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  1. If you're talking about the ones that appear at the bottom of the screen, they're not good enough. I haven't tried any of the betas since last app store version, but I didn't see any notes about new modifier keys, so I'm pretty sure that's what you're referring to. See my post below for what everyone wants and why
  2. Just to clarify, the 10.5 has 4GB of RAM, as does the new 12.9. I think this is a RAM and processor issue as the Air 2 is at the bottom of the specs that they support. I was even having slow performance sometime on last year's 9.7 Pro, which is part of why I upgraded to a 2017 12.9. If you like and need this software, it is definitely worth upgrading the hardware. This software, along with the new Pro have all but allowed me to abandon Capture One and AP on the desktop...almost
  3. Just make sure you have saved out a copy somewhere else before deleting.
  4. May I suggest, just like you should on a desktop app, that you save your progress more often than every 2 hours? It's just a matter of tapping on the arrow in the upper left and then re-opening the doc. I hardly think this makes it unusable
  5. There was software like this available for iPad, but since my needs have changed, I haven't kept up with any of it or even remember their names. I believe you can do what you want in the mobile version of Lightroom, though.
  6. After going back and forth between these images and similar images in Photoshop, I'm inclined to agree. While I was focused on her skin, it appears her outfit tells the true story. Sorry for the confusion, this can be deleted to free up space for a legit issue. Thanks
  7. Just bumping this for visibility
  8. I believe I've seen this in other threads and the issue has been the beta version of iOS 11. Are you running iOS 11?
  9. They have to wait for Apple's RAW engine to support it as that is what they use on iOS.
  10. This has actually been an issue for a while, but because I usually use curves mostly for dodge & burn at very low flow, I didn't notice it much. What I'm talking about is that it appears the luminosity blend mode is affecting saturation, which it shouldn't. It would also appear that the normal blend mode is acting like luminosity and not affecting saturation, which it...normally would. See examples below.
  11. Looks like both of these have been fixed in latest beta (5). Thanks guys
  12. In this latest beta, modifier keys have been added to certain tools. While it's a good try, it's not ideal. First, let's take the brush tool as an example. You can now use the pick color button while dragging the pencil to select a color. The problem is, when doing things like frequency separation where you need to constantly change color and size of brush, it gets pretty cumbersome switching through the menus each time. What we need are permanent command keys that work with any tool as they would on the desktop. Let's stay with the brush tool. If there was a space key, we could quickly switch to pan/hand mode while working. If we had an option key, we could easily drag to get the color picker as it works on the desktop. This would simplify the menus and allow those keys to be used with multiple tools, as they do on the desktop when using a wacom or similar. I'd suggest space, option, command, control, and shift keys. And see below for my suggestion for placement, although it would be cool to swap placement for lefties. I love that you guys are so responsive.
  13. Anything you buy on App Store you can re-download and won't be charged again. Btw, you're posting in a forum for the beta, not the App Store version. There is a forum for bugs in that version here.
  14. Make sure you're using finger as it does not work with Pencil. I, along with others, have suggested modifier keys to make things like this work more like on the desktop with a wacom.