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  1. Sounds plausible, thou it would suggest that a legacy conversion (or legacy behavior, like opening old files keeps old HSL layer, but allows to create only new one) or such should be done somehow to achieve coherency between these implementations.
  2. I have a few month to decide and prepare for a potential transition. Besides, history shows us that this may well be extended. Also, I'm not a fan of OS tracking their users.
  3. Works fine on Win 7 Home. And, please, keep it that way. Upgrading to win 10 is rather no-go for me now.
  4. TEcHNOpls

    Strange redraw issues

    Hi, in latest beta I was able to see this issue again AND one more, in another file, enabling/disabling a layer (shadows/highlights) can cause parts or all image to become transparent. Zooming in fixes the issue, but only if I zoom enough. Fun observation: I wanted to take a screen shot, used Snipping tool, but then the error stopped happening, so I moved the tool to the other screen and it started to appear randomly (parts of image became chekerboard when turning the layer) and when I turned of snipping tool, the issue was only happening on whole image (no random patches, whole image is checkerboards).
  5. I guess you could create a bug report for retail version that it does not gracefully handle newer files.
  6. TEcHNOpls

    Hang up on brush resize?

    Latest Beta behaves a bit differently. It sill can randomly hang up when resizing brush, it will no allow me to r-click on task bar and do close, ask for saving of unsaved files... but it sometimes fails to save anyway.
  7. Did you manage to map flow input to shift+number(s) in AP or is this a request?
  8. TEcHNOpls

    3D Lut layer issue

    1. Add a 3D Lut layer 2. Try loading a LUT file 3. Notice you can open multiple "open" windows (open one when another is already open). Windows 10.
  9. TEcHNOpls

    Editboxes in list

    1. Change name of a layer or export slice 2. Doubleclikc to rename 3. Notice you can't click on edit-box to deselect, you need to press arrows or such.
  10. TEcHNOpls

    Hang up on brush resize?

    Yes, no crash report, just hung and no CPU usage spikes or such (which would indicate that some processing is happening). Unfortunately I can't pinpoint the exact scenario since it's a bit random. This was not happening in earlier releases thou.
  11. Hi, Has anybody else noticed that AP beta often hangs on Inpainting brush resizing? I think it happens when I switch from other tools to it and immediately try to resize (probably shrink) the brush size. Sometimes it's ok, sometimes it hangs the whole app, there are no CPU spikes if I remember correctly, simply app lockup. Has anyone else experienced that?
  12. TEcHNOpls

    Strange redraw issues

    No problem, that's what beta is for. I'm glad I can help :)
  13. TEcHNOpls

    Strange redraw issues

    Uploading right now. Should be in half an hour or so.
  14. Hi, once again I'm having issues with redraws in one of my files. This is a levels adjustment layer with screen blending mode, and a 2%flow brush. But this works on in other images, so I assume it's more or an issue with some other layers present too. OFC, I can provide you with the original file if need be. ps. I also tried deselecting a few times, since I remember there were some issues with that too.
  15. Can you provied some more info? Maybe you can show it looked in AP and how after convertion in DPP4?