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  1. Ok, now I understand more clearly. Then CR2/DNG processing of 6D images is... lacking, washed out, etc.
  2. I tired some other images exported into tiff from DxO and the imported into AP, and the colors are much closer to what I see in DxO (whereas DNG and CR2 are washed-out and slightly blue tinted).
  3. I just tried importing tiff, the shadows are a bit off.
  4. I'll try that Tiff import. Also, I think I didn't had such problems with retail.
  5. All in all, I have to do colour balance after importing DNG file as minimum.
  6. For me it's saturation/lightness and a bit of a blueish hue. Look at the reds on the dress.
  7. Try now.
  8. Did you get my PM with files?
  9. Hi, With no curve it looks awful (see attached file). I'll send you the DNG file on priv. Also, I've just realized I can Import DNG into 32bit Thou I think 16bit is more than enough, once I finish it into 8bit web jpg.
  10. Also, it seems the exposure is a bit off.
  11. Hi, when I import a DNG file from DxO optics 9 into AP I have strange colours switch. See attached file for problem and settings.
  12. Aw yis, testing in an hour or so.
  13. FYI, Image sent to Sean P. FYI #2, look on the sleeve, black trails can be seen.
  14. Sorry about that. Next one will be in another thread (thou I must say, singular threads have lower response time and sometimes have none). The errors seem randomish in nature, I had to partially mask the layer out for these to disappear.