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  1. Yes. It is called "Protokoll" in German.
  2. Yes I used current beta Version
  3. File uploaded (PC070158.afphoto). In order to reproduce the problem, just open the file and click on the 4th-last (or older) step in the protocol. The 3 last steps are OK. While uploading, I realized that this problem exists with almost all aphoto files for which the history is saved. Just uploaded another one which creates the same error message if you click on 2nd last protocol step or older (PC060049.afphoto). Furthermore, I uploaded a screenshot of the error message. System: Windows 10, Dual XEON2670, 48 GB Ram, Nvidia Quadro 4000 with most current drivers (Sept 2017)
  4. Good news! Please give this guy a slap on his shoulder from us users. And one beer extra.
  5. I developed a file and did some further changes like adding layers etc. Whenever I want go go back by clicking into the protocol or via the menu, Affinity Photo crashes. Both versions of Affinity Photo crash, the current beta as well as the non-beta. Should I provide the file? If yes, let me know how (>200 MB). Regards, Jens
  6. Try with a pic which has strong highlights.
  7. Regarding the new shadow/lights algorithm, I am not sure if the "lights" part is improved in comparison to the last version. It still doensnt darken only the highlights but also some middle lights and leads to a rather shady picture. Shadows is quite fine. For comparison reason, it would be nice if we had the possibility to install the beta and the official version in parallel.
  8. Got the same E-Mail yesterday.
  9. I can confirm that FilterForge 6 works perfectly now.
  10. Agreed. The dev team should now concentrate on the improvement of the RAW module before they start to develop Affinity Publisher or other things. Better one or two "finished" products than 4 half-finished. The time to gain really lots of customers due to current "Adobe subcription issues" is EXACTLY NOW. Its too late in 3 months.
  11. I support this idea with a checkbox in the settings, too. Obviously, many of us users wish that. Shouldnt it be rather up to the users needs than to the dev teams stomach feelings? :-)
  12. Working with Windows 10, no Mac here :-)
  13. Affinity Photo urgently needs an improved "Lights" correction. For example in night shots where single buildings are overexposed, it is very simple with lightroom to correct these areas by the lights slider. Affinity Photo is very poor here. The same is true by photos with too strong flash. A improvement of this function would be great.
  14. This sounds even more complicated than saving a copy via Affinity Photo for iPad into the cloud.
  15. Hello, back from holiday where I developed a lot of pictures on my iPad, I would like to transfer the *.afphoto files to my desktop computer. Is there a quick and easy way? So far, I only found the solution using the "save a copy" function which is very cumbersome, especially since all files are named "Unbenannt.afphoto" (unnamed.afphoto in English, I guess). If there is no easier way, this should be among the upcoming ToDos of the dev team. Thx for any help. Jens