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  1. Thanks very much Lee, I can now see them under the layer menu, and have also realised that in the upgrade, the spacing buttons were just removed from my toolbar. Oops! Thanks, all good now.
  2. I just upgraded to the latest release of Designer and Photo yesterday and now I can't seem to find any way of equally distributing objects in either! The other align tools are still there. Am I going mad?
  3. Wow thanks everyone! Excuse my ignorance but how did you all see that extra red node?
  4. Hi, I have been working on a shape, adding and subtracting various shapes to it, and suddenly now when I want to subtract another rectangle from it, the rectabgle and the shape just disappear. I can't carry out any operations like that on this particular shape any more. What could be causing this please? Both objects are solid fills with no stroke. I have attached the file. I would like to subtract the grey rectangle from the beige object. logo.afdesign