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  1. +100 for letting users save workspaces. Not everyone fits into a developer's mold of how things should be. We all use Affinity Photo differently but 99.9% of us don't come from Gimp we come from Adobe Photoshop and this is an almost critical feature we've used for years (me since 1996, with double monitors, using one monitor for the workspace and the other for tools--kind a obvious).
  2. FIRST (and always) THANK YOU FOR FREEING US FROM ADOBE. And, now... Oh man, the text is small and the RULER TEXT is ABSURDLY TINY (like 6px) on WIndows 10 Affinity Photo version 1.7.x. Same thing when you drag a guide and the cute little microbe sized element appears with the teeny, tiny, itty, bitty pixel size displayed as you drag. And I've been through all the preferences and found no way to make it larger. I zoom in to set finite guide locations and, while the image zooms large, the ruler text is so tiny I have to put my face to the monitor and squint to see it. Ridiculous. Please give Windows users a way to adjust the teeny, tiny, itty, bitty little, microscopic ruler text. Thank you for your consideration. Chris
  3. So many great instructions in Affinity Photo and in Google searches on USING the Overlay Panel. WHERE IS the Overlay Panel? I looked at View > Studio and NO Overlay. I looked at EVERY menu: File, Edit, Text, Document... NO Overlay Panel. PLEASE help me find the Overlay panel so I can do a transparent gradient on a rasterized text layer. Thank you in advance. PLEASE, Affinity people, add the WHERE it is info to the several help pages inside of Affinity Photo.
  4. I downloaded affinity-photo- and installed it and got the same message that setup failed. This is unfortunate as I needed to use Affinity Photo for work. I cannot uninstall it and I cannot install it. Chris
  5. Hello, I opened work I need to do in Affinity Photo and an alert advised me to download an updated version. I downloaded the 1.7.1 update, closed Photo, and ran the update. At then end there was an alert that the update failed. And Affinity Photo will not open. I went to remove it and now it doesn't exist as a program--even though the program files exist. So I'll try to reinstall the previous version and see what happens. Chris
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