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  1. TEcHNOpls

    Gradient Map usage

    Oh my, I just realized it's basically broken (functionally) for me right now. Not only can't I use the presets from swatches, I need to enable another studio to use it anyway.
  2. TEcHNOpls

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Hi guys, I have a file where I have grouped layers in different ways, these seem to look the same before and after I grouped them into one. BUT, when I use "merge visible" the resizing/scaling behaves differently, so much that I only released they look the same when I zoomed to 100%, otherwise, when exporting or zooming out, it looks as if some layers are not working. This is how it looks when using grouped layers, at 16.7%. This is the same view, but with merged visible layer. Same result is when I export (jpg, bilinear resize).
  3. TEcHNOpls

    Gradient Map usage

    Oh my, thats is super ineffective way. Thank for the tip thou.
  4. Hi, how do I use the gradient map adjustment layer with preset gradients? I know how to use it for fill layer or gradient tool, but how do I use it here? Or is this layer not usable for now?
  5. TEcHNOpls

    Space-invoked hand tool not working

    The space key does this, the shift key is usually the modifier for a tool.
  6. If your doing alt-click it's a conscious decision, I think. They are active, you just moved to a single layer view, maybe some visual indication is in place, but not by deselecting layers.
  7. I belive that this way (alt-clikc to show one layer) is better actually. There is less space for inconsistency or doubt, you see one layer or you see all ative ones. with PS approach it's not that easy, you can have some layers disabled, you can change something on the way, etc.
  8. Alas, I forgot that you have to click the thumbnail v_v (it's a reflex for me now). As for the workflow, I think the problem is that you can't think about the workflow as a copy of PS. As a non-PS user, I actually don't have these issues like looking for something as it's in PS, just how it is here.
  9. Not sure about the usability of this feature, If I do before-after I go for my bottom/original layer and alt+click it to see how it looked, all other layers are hidden. How doea this work the other way then, if I alt-click will it 'unhide' all layers, or will it remember the layers that were visible before? If it tracks, what will happen if I do something to the layers that were hidden by alt-click then? I'm not saying the idea is bad, but I see some potential usability issues.
  10. TEcHNOpls

    Affinity Photo - Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit Performance

    You could try setting vie quality lower. Also, can you attach a sample file, this always helps.
  11. TEcHNOpls

    Tools Stop Working

    Was it not working or was it not updating the screen?
  12. TEcHNOpls

    Fill layer as mask

    Thanks! That "transparency, not colour"part is a bit not inituitve, but it works.
  13. TEcHNOpls

    New and Slow

    That comment about FB group seems very strange...
  14. Hi, is it possible to use fill layer as mask for a curves layer? Or otherwise how can I use gradient tool to have a easliy modifialbe mask for a curves layer? If I use gradient tool and switch I have to set it all up again. Cheers!