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  1. Different image, same bug: https://clips.twitch.tv/SpotlessEnjoyableButterflyDansGame
  2. You can see this bug in action, I switch tools and DON'T use shift key yet it draws a line between old cursor postion and new start. https://clips.twitch.tv/ElatedAgileScorpionPunchTrees
  3. So I managed to grab some clips of the bug while streaming today: you can see I'm painting and then it clears the layer when I undo, I'm not good at clipping but in these two you can see that moving back in history does not fix it. https://clips.twitch.tv/AbstruseTallSquidTheRinger https://clips.twitch.tv/ObliviousCrispyDolphinUncleNox Depending on context this can be very detrimental to the work as you may not notice that the later got cleared (zoomed into anther part of image) and can cause loss of work.
  4. Hi, so I'm trying to use Wacom Intuos P S (looks like this: https://www.wacom.com/en-ca/getting-started/intuos) With Preferences > UI > Enable pointer support disabled it seems to be working fine. With this setting enabled (I wish I knew what does it actually do, help says absolutely nothing), after some usage the controlle seesm to get stuck in paninting-but-not-painting mode. This means the brush outline is visible all the time, so even if I move over to layers studio, I still see brush overlay, ofc clicking there does nothing, there are issues with keyboard shortcuts (iirc, tools won't switch), and only way to really got out of it is ctrl+s and alt+f4. Any help? Also, what does this setting change? Intous drivers are latest available, the PC is not really overload or anything.
  5. Ok, got it to happen again. I worked on a new layer with healing and inpainting brushes set to 'current layer and below', and after some times I spotted that it's mostly clean even tho some time earlier it was covered with my fixes. After saving and closing that image it was still mostly clean of my fixes.
  6. I think I have not, I will try to once I see that it's happening.
  7. Just realized that when my U Iget scattered it's probably the same issue, where it pulls one of the studios to my 'current' touch of pen.
  8. Ok, after some testing it seems that it's more of a matter of badly rendering in AP, the export looks fine. I can send you some files for testing.
  9. Hi, currently (and for a few previous betas too), most of my older files open looking completely broken, I can send you some files if needed, but it's a really breaking bug, I need to go back to older photos from time to time and I can't rely on AP for this. I think this was already reported a few betas ago and the response was that it's a known issue. This is bad. Current Beta looks: Last export (dated 19.XI.2019):
  10. So, I had this issue a few times, and I can't really pin point the exact scenario, but it more or less looks like this: I use clone or healing tools (maybe inpainting tool too), extensively, to fix some areas of the photo (usually larger ones), while doing this, I think, I use undo (ctrl+z) a bit too. What I get is that sometimes parts of my work disappear, like the layer gets cleaned, at least in part, in the offscreen parts (I work zoomed in). There is nothing in history that shows what could have happened, and going back I can see a lot of entries, but it's like glitching a bit when sliding all the way to beginning of history and I can see parts of my work being removed and applied with each history step. Unfortunately last time I could not record this but I will try to do this. I'm also writing this to check if anyone else has had similar issues with latest releases?
  11. #same as @Max N, that's the best description.
  12. Sometimes yes, but this happens regardless of the shift key.
  13. Ye, this is just FUD, is it deliberate or intentional, I'm not to judge, still sounds like someone didn't read anything and just went on a damaging rant.
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