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  1. I used DSS to stack (it has a comet mode, in which it aligns on the comet, but also prevents star trailing), then AP2 to process. I didn't quite manage to get the green color to come out, but I probably should have another go.
  2. Wanting to have a shot at C/2022 E3, I was wondering if comet alignment now works with AP 2? It's apparently moving very fast, so star alignment over several shots would be useless. Thx!
  3. I'm experiencing extremely slow layer merging (merge visible) in the latest version too. Nine layers taking half an hour.
  4. Could you please make the search box in the library panel case-insensitive? Searching for "col" turns up nothing, but "Col" does, for instance. Cheers, Dom
  5. As I'm stacking hundreds of files over six file groups, I'm still waiting for the very first "Astrophotography stack" trackbar pixel to appear, after over an hour. I'm afraid I won't be able to add more files beyond today's pile, unless I want to wait a full 24 hours for them to be processed (although, extrapolating from 1 pixel for one hour, I'm guessing ten days, but I'm sure it'll pick up pace after a while...). AP does stack quite excellently, however. Ah well, maybe after a serious hardware upgrade.
  6. Thank you for your response. Would you know of any plans for AP to have the ability to save the complete state of the application from/in every persona?
  7. Hello, When trying to seriously capture faint deep-sky objects, with my rather unprofessional equipment (just a mirrorless camera and a 300mm lens), I tend to do it with several sessions over several days. Each day I add another session to the stack and see if I can squeeze some more photons out. Each day, however, I have to select all lights, darks, bias, flats of each previous session, over and over again, before adding the files of the new session. I didn't find a way to save these file selections, so that I don't have to do this repetitive task every session. Did I miss it somewhere or does it not exist? Thanks for any pointers. Cheers, Dom
  8. Hello, Would anywone be aware of a plugin that would allow asinh colour stretching, as used in astrophotography? I read this plugin exists for Photoshop, and PS plugins should be compatible with AP (or am I wrong?), but I have absolutely no idea where to find the plugin. Is it integrated in the original PS setup? As an aside, would functionality like asinh find its way in AP's set of astrophotography tools...? Many thanks for pointers. (edit: Just discovered James Ritson's astro macros. Some of them handle the arcsinh stretching.) Cheers, Dom
  9. You mean "Default lens profile"? In any case, tried that and it works perfectly. Thanks! Dom
  10. LOL! I'm now trying to set the default to "no lens correction" , but I seem to only be able to create a new preset, which I then have to select each time. But maybe I'm drawing this conclusion too hastily and need to investigate how to change the default settings.
  11. Right after I posted, I thought of turning off Lens Correction, and indeed, as both have replied, it does solve the problem! Is there a huge visible disadvantage of keeping it turned off?
  12. I just discovered, to my horror, that ORF RAW files are cropped in Affinity Photo. I kept wondering why I was suddenly cutting people's feet off. When I checked the JPG versions, however, all feet are there. Funny thing is, AP shows that the ORF version has a resolution of 5240x3912, while the JPG version shows 5184x3888. When I view the files with the Windows photo viewer, the JPG version is the cropped one, and the ORF shows quite a bit more. So I appear to be losing quite a bit of pixels in AP. Anything I am missing?
  13. It appears that currently the astro stacking uses the intersection method to stack all images. Would it be possible to have the option to get a mosaic of all pictures? Or/and use a reference frame? (I know, I know, it's not DSS, but just asking) Cheers, Dom
  14. With huge surprise, I found the Astrophotography stacking feature. Immediately tried it out with my latest stack of lights and darks, and I must say I'm totally blown away! What took me hours before, using DSS and TheGIMP, I managed to achieve within minutes with AP 1.9. Extremely pleased! Many thanks!
  15. Hi Chris, It's a Belgian AZERTY keyboard. The bracket keys have always worked fine till yesterday (when I started trying out the latest version more intensively), but in general I'm quite new to the entire suite, so the problem might have been present before. The shortcuts are mapped to "[" and "]". Have never changed those. Now that you point me to it, however, I will change them, since they require me to press the right ALT key simultaneously with the bracket keys, which is rather inconvenient for an often-repeated action. Many thanks for your assistance.
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