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  1. I think this is waiting on their DAM solution, which my money is on WWDC for announcement.
  2. I know you're right, but this one's really important!...to me lol. I hope we don't have to wait until WWDC for updates.
  3. big bump for this one, we need this
  4. I never said thank you for this. Works like a charm.
  5. +1, I got tripped up by this a few times moving between desktop and iPad.
  6. Anything from Serif on this?
  7. I'd really like to hear from Serif on this one.
  8. Hey, guys. I’ve recently become aware of an alternative method for frequency separation. While I’ve been fine with the automated method within AP, in order to utilize the newer method, we’d need apply image to work as it does in PS. We specifically need to be able to select other layers, the blending mode, the scale and offset. If there are workarounds for all of this, please educate me. If not, how difficult would this be to implement in next version?
  9. Unfortunately, because of the way the Pencil input works now, I get lots of inadvertent color picker selections. We really need true desktop modifier keys on either side of the canvas. This would replicate the way most of us work on desktop with a Wacom and keyboard. #option #space #shift #control #command
  10. What is median brush?
  11. So there's no way to set this to save to Dropbox, correct?