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  1. Problem still there with iOS 13.2.3. I am quite sure it is a Affinity Bug rather than a iOS related bug.
  2. Same problem here with iPad pro 2018 10.5" with iOS 13.2. All file icons for the .aphoto files in the Affinity Photo folder are white. When I click on them, the preview is still empty (white). When I copy them to the icloud drive, the icon changes to the "Affinity Icon", still no "preview icon". But now I can click and preview the file.
  3. Ignore my last message. Seems to work fine now. I had to rename the layer from "background" to "Hintergrund". :-) Thx to the dev team for solving this issue!
  4. Bump. The final version of Affinity Photo 1.7 is the first one where I can see a very slight text when I use the above posted macro. However, we are still far away from the original look in versions 1.6.x. Is there any chance to get the old 1.6 macros working in 1.7 or should we start to re-work them with 1.7?
  5. When I add an adjustment layer into a macro, when using the macro the data entry can only be done by mouse (moving the slider), but NOT manually. When trying to enter the numbers manually, the sliders do not update. See attached screenshot: data and position of slider do not match. Using this option directly without macro works as it should. You can try it with the macro posted in this thread:
  6. Just tried again. It works, but only with your pre-defined 98%. When I enter any other number directly into the field which pops up after starting the macro, nothing changes. It only works when I pull the slider with the mouse. But this is not accurate enough (I think the macro takes into account your calculated 98,431%, although only 98% is shown). However, your macro seems to be the perfect solution for me, if only I could change the 98% to different numbers, and I need it also for other colors. Could you explain the single steps to create this macro? Obviously, you did not do it via "Select/Select Sampled Color...".
  7. Thanks carl123 for this valuable posting. I assume your other 2296 postings are of similar meaningfullness.
  8. Thanks for sharing your idea. Unfortunately, this is not accurate enough. With a threshold of 94%, only pixels with a red value of 255 are selected. With 93%, pixels with red values >237 are selected.
  9. Hello, is there any possibility to select pixels with specific RGB values in Affinity Photo? For example, in an picture from a fluorescence microscope, I would like to select all pixels with RED values >251. I already tried with mask followed by a brush with different red values, but this did not work. Unfortunateloy, with "Select/Color Range/Red" I cannot define the minimum red level of the selection. Seems to be a fixed value. Any idea? Regards, Jens
  10. Obviously, macros from version 1.6 do not work with 1.7. Also discussed here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/78232-problem-with-macro/ Unfortunately, no solution from the developers yet. It's a pity.
  11. You made my day, DM1 from Down Under :-). It works perfectly with files from the OMD E-M1. The files from OMD E-M1X cannot be imported, even not with the very recent iOS update 12.2. I hope there will be a minor update soon which solves this issue. Cheers, Jens
  12. Good point, thanks for that. I tried it with an ORF file from the brand new Olympus OMD E-M1X, which is not supported yet. Maybe that's the problem. I will try with another ORF file in the evening and let you know.
  13. Unfortunately, this doesnt work for me. I have the following RAVPower device: https://www.amazon.de/RAVPower-kabelloser-Kartenleser-Zusatzakku-Festplatten/dp/B00VUGUPH6/ And I did not find an easy way to import my Olympus RAW (*.ORF) files from either an inserted SD card or a connected USB harddrive. Although there is the option to open an ORF file via the provided RAVPower "FileHUB" app with affinity, affinity crashes without an error message (it simply closes). Urgently waiting for a solution. iCloud is not an option since I am often on travel where I dont have an internet connection. Any ideas? Jens
  14. Currently, this seems to be the only solution. I will try that.
  15. That's exactly the way I do it. However, when I open >10 files in order to insert my copyright logo via a macro, it is not relly convenient to click >10 times file, export, etc etc. The saving procedure takes much longer than the real work on the files. The exporting procedure is currently an absolute no-go for me. Is there really no solution for that issue?
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