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  1. Oh, I tested your file and indeed I find this to be unintitive at best.
  2. Interesting, most fo my imports are from tiff files, maybe there lies the problem.
  3. FYI, you were using color replace brush. Still, I see the same issues with regular brush.
  4. Interesting, didn't know some people do this in jpgs. Good to know.
  5. Oh, it would be fun if the next beta was build .127
  6. Can you attach the file you're exporting? Or at least show us the layers in it?
  7. Hi, when can we see new Windows release with the latest fixes?
  8. Thanks for the clarifications.
  9. But, if I uninstall and reinstall will it not see the license? (key/email pair)
  10. Hi, another license question, maybe this time someone will answer me Is it possible to revoke a license from a PC (windows)? Say I want to sell a PC (or return it, or anything), and I don't want to reset/format it, but I have my AP/AD license on it, how can I do this?
  11. @MEB can you please clarify this issue? I'm still not sure.
  12. Also your issue does disappear when zooming, my does not.
  13. The miniature for the file actually contains the issue. Didn't check the export thou.
  14. Hi, 1. Thanks 2. Created a issue with this on beta: 3. Is it possible to do the same to adjustment layers? Or do I have to put these layers into a group?
  15. Hi, please see attached video for issue with redrawing while levels is attached to mask. Please note the setup of the curve, it seems it's not happening with much different curves. Also, attached the file itself. test.mp4 curve issue.afphoto