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  1. Tschens

    Problem with macro

    Ok, here is the whole package (brushes, macros, example pics [pre & post]). The macros only work correctly if the layer is named "Hintergrund". The macro called "Jens Hartmann Photography 1.7" works for landscape format, the "Jens Tangerine V.1.7 hochformat" for vertical format. The third one produces only the frame, without text. However, since Version 1.7., all 3 produce only the frame without any text. Thx for your help. Btw: Any idea how I can get the macro to work independently from the layer name? Affinity Macro Bug.zip
  2. Since I upgraded my beta from 1.6.5 to 1.7.0.x, I have a problem with a macro which I use to create a frame+copyright text around my pictures. The final 2 steps of the macro is a self-made "picture brush" with my copyright text. This picture brush doesnt work any more, it simply doesnt appear in my pics. I re-created the final 2 steps of the macro and it worked again, but after re-starting affinity it again doesnt work. Is this a known isue? I could provide the macro + picture brush, if needed. Btw: Is there a way to erase single steps within a macro or to re-arrange the order of the single steps of a macro to fine-tune it? Couldnt find this option so far. If the answer is no, please put that on a wish-list. :-)
  3. Just an update on the installation procedure for Neat Image 8. The installer automatically detects Affinity Photo as well as Affinity Photo beta. However, the path where the plugin for the beta is installed is wrong: C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0 (Beta)\Plugins It should be: C:\ProgramData\Affinity\Photo\1.0 (Beta)\Plugins Just move the NeatImage8.8bf file into that folder and it will work. Hope this helps, Jens
  4. I think I have a similar problem. I have an RGB document with large areas of "black" (RGB 0,0,0). When I take the pipette in order to grab this black, and then switch from RGB to CMYK, it is shown as CMYK 72, 68, 67, 88. Even more strange, when I do the same in Adobe Photoshop, the CMYK color is 86,85,79,100. When a printshop printed this file recently, they had to add a black frame with Photoshop in order to add some space for the frame (print on canvas). And now guess: After printing, the additional black frame was much darker then the original black, and it looks terrible. Is it a bug or a feature?
  5. Tschens

    Field Blur Filter Bug

    When applying a field blur filter in the form of a live filter layer, the handle is not movable, it always drops when I try to move it. In contrast, the filter/blur/field blur option works perfectly fine. Regards, Jens
  6. Tschens

    Underwater Photography

    Hello, my name is Jens and I am an Austrian Underwater Photograph. Many of my pics are developed with Affinity Photo or Affinity Photo for iPad. Thanks to the Affinity team for the option to present my work on the Spotify Website, and special thanks to Charlotte for her support. Here we go: https://affinityspotlight.com/article/underwater-photographer-dr-jens-hartmann-blue-water-blue-sharks-no-ground-below-me/ Feel free to ask your questiona on underwater photography here. Dive safe, Jens
  7. Tschens

    Wrong/No lens correction?

    After searching around for 10 minutes, I finally found out what you mean. I have to disable the lens correction in the assistant. I was always playing around with the check box on the right hand side (see screenshot) which did not help at all. BTW: The checkbox in the assistent window "Hinweis, sobald der Assisstent eine Aktion durchführt" [something like: Message, as soon as the assistent performs an action] does exactly nothing. No message. Never. This would have been helpful to solve my issue. I think we have some potential for improvement in the GUI here :-) Thx for your help! Jens
  8. Tschens

    Wrong/No lens correction?

    Any news on that problem? Here is another example. Left: Irfan view. Richt: Affinity. The tree on the right side is totally blurred in Affinity Photo. I provide the original ORF file as well. Unfortunately, I found now way to bypass this problem. A correction of this bug would be very much appreciated since currently I cannot work on my 8 mm fisheye ORF files with Affinity Photo. PA140224.ORF
  9. Tschens

    Introducing... Affinity Spotlight

    I miss a link from the Affinity website to the Sportlight website. Nobody, except the forum users who read this thread or find it on Facebook, will ever find it.
  10. Tschens

    Wrong/No lens correction?

    Yes, thats how it SHOULD work. But unfortunately, it makes absolutley no difference wether I activate "lens correction" or not.
  11. Tschens

    Wrong/No lens correction?

    Sure. Here it is. P3080027.ORF
  12. Tschens

    Wrong/No lens correction?

    Hello, Please check this strange disortion of my startrails pic I shot with my Olympus OMD E-M1. The upper one is the interpretation from Affinity Photo without applying any lens correction. The lower one shows how it should look like (screenshot from Irfan View). I could not find a way to correct the startrails to circular. However, obviously Affinity Photo tries to correct the lens disortion somehow since the traces from the airplanes are straight and not bended as they look in the original non-corrected pic. But this is definitely NOT what I want when I excplicitely deselect lens correction. Help/comments appreciated. Jens
  13. Tschens

    Why is Photo STILL on sale?!

    Come on. You talk about a difference of 10 Euro for a Photoshop-like App. That’s two glasses of beer. Not worth whining, not worth the time you spent here to complain.
  14. Tschens

    Crash when clicking in protocol

    Yes. It is called "Protokoll" in German.