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  1. You may laos try freq separation and clone and/or fix brush. Just need to use proper values.
  2. Still waiting for that since 1.5 beta
  3. Ye, i realised yesterday that I also notice that painting on mask is painfully slow when it's not showing anything else (ie. show mask is up).
  4. Can you explain how this should work? I'm having problems imagining it right now
  5. Hi, this seems really odd what you are saying, I've been working with similarly sized photos with much worse PC and had no problems with 3 layers or even more. Can you: a) Attach the file that causes problems b) Attach screenshots of how your preferences look like (at least Performance) please?
  6. +1 Also, a marker to show that default ranges have been changed.
  7. Look at Info studio/tab. You can set multiple sample points there.
  8. Any news?
  9. @rainwilds: for now I'd try working with High Pass live filter, much simpler to use, and include monochrome option to (to avoid colours casting), try different values etc. High Pass in PS is a PITA. Also, I'm using overlay instead of soft light. But I'll try this approach too.
  10. Hi, 1. Load an image 2. Add a pixel layer over it 3. Add a curves layer with an extreme correction (ie. white point at 25%) 4. Go to layer created in 2 5. Use inapinting brush, set brush to hardness 0%, opacity 100%, flow 100% 6. Notice the area affected by brush/tool (red) is overly red and you can't see the semi-transparency
  11. While i see your point, some peopoel work with greys on mask layers for example. Thou, this could be optional setting, to switch to b&w on mask layers.
  12. Do you have the same fonts installed at the second computer? correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe AP/AD support font embedding.
  13. Any other things I should do? :C
  14. I got 1.6 (bought 1.5), and I can't seem to get any starting links, run windows update to get IExplorer 10 (thou, I still get errors in help), and I'm pretty sure I have no firewall active.