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  1. Hi, there were some improvements to that, but still there are some issues. 1. Go to Export persona, export to specific directory 2. Create a new stack. Files need to be from a different directory. 3. Go to export persona for the first file and try exporting using export persona. You will export to the directory from which stack was opened.
  2. Thanks, that might be a solution, if I keep my files locally, may be of an issue when moving them to NAS. Also, might want to have a better separation fo stareges, since the 'work' drive cannot be a compressed one. But, generally, this is something to think about.
  3. TEcHNOpls

    Long standing bugs

    Guys, I know it's summer and I'm trying not to be angry, but how come some bugs that break basic functionality are not fixed since winter? 1. Artifacts appearing once live filters are placed in group? This is ridiculous. 2. Layers showing halos when exporting. You need to flatten the image before exporting, which defeats the reason for having layers. Both of these were reported by me and others since winter and they are still not fixed. I really don't care about new Mac super duper high resolution support, I want to have good working conditions. I was quiet, only reminding that it's not fixed in *any* latest beta, but it's past 1.7 and it's still there. Sorry, I had to vent. But this is irritating.
  4. Hi, since I'm creating a lot of works (~100 this year and counting), and each occupies a lot of space (~0.5-1GB each) it would be nice to have some way of size optimized file format (with lossless compression, and all that stuff). Preferably with some tool to convert all the files into the more compact format, w/o need to open/save/close each of theme sparely. Like point to directories/drives and recursively convert all files.
  5. TEcHNOpls

    .aphoto file size from a .jpg photo

    I don't think that's a bug. The file format is updated and it's not size but performance optimized. Thou a size optimized file format could be useful when archiving work.
  6. Hi, please make it possible to have more than 200% spacing values. For stuff like particle brushes I'd love to have 1000% or even more on large photos.
  7. Finally got this to happen on win7, fun fact, it was a rather early/basic clone, no efx layers and stuff. Maybe that's the key here?
  8. TEcHNOpls

    Wrong preview

    Hi, Unfortunately I can't give you precise scenario, but sometimes you'll see high pass/low pass instead of before/after.
  9. TEcHNOpls

    Strange halo when exporting

    Still present in .414. When exporting an image with many pixel layers I can get halos where one layer covers the other. Notice all the white halos, these are the spots I 'fixed' with one of the healing tools. (Exported image, 400% zoom)
  10. I am yet to experience this on Windows 7.
  11. TEcHNOpls

    Live Filters error

    1. Create an image 2. Add Live Lens Distortion, set to something like +11% 3. Add Live Clarity, set to something like +6 4. Group these two Filters 5. Notice errors, these propagate to export too
  12. TEcHNOpls

    Hang on apply image

    Seems fixed in .414
  13. TEcHNOpls

    Reveal in Crop

    Like like it more-or-less works :)
  14. Still present in .414
  15. TEcHNOpls

    Scaling kbd shortcut issue

    That seems very counter iniuitive for me, when doing some scaling up and down, I need to manually reset the values at some point.