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  1. Hello - In Illustrator there is a Find & Replace where you can Find a colour and replace with another colour. You can also select all with the same colour. Is there anything like this in Affinity? As an example - If I have 600 text boxes over 30 layers, and I need to only select the 400 that are the same colour, do I really have to do each one individually? Thanks
  2. OK, thanks for letting me know so quickly and for moving it to FR
  3. Yes correct, it either selects everything on the whole page OR if you have toggled the button btm right, it selects everything on just that layer. So if I want to be able to edit all layers, but just select all items on one layer I need to go to the bottom of the layers panel, click on "Edit all layers", select all and then click on "Edit all layers" again. Three clicks is quite cumbersome for me - for nearly 20 years I've just had to click on the layer and that's all.
  4. Hello - I can see that I can give my layers a colour, but it's way too subtle for me, is there a way I can make the whole of the layer background (in the layers panel) that colour, rather than just one graduated pixel? The blue here is too subtle - I have added ---------------------------------------------- so I can differentiate them a bit easier at a quick glance. Thank you
  5. Hello again! In Fireworks I could click on the layer and it would select all items in that layer. In AD it seems I need to go to the bottom of the layers panel, click on "Edit all layers", select all and then click on "Edit all layers" again. Is there a less cumbersome way of doing this? Thanks
  6. Hello - I'm still getting used to Affinity, but I think I'm over the hump and it's great - setting up keyboard shortcuts up like crazy! Is there a way to set a keyboard shortcut for "Lock children"? I can only find it in the context(?) menu. Thanks
  7. +1 For saving workspace as well. To say it's unnecessary is ridiculous: a bit like saying you don't need a spout on a kettle as you can get the boiling water out of where you put in.
  8. Hello - I'm new to Affinity and have used Adobe Fireworks (FW) for years. Is there any easy way, like there is in FW to select all objects >> right-click >> insert slices. In FW if you do this it asks you if you want to create one or multiple. Choosing multiple you can create loads of slices that automatically are exactly the correct size. Doing it manually seems such a chore. Thanks :)
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