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  1. Another great addition would be jpegmini integration. Apparently there is an iOS and Android SDK available.
  2. I just had a discussion on an FB group for Capture One and I once again suggested how great it would be to have Capture One on the iPad. Right away, someone brought up calibration. I mentioned X-Rite's ColorTrue Aware SDK and that developers just need to include this to take advantage of the calibrated icc profiles that can be created and stored on an iPad. Someone then mentioned that if this is so great why aren't there developers already taking advantage of this. Someone has to be first. That someone seems to be CamRanger of all people. My guess would be that Photoshop could be next as once it becomes available on iPad (if it's pretty close to the desktop version), pros will want calibration. Once Adobe is on board, others will follow. My question is, why do we need to wait for Adobe? Why can't Serif be the first professional content creation software developer to support this? Maybe if they do, and Photoshop maybe isn't so great on the first version, people will flock to Affinity Photo, Designer (and Publisher?) on iPad for a true pro workflow. Am I the only one who thinks this is a no-brainer?
  3. wgphoto

    Not really a question...

    So much for more real estate. That's ok, there's plenty of space for modifier keys, guys
  4. but fingers crossed for an updated version of Photo to take advantage of the new iPads and all that extra screen real estate (modifier keys). Macro recording? Better color picking? Better RAW development? What are you guys looking forward to in next major Photo update?
  5. wgphoto

    AD no nodes with node tool

    Thanks for this. As you had mentioned in your first response, I had to convert to curves. I'm sure I'll find your doc useful as I slowly dip my toes into Designer. Thanks again
  6. Adobe finally announced Photoshop for iPad (2019), and it will have persistent tool toggles in the corner as they realize that many work with modifier keys as part of the desktop workflow. C'mon guys, one up them and give us actual modifier keys in the corner of our choosing. https://fstoppers.com/apps/adobe-announces-full-version-photoshop-cc-ipad-296887
  7. wgphoto

    AD no nodes with node tool

    I’ll give it a try when I get home, thanks guys. I should have mentioned that I’m quite new to Designer.
  8. wgphoto

    AD no nodes with node tool

    Very strange, but when I create an ellipse or rectangle and select the node tool, there are no nodes visible. I even reinstalled and still the same behavior. 1B9D2A7F-A825-4927-BCE9-24532A4EC477.MP4
  9. bumping for visibility. this would be a time saver
  10. c'mon guys, we still need this
  11. bumping for visibility
  12. bumping for visibility