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  1. Sure. Here it is. P3080027.ORF
  2. Hello, Please check this strange disortion of my startrails pic I shot with my Olympus OMD E-M1. The upper one is the interpretation from Affinity Photo without applying any lens correction. The lower one shows how it should look like (screenshot from Irfan View). I could not find a way to correct the startrails to circular. However, obviously Affinity Photo tries to correct the lens disortion somehow since the traces from the airplanes are straight and not bended as they look in the original non-corrected pic. But this is definitely NOT what I want when I excplicitely deselect lens correction. Help/comments appreciated. Jens
  3. Thanks. With the new beta version it seems to work now. However, I did not test it extensively yet.
  4. All files saved locally on my IPad, not in the cloud.
  5. No cloud, the files are on my I-Pad.
  6. Even worse, the *.afphoto files cannot be opened with either button. The are shown, but greyed out.
  7. 1) When I choose "rename" and try to save afterwards, some files dont change their name. Although they are shown as "New Filename" they are saved as "Old Filename.aphoto". Even during the save process, affinity photo shows the dialogue "Saving file 'New Filename' as 'Old Filename.afphoto' On my Ipad. 2) Even more weird, after closing a file, It never can be re-opened. All files are greyed out in the list. 3) I cant see a difference between the dialogues "Open fromn Cloud" and "Import from Cloud". I see the same list of files, all greyed out.
  8. Come on. You talk about a difference of 10 Euro for a Photoshop-like App. That’s two glasses of beer. Not worth whining, not worth the time you spent here to complain.
  9. Yes. It is called "Protokoll" in German.
  10. Yes I used current beta Version
  11. File uploaded (PC070158.afphoto). In order to reproduce the problem, just open the file and click on the 4th-last (or older) step in the protocol. The 3 last steps are OK. While uploading, I realized that this problem exists with almost all aphoto files for which the history is saved. Just uploaded another one which creates the same error message if you click on 2nd last protocol step or older (PC060049.afphoto). Furthermore, I uploaded a screenshot of the error message. System: Windows 10, Dual XEON2670, 48 GB Ram, Nvidia Quadro 4000 with most current drivers (Sept 2017)
  12. Good news! Please give this guy a slap on his shoulder from us users. And one beer extra.
  13. I developed a file and did some further changes like adding layers etc. Whenever I want go go back by clicking into the protocol or via the menu, Affinity Photo crashes. Both versions of Affinity Photo crash, the current beta as well as the non-beta. Should I provide the file? If yes, let me know how (>200 MB). Regards, Jens
  14. Try with a pic which has strong highlights.
  15. Regarding the new shadow/lights algorithm, I am not sure if the "lights" part is improved in comparison to the last version. It still doensnt darken only the highlights but also some middle lights and leads to a rather shady picture. Shadows is quite fine. For comparison reason, it would be nice if we had the possibility to install the beta and the official version in parallel.