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  1. As someone who uses the timeline in PS occasionally, I'd definitely love for this to be added to Affinity Photo, especially on the iPad.
  2. This has been possible for some time now on iPad. Within each layer's ... menu you have the option to solo the layer. I use it all the time to before/after my retouches in Photo.
  3. Definitely need to bump this in light of the recent release of Pixelmator Photo, which now has this pretty much the same as what's in Capture One! Please give us this, Serif
  4. wgphoto

    Slice export AP iPad

    Gotcha, definitely need this on iPad
  5. wgphoto

    Slice export AP iPad

    I wanted to see how this works in the desktop version, but could not see where to set export pixel dimensions from with the export persona.
  6. wgphoto

    Slice export AP iPad

    Sounds like this has turned into a feature request
  7. wgphoto

    Slice export AP iPad

    Thanks for the quick reply.Yes, but that would change the size of the slice and select less or more of the image. Maybe if I give you an example of what I'm trying to do, it would better explain. So I'd like to split an image in two, and export the 2 resulting images in different pixel dimensions for print, Facebook and Instagram. This is something I do regularly from the export page in the Photo persona when I'm wanting to export an image as a whole. So basically, I'm looking to define an area of an image and decide what pixel dimensions I want that area to export as, along with file format and quality. Hope that helps a bit. Maybe I'm going about this wrong?
  8. Hey, all. I'm pretty new to slices, so forgive my ignorance. Usually, I export to jpeg and tiff from AP and select my pixel dimensions (along with other options) in the export window. When exporting in the export persona, it doesn't seem there is an opportunity to select pixel dimensions. I'm assuming they get exported at the pixel dimensions of the slices themselves, but what if you want to use the slice tool just to define a split for a triptych or something? You can select quality and format presets, but not pixel dimensions. I'd imagine you could achieve the same with crop tool and multiple exports, but the export persona seems like a better solution if it had this ability. Thanks in advance if I'm missing something.
  9. wgphoto

    My Affinity photo for I pad wont open Tiff files anymore

    So it seems this issue is not resolved for me yet. I was able to open a couple of tiffs by various means since my last post, but right now I can’t open any. I have plenty of space, I don’t have a lot files stored in app and i’m Running latest Photo and iOS. Just stays saying waiting to download. Btw, i’m on gigabit internet, so speed is not an issue. As I said earlier this issue started when I went from last beta which expired to the latest store version. I’m kind of at a standstill right now.
  10. wgphoto

    My Affinity photo for I pad wont open Tiff files anymore

    After seeing someone post that they couldn’t import Nikon raw files with iOS 12.1.4, I decided to try and import one of my RAWs (Sony). Once it imported successfully, I tried one of my tiffs again, and voila, it’s working again. I’m stepping away from the gift horse now...
  11. wgphoto

    My Affinity photo for I pad wont open Tiff files anymore

    Seems it might be related to iOS 12.1.4 as now I can’t seem to trim videos. Anyway, here is a video of me trying to import a tiff 2 different ways, through Photo and using drag and drop from Files. Couldn’t trim the beginning and end so... 780B4109-8D25-42AA-B8F2-A6B63B294057.MP4
  12. wgphoto

    My Affinity photo for I pad wont open Tiff files anymore

    Uncompressed, exported from Capture One as well as Affinity Photo. I just exported one out of Affinity Photo and tried importing, but no go. My normal workflow is to open the RAW in C1, export as tiff (wth .tif extension), import into Affinity Photo on iPad (via Dropbox), export as tiff (with .tiff extension, so as not to overwrite earlier version), along with various pixel sized jpegs and an afphoto file to Dropbox.
  13. I’ve been using gradient maps more and more lately and it would be super helpful to have access to swatches along with the other color tools within the gradient map adjustment. I was hoping I could at least use the eye dropper in gradient maps to select from the color studio (as a workaround), but the picker does not work that way. I think Designer lets you select a color from anywhere in the UI so hopefully this comes to Photo, in addition to my swatch request.
  14. wgphoto

    My Affinity photo for I pad wont open Tiff files anymore

    Seems it’s all tiff files.