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  1. After three weeks of testing : Considering the fundamental lack concerning the overlay mask, in addition to the destructive raw-development, which, once done, you can´t get back to, affinity is not usable for me. I mean, everybody whose profession is working with images, will miss at least both features and I fear, there will be some more surprises. The fact, that people are complaining about both issues since years, doesn´t give me much hope for soon improvement. That´s why I won´t invest any further time in getting into it. At first I was quite thrilled about the application, it´s complexity, the many very good pro-features and, last but not least, the prize, but finally I have to realize, that it is kind of only semi-professional. For those, who have fun with playing around with pictures, it is an incredible app, with many more possibilities, than they will ever use - but for me it`s not satisfying. So, at the end, I will purchase an AP license for my son and continue with Photoshop ...
  2. Hi, during the last days I am testing Affinity Photo as well and as a longtime Photoshop user I have to say, that the app really convinced me up to now - in other words, it blows my mind, last but not least considering the price. But finding a convenient workflow is an important part of the journey which, of course, includes Raw developement and image-organisation. As J.Ochando and MEB mentioned, there is no way to come back to the Raw-settings made in the Develop Persona, which is essential for me. At least it would be great to have this opportunity, just like in Camera Raw/Photoshop. For a professional process I also wish to have an integrated comfortable possibility for image-synchronization and comparison. As I said, I really appreciate the great potential of the application and maybe my comments are complaining on a high level, but these are the weaknesses, which I have to mention. When I look at the complete Software offered by Serif, I am wondering, why they haven´t integrated an application for Raw developement and image-organisation, which would perfect the whole package.
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