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  1. 1. Have Tool bar undocked. 2. Open AP, let it load, don't click anything. 3. Press Alt+F4 4. Notice that AP does not close, but the Tools Bar does. 5. Uncheck View > Show Tools 6. Check View > Show Tools. AP crashes. Tested on
  2. This is utter crap, so ugly, takes twice as much of screen estate forcing me to move up and down all the time. Also, if I open any page it will always shows the top of the thread, not the latest response, which I believe what was happening before (or maybe it's just that, I did had to scroll so much!). If there is no compact mode, please revert to the old layout, this is ugly :c (and counter-productive)
  3. Hi, 'simple' idea, why not add an before/after like in some tools, but for some point in time. We already have undo brush source, so maybe allow for split before after in this source is selected?
  4. Hi, two simple suggestions: Decouple the "Load LUT..." open file dialog from export dialog in export persona. Opening in one, changes "Export slice to..." location. Add some sort of interface so I can put all my LUTs in one directory/directory tree and easily switch between them. Bonus points for ability to mark my favorites. Might as well work as some kind of import mechanism, as long as they are easily accessible and switchable. "Open file" dialog is def not this.
  5. Create new image Activate crop tool Hold left arrow, crop area moves and each pixel leaves an entry in history These entries should probably be merged, at least, from key_down to key_up
  6. I know there's a workaround, but this behavior is... strange, and it leaves entries in history.
  7. Create new layers that you want to compare individually Try enabling then disabling each in succession Travel the history, notice that layers stay disabled See attached video. This is relevant if we have a number correction layers and want to see how each looks. 2020-08-27_20-25-12.mkv
  8. I want to keep using my Asisstant, so no thanks :P As for it dropping Layer FX, I think it's a bug. I understand it's a new layer, but it's a direct 'copy' of what I'm using, so copying these settings is the least you can do.
  9. Hi, simple bug with undo/redo and Assistant enabled Create new image Drag/drop an existing jpg/png file Resize that new image layer a bit Add blur using Layer effects Turn on Healing Brush tool and try to choose a sampling point Assistant will now rasterize this layer Not that it looses blur, but that may be intentional Undo, notice that the layer goes back to being image, from pixel layer, but it's not blurred anymore If you move back and forth with history it may eventually reapply the blur
  10. @Andy05: All of this is a fact, but, I'm asking for an option in settings, and you're answering like I'm asking for a forced lower priority. Streaming is just one of the scenarios I mentioned and generally switching priorities via Task Manager is a nuisance, that's a power user setting in options I'm asking for.
  11. Easy, I run some apps that are also resource hungry or have tight time constrains. I discovered that, if I want to, for example, stream a video of me working on a photo, best I can do it to put AP in lower priority so that it works but video rendering and stuff is more important. Same goes for Discord or other voice apps, when AP is on low priority I don't have so many issues with audio stuttering. Regarding changing priority, it's also application matter: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/win32/api/processthreadsapi/nf-processthreadsapi-setpriorityclass?redirectedfrom=MSDN
  12. Hi, please add an option to set default process priority to lower/higher than standard. Mainly so I don't have to use task manager to change it every time I restart AP.
  13. Hi, I assume it was already mentioned, but please add an icon when I have non-default blend ranges in a layer. Cheers
  14. What is "Pinter support"? Help does not help here (•Choose whether to enable pointer support.). There many places where the help is lackluster, to say the least. A general revision of help system would be useful, even if you have books about this, a clearer description, even rudimentary should be available.
  15. 3. Partial brushes maybe? Like apply some settings, but not all (checkboxes for each setting if it should be applied, as to save, for example, brush size etc.)
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