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  1. I have to say that it's disheartening to hear that saving a workspace isn't considered important. I find both Photo and Designer unusable without it, and I wonder who the intended audience is? Not folks who work as I do. The "persona" concept shows that there was a bit of thought given to the issue but possibly not much real world observation? It's sad- from what I can see the apps are phenomenal.
  2. Over 20 years with psd, but new to Affinity. I'm here in the first hour, following a web search on "how do I save my workspace in Affinity Photo? The verdict is "you can't?" That's a big deal breaker. If using the thing is a pain, there's no way I'm going to open it regularly. I go back and forth between tasks, and go from one monitor to two desktop displays. Speed, and frankly, joy, come from knowing where everything is all of the time. I don't need a cyclone hitting my studio. And it would be nice to allow kids to learn on their own setup. From a quick search, this isn't even on your radar. Please. It's worse than frustrating. Edit: I just went from my desktop display + laptop screen to just the laptop in Designer. My relative palette layout stayed about the same. When I plugged back into my desktop display, the palettes stayed fairly close but were now under the the app's header bar and the only palette I could move was the tool palette. Everything was frozen, had to force close the app and restart.