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  1. TEcHNOpls

    Pre 1.7 bugs

    Hi, what is that state of unresolved issues in 1.7 RC2 (or earlier), will they be worked on in 1.7.x branch or will they be forgotten?
  2. TEcHNOpls

    Open for different functions split

    Ye, it seems they were rushing a bit for that Mac Conference.
  3. TEcHNOpls

    Open for different functions split

    @Mark Ingram: any chance it will be done in 1.7?
  4. 1. Have two images open 2. Select a layer in one of them, and go filters > apply image 3. Don't close the Apply image Window and switch tabs (ie. I was trying to apply layer from another image open, by somehow dragging it to the other image, but just switching images should do) 4. Go back to the first image, Affinity is locked and does not respond to any commands.
  5. TEcHNOpls

    Export preset workflow bugs

    @Chris B: still present in RC2
  6. TEcHNOpls

    Reveal checkmark does not work

    @GabrielM: still in RC2.
  7. @Chris B: Still in RC2.
  8. TEcHNOpls

    New HSL does not retain range values

    I do agree, there could be some visual cue to show that particular custom setting is being used (ie. is in non-default setting of 0/0/0).
  9. TEcHNOpls

    New HSL does not retain range values

    This should help.
  10. TEcHNOpls

    Guides don't 'resize' properly

    Come to think of it, it would probably require a toggle to resize and move/don't move rulers (depending on ones needs).
  11. TEcHNOpls

    Floating windows issue with tabs

    Thanks for the suggestions; still, these are workarounds for the core problem. As you can probably see, I use these as a color reference for other pictures, one window is much easier to manage than multiples (just move one window to the other screen etc.)
  12. TEcHNOpls

    Guides don't 'resize' properly

    I actually added some small values like 20px to both sizes (I used ruler guides to dived the image in two halves, put two images side by side and then expand the canvas (from the center), images stayed in place, rulers moved). Also, thanks for showing me Guides Manager, this is so good for what I need to do right now.
  13. TEcHNOpls

    Floating windows issue with tabs

    The scenario was a bit different, I first floated two windows, resized them and then combined. That' why I'm asking for a workaround for that part. I understand the part with window resizing all the time, but not where it moves the images inside respective tabs
  14. TEcHNOpls

    Floating windows issue with tabs

    I use ctrl+0 to center these at the beginning of video. I was asking for floating window size, so that when I switch tabs, the window will have the same size. (you can see that in the video, that each tab has different size)
  15. Hi, 1. Create a square image 2. add a guide in the center (use snapping for example) 3. Document -> Resize canvas 4. Ensure your'e resizing around center 5. Notice that guides don't stay in the center anymore.