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  1. Bumping as we haven't heard much about this in a while and I don't think many are happy with current implementation.
  2. Now, if only we could get macro recording now, pleeeaasseee.
  3. Just kidding, but any news on DAM, specifically within the iOS app? Right now it (along with non-destructive RAW edits) is pretty much the only thing holding me back from going full iOS all the time for my retouching. I currently still use Capture One to sync my RAW changes across multiple images where necessary.
  4. I think non-destructive RAW development is definitely on their radar, but +1
  5. I've downloaded the update, created an account on mac and tried downloading the free bonus material. Only the macro pack downloaded. The other 2 said that it would take 1-3 days and then quit after a timeout. My connection is 150 up and down so it's not on my end. Any ideas? Great update, btw. Can't wait to see what comes next on Mac/Windows, but especially iPad. D to the A to the M!
  6. I just recently became aware of colorperfect as I also just started shooting and scanning film. I asked them about supporting AP, since it's my photo editor of choice. Below is their response. I would imagine that for other developers to use PS's API, there would be some kind of licensing. What are the chances of us getting full PS plugin support in the future? "Affinity Photo does not work with ColorPerfect, in that order For ColorPerfect we use the Adobe Photoshop Plug-in API and it is up to other software makers to fully implement that or not. We will not adjust ColorPerfect to cope with some partial implementation of this or that software. Corel Paint Shop Pro would be another example of such a partial implementation. Folks keep requesting support for that but its the other way around. Corel would need to implement the missing aspects of the PS API for things to work. The reason we won't change ColorPerfect is simple. If some software only partially supports the PS API and we try to circumvent non working parts the next thing we know something else will change or fail and we'll start all over again for some future version. You're welcome to ask Serif Ltd, the authors of Affinity Photo, to implement the Adobe PS API as needed including what Adobe calls the Photoshop Registry, basically a mechanism that allows plug-ins to store data between subsequent calls. They can also get in touch with us if they please. We have not tested CP with their imaging software but users say it won't work. Be advised that even if it works at first glance the registration process might fail and if it would so would other things - so, in our view it's good for the registration to fail if it does.Apart from that I can tell you that there already is a third party software maker who has implemented the full scope of the PS Registry so that we are listing their product as a supported host. It is fully featured and cheap so it meets what you were looking for."
  7. Before anyone suggests alternative methods to create vignettes, I’m aware there are many ways to skin this cat. As for the vignette effect, it would be great if you could change the center of a vignette depending on the composition.
  8. It appears that on some tools, when you try to change an attribute via the keypad, if you click back on the attribute to confirm, it changes back to 0 (or the default for that attribute). This means you can only use the drag mechanic to change values which sacrifices precision. Also, when changing the attributes with the keypad, sometimes, the attributes will flick off the screen and quickly return, but when you look at the history, it has registered an extra brush stroke or sometimes deselects the layer you're working on. I didn't run the 1.65 betas, so not sure if this was present there as well. I'm due to start another round of retouches later today, so maybe I can give some specificity with regard to my workflow and tools.
  9. If you're talking about the ones that appear at the bottom of the screen, they're not good enough. I haven't tried any of the betas since last app store version, but I didn't see any notes about new modifier keys, so I'm pretty sure that's what you're referring to. See my post below for what everyone wants and why
  10. Just to clarify, the 10.5 has 4GB of RAM, as does the new 12.9. I think this is a RAM and processor issue as the Air 2 is at the bottom of the specs that they support. I was even having slow performance sometime on last year's 9.7 Pro, which is part of why I upgraded to a 2017 12.9. If you like and need this software, it is definitely worth upgrading the hardware. This software, along with the new Pro have all but allowed me to abandon Capture One and AP on the desktop...almost
  11. Just make sure you have saved out a copy somewhere else before deleting.