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  1. Here you go, I couldn't find any good OSD solution for my keystrokes, but you can see when it happens and hear my clicking on the keyboard. It stops once I click with my mouse. 2020-07-22_19-42-18.mkv
  2. Tried newest drivers, no change. One thing of note, I remember that in previous versions (2-3 ago) I rarely had an issue where my pointer stopped moving and I had to take my pen away and back above the tablet. I don't get this error now, but I gat the stuck on stroke, all the time.
  3. Wacom Intuos P S That's how it shows up in wacom diagnostic data. EDIT: It's this one: http://101.wacom.com/UserHelp/en/TOC/CTL-490.html
  4. So, testing the latest beta, my tablet is basically unusable. I keep on getting stuck with painting as mentioned in a), and sometimes issue b) also pops up and breaks my flow. As far as I'm concerned, 2 or 3 betas before were stable, now it's unusable.
  5. Assuming this question is for me, I'm using the keyboard buttons. (got the tablet recently, so still adjusting my workflow).
  6. Not sure if this is related, but esp. in the latest beta (or two), I'm having issues where sometimes AP goes into a mode where: a) It won't detect 'de-click' from the tablet, and will continue to draw on the screen until I click with the mouse. b) Will allow me to alt-press with my tablet, but once I lift the press it will open the menu on the top and if the alt button is pressed again. Unfortunately I can't find any consistent way to trigger this, it just happens or not. May be related to CPU load thou, or display frame rate.
  7. Ye, this makes sense. Although last time I reported it, it was actually a bug, so maybe some small note in rel notes if it should be visible in the application update check or not.
  8. This. I usually felt it was much quicker thou.
  9. As per topic, no info in application.
  10. @HuniSenpai, @Ron P., even affinity said it's a bug. A minor, but still a bug.
  11. An issue that makes all my work a bit invalid, since it affects final outcome of the image. Compressed here for simplicity 1. Create a new image, something large like 3000x3000 2. White background 3. Add a pixel layer, use a fine brush to add some particles/spots 4. Add a Lens Blur layer to that pixel layer, set radius to something largish (ie. 12px) 5. Export image w/resize, like 2048px on longer edge. (using export persona) 6. Group all layers and merge visible 7. Disable the group of layers (so only new merged layer is visible) 8. Export again, you can see they are different. Superimposing export results and setting blend mode to difference, clearly shows it's not the same . This is a really bad bug, since it's changes the result of my work depending if I have merged some layers or not. This should not be happening. Attached is example image and result of both exports. merge_issue.afphoto
  12. @Andy05: All of this is a fact, but, I'm asking for an option in settings, and you're answering like I'm asking for a forced lower priority. Streaming is just one of the scenarios I mentioned and generally switching priorities via Task Manager is a nuisance, that's a power user setting in options I'm asking for.
  13. Easy, I run some apps that are also resource hungry or have tight time constrains. I discovered that, if I want to, for example, stream a video of me working on a photo, best I can do it to put AP in lower priority so that it works but video rendering and stuff is more important. Same goes for Discord or other voice apps, when AP is on low priority I don't have so many issues with audio stuttering. Regarding changing priority, it's also application matter: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/win32/api/processthreadsapi/nf-processthreadsapi-setpriorityclass?redirectedfrom=MSDN
  14. Hi, please add an option to set default process priority to lower/higher than standard. Mainly so I don't have to use task manager to change it every time I restart AP.
  15. Hi, I assume it was already mentioned, but please add an icon when I have non-default blend ranges in a layer. Cheers
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