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  1. When will we see a new version of Photo for the iPad? There have been tons of feature requests and there are many interface elements that should be addressed, especially modifier keys. I hope we're not waiting until after the release of Publisher to see an updated version. BTW, Designer on iPad is great although I don't do much vector work. The undo/redo mechanic would be great in Photo.
  2. wgphoto

    Hand Lettering Designer iPad

    Never mind. I found The Box Set of brushes by Wren and I think I’ll be able to work with these. If you haven’t checked these out yet, please do below. The price is great and there are tons of high quality brushes included. Great work @Wren.
  3. I’m new to Designer, and I don’t do a lot of vector work. Since I have an affinity for Photo (see what I did there?) on iPad and I’m looking to update my brand, I thought what better way to familiarize myself with Designer than to give it a go on iPad. So I’ve been checking the tutorials and YouTube for hand lettering using Designer and most of them seem to start with vectorizing raster lettering, which would be ok since that is how I did my current logo using Procreate and the trace feature in Illustrator. It seems Designer does not have tracing. I would actually prefer to do the lettering directly in Designer as vector with the brushes available. If this is possible and I’m just missing it, please educate me. I’m very impressed with the interface of this app and hope to see some of the elements come to Photo on iPad. I guess Publiisher will come first.
  4. wgphoto

    Problem Sony A7III raw

    I've known about the RAW engine limitation for a while, but I'm curious. Is this a limitation based on Apple and iOS not allowing other RAW engines or is this Serif not implementing their RAW engine in the iOS version?
  5. wgphoto

    Strange Noise in Shadows in A7RII/III A9 Raw files

    I'll see if I can find any underexposed RAWS, although admittedly, I always nail exposure so it'll be difficult.
  6. wgphoto

    Overlay in RAW persona

    When trying to paint out an overlay in the RAW persona, using the eraser tool creates a series of dots instead of a stroke as if though the brush has spacing set way off or something. this makes it near impossible to precisely edit the mask. This would be less necessary if there was an refine selection within the RAW persona, I think.
  7. wgphoto

    Strange Noise in Shadows in A7RII/III A9 Raw files

    I have seen this as well. I have pretty much given up on the RAW editor for Photo for now. I'm using Capture One for RAW conversion or Lightroom mobile in a pinch. Once Serif adds non-destructive editing and works on the issues with the RAW persona, I'll definitely give it a shot again. This reminds me I should post another bug within the RAW persona. I have a feeling the next version will have much improved RAW persona as they asked for RAWS from everyone. They're definitely working on it.
  8. Just in case the developers are interested. http://xritephoto.com/colortrueSDK
  9. It would be really great if AP had ColorTrue support so that we could work in a calibrated environment on iPad. X-Rite has made this available to developers.
  10. OK, so I guess we're waiting until WWDC to hear about any new features at this point. I really hope this one makes it in. Dying to try FS 2.0 in AP.
  11. wgphoto


    This is a shot of Noelani from a recent beauty shoot. As is my current workflow for portraits, I did the RAW conversion and color grade in Capture One. Skin retouch and extra bits in Affinity Photo iPad.
  12. wgphoto

    Annoying Color Picker

    Yes this is a change from the previous behavior where you couldn’t get the color picker from a brush without using your finger. What they need to do, and this has been requested by many, is to add real modifiers like option, command, shift, etc to replicate the functionality of the desktop version.
  13. As Sony has just released an update for the A7RIII that makes pixel shift more useable, it would be great for AP to support these files. Lightroom already does.
  14. Hey, guys. Will there be a new beta before WWDC? I think it's been almost 3 months since current store version. Just curious as there's been a lot of feature requests since then. Thanks for the great work.