels and all whole pixels in width and height. But when I create slices out of them all, the slices all appear different sizes. And not just one pixel out in some cases (which would suggest a rounding error or hidden decimal places on the positioning or width and height) but 4px on one of the icons. It's very strange. Below is the video showing this as well as the file: https://www.loom.com/share/5a315b2305c54881903b0bd76224e637 SYL_assets_master2.afdesign
  6. Hi, I exported this palette...: ... in to another document and it appeared in reverse order, like this: I don't want to sort either of the palettes by alphabetical or by colour, I want them in the order I created them (being able to change their order manually would be great) But more than anything, all the swatches are named in the original palette but only some of them are named in the subsequently imported one. About half of the swatches have just come in with Global Colour [number] which is odd...
  7. Recreation of problem: A group with visible and hidden layers Duplicate this group via CMD + J In the new (duplicated) group, turn on one of the hidden layers Invoke the transform handles for the group The transform handles don't recognise the new size of the group with the incorporated hidden layer visibility. They only seem to transform the bounds of the original size of the group based on the visible layers before duplication. See the video for more clarity: https://www.loom.com/share/dc106a51978a42abbf56c7e718de3647
  8. rnbutler87

    Slices don't fit correctly

    Very sure! The potential of the export persona is fantastic but I do find it a bit finicky at the moment, mainly to do with this topic of precision export and especially in documents that aren't pixel based (e.g. mm or cm) And solving the problem does sound complicated and I can't say I entirely understand but what I'm taking away is you're working on it, which is satisfying. Many thanks.
  9. rnbutler87

    Slices don't fit correctly

    This is strange. I'll keep trying to drag it around... This also seems strange... Hopefully a future update will make this a more consistent, intuitive process
  10. Hi, I've now uploaded these files. The image copies OK into a new document. But appears blank when I copy it from CK_dinosaur-landing-page_book to CK_farm-animals_covers2 The image is the one in the repeating pattern in the symbol duplicated for the background. Thanks.
  11. Hi, as the title says, when I copy this image from one document to another, it appears 'blank'. The layer thumbnail looks a bit dodge too, like with very thin bars, like it's corrupt or something. Very strange but hopefully watching the video will explain. https://www.loom.com/share/884deccf5b6f4a5798f579a0556321cf
  12. rnbutler87

    Slices don't fit correctly

    Thank you, this has fixed the issue. Many thanks! Actually this has sort of fixed the problem, in that the artboard fits better, but not exact still. It is making an artboard 90x91 and even when trying to snap it to the bounds of the artboard it just won't, and keeps cropping the artwork. Is this because of what you mentioned about not being able to see if the board is exactly on a whole pixel because of the decimals not showing? These slice problems are quite annoying, especially when creating print artwork using something other than pixel dimensions (e.g. mm or cm) When I want to export slices, I have to change the document to pixels, and then try and get the slices to work. Indeed, they are more accurate but still not exact, as experiences yet again here. Thanks for the responses so far.