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  1. I posted this as a question a while ago, but wanted to get this on the feature thread, so here it is. As I've moved most of my photo work to iPad, I'd love to be able to the same for the modest amount of design work I do. Having optical text alignment would help me tremendously.
  2. wgphoto

    ColorTrue support

    Bumping again
  3. While trying to nudge JPEGmini developers about releasing a standalone iOS app, I came across their SDK info to build it into existing apps. Since the only app I'd care to use it with is Affinity Photo, well, here I am. It would be great if we could export and have the final jpegs go through JPEGmini as I think it's the best around right now. Info below. https://www.jpegmini.com/developers
  4. Bumping as I think this is an important feature
  5. Thanks for the quick answer. Can this be moved to suggestions, or should I open a new topic in that section?
  6. I’m curious if Designer on iPad has optical alignment of text. If so, where is the option found? In my searches on the web, I only found discussions pertaining to Publisher. Thanks in advance.
  7. Now that we’ve gotten quite a bit of core functionality in this awesome software (still hoping for true, persistent modifier keys), it would be great to finally get non-destructive RAW workflow. I know it’s been talked about in the past.
  8. I don't know what you mean about not being able to load RAW files on the iPad, but I assure you, this is not the case. You only go into Develop persona if you've loaded a RAW and there are numerous ways to do this on iPad. Maybe I'm not understanding exactly what you mean.
  9. wgphoto

    Modifier Keys

    It would be good for Serif to give people who don't own or don't care to use a keyboard a way to access these common modifiers on screen... not hidden. A critical one that comes to mind is the brush to color picker switch which happens on desktop with a modifier and drag. Right now, this kind of sucks on the iPad version as you have to use your finger to access color picker when using a brush. Or use the hidden modifiers, which sorry, kinda suck. Photoshop is right around the corner and it will have modifiers, it has to. I think Photo does too.
  10. wgphoto

    HSL adjustment - HSV mode gone?

    HSV mode is gone...for now. i believe it is going to be added back eventually as myself and others have cited our displeasure of it's absence.
  11. wgphoto

    ColorTrue support

    Bumping for the next version, as I think this is very important and could help people perceive this app as more Pro
  12. Another version, another bump. I think this is very important to have at the RAW development stage before you throw away info during conversion.
  13. wgphoto

    Image "Bin"

    I get that this is possible, but it shouldn't be necessary if the assets panel works properly with tiffs. Thanks though, not being snarky.
  14. I don't know, makes me want a slice of key lime pie.
  15. wgphoto

    RC1 HSL HSV Missing

    This is exactly what I'm doing, thanks