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  1. OK, this will be a long one. In the 2 years since I first posted this feature request a few things have changed in my workflow. Before, I liked to do my color grading in Capture One before exporting a tiff for skin work, etc in Affinity Photo. I now like to not have the color grade baked in, so that I can easily change it without losing my skin work. I could always just export from Affinity Photo back to C1 to do my color grade at the end, but it would be much more helpful if I could intuitively and quickly do my color grade in Affinity Photo. Below are 2 videos showing the difference between color grading in C1 and Affinity Photo for me (no retouching has been done yet, so please don't judge image). As you can see, C1 makes it much easier to preview looks I've created using the Color Balance tool, as well as create new looks on the fly. I know that I could save looks as luts or whatever and preview that way, but that still leaves the creation process, which right now for me, consists of a 6 node gradient map for highlights, shadows and midtones. As you can see in the second video, this is not intuitive at all and definitely not fast. Also, I already have these layers created in advance and have the blend options set for each layer, otherwise this video would be easily double the length. Even with this process, I still can't control the luminosity of the highs, shadows and mids within this color grade stack. I'd have to add 1 or more adjustments to do that separately. Panels like the Infinite Color one from Pratik look to bring similar functionality to PS, but as I understand it, these panels will most likely never work in Affinity Photo. As mentioned in my last post on this subject, Pixelmator Photo for iPad now has a similar tool to C1 and it would be great if Affinity Photo could provide this ease of use to color grading. I'd especially love if the iPad version had this as it is my main retouching/color grading platform. Anyway, thanks for reading/viewing. If there are any more questions I can answer about my suggestion or process, please let me know. ••••C1_Color_Balance.mov ••••AP_Color_Grade.mov
  2. As I've requested in the past, this adjustment should also be made available in the develop module, as that is when you have the most values to play with.
  3. With the new, better support for PS plugins in 1.8, has anyone tried the Infinite Color Panel on the desktop version of Photo? https://www.infinitecolorpanel.com/
  4. Guys, this needs to become a part of Photo and Designer (and Publisher, when it comes to iPad). Here's hoping for version 2.0!
  5. Another version, another plea to add real modifier keys to the iPad version. Maybe since we're so close to V2, we'll see it then, along with brush size preview. One can dream. I still love almost everything about this app, keep it up guys.
  6. Since this feature hasn't been implemented yet, I'd like to add to the ask. It would be great if not only did we get a brush size preview, but also a secondary outer radius that indicates the feathering based on brush softness, ala capture one's brush (I think lightroom's does this as well).
  7. Separate app? Do you work for Serif? Otherwise, how do we know if it would be a separate app or built into the existing apps? As far as functionality, let's agree to disagree.
  8. Just revisiting this, you say it should be the same thing, but earlier you say the values probably need to change for 16 bit. Which is it? BTW, thanks for your work on this.
  9. Unfortunately, this feature request has not been addressed yet. It's definitely possible, as I believe Procreate has had this forever, but I haven't used that app in years, so maybe I'm misremembering. Anyway, i hope the devs still have it on their to-do list as I think it's an important feature.
  10. In light of the news that Adobe has now made their fonts available on iPhone and iPad, I'd like to officially request that this be added to future versions of Designer and Photo for iPad. Thanks https://www.engadget.com/2019/11/01/adobe-font-library-iphone-ipad/
  11. Just tried this and didn’t realize the iPad version lacked the sources panel. Please bump this for consideration, thanks.
  12. While we’re still waiting for a persistent display of the brush cursor, it might be good to have a cursor similar to the one in Capture One (and I believe Lightroom), where there’s an inner circle showing you where the brush is at 100% and an outer circle showing where the feather ends. Using the brush in C1, I can easily make precise masks using the inner circle. Lately, I’ve been trying to do more of my retouching/color work on iPad, but masking is nowhere near as precise because if the brush cursor. Love what you guys are doing, can’t wait for DAM functionality.
  13. +1, but I think this will come with the long-awaited DAM functionality.
  14. I'm not sure when this issue returned, I've just been dealing with it. There used to be an issue where if you tried to make a slow deliberate stroke with certain tools, the eyedropper or loupe would come up as you "painted". A few versions back, this was fixed. Now it's back and annoying as ever. In my particular case, when I use the healing brush to carefully diminish lines, the loupe comes up and makes it hard for me to see the path I'm trying to follow. This once again brings up the issue of the modifier keys and why we need them as I believe if the modifier keys were added onscreen persistently, you could change the behavior of some of these tools so they don't require a long press, which I think is what Photo is registering these long deliberate strokes as. If the modifier keys were added, the behavior of these tools could more closely mimic the behavior on desktop and these inadvertent "switches" could be avoided. Please give us proper modifier keys on screen...all the time. Not everyone wants to use a physical keyboard with iPad. Thanks for your consideration.
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