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  1. I love the addition of the hue range and luminosity masks in Photo, but it would be great to have these in the Develop persona as well.
  2. I've had this request out since the beginning with V1. Very useful to see your brush size as you're painting/using any tool. Maybe it can happen in V2.
  3. I've had this request out since the beginning with V1. Very useful to adjust tones at the RAW level. Maybe it can happen in V2. I'm going to be adding a bunch of these, apologies in advance.
  4. As always, thanks @smadell for your contributions to this community. For me, the first 2 macros would be most useful in my workflow. There is one change I'd ask you to consider though. Instead of the mask overlay filling the whole image (red), would it be possible to do the inverse, where image has red overlay only where brushed in? This is more similar to how masking works in Capture One. I know most are PS users, so I'll use what's available. Thanks again.
  5. Bumping, although this topic seems to be as active as the live cursor size topic.
  6. I seem to have an issue where if I set the hue range mask blur to 20px, and click away to a different layer and go back, the blur is reset to 100px. Hard to tell if the actual blur radius is changing back or the ui is just resetting the numerical value. Is 20px too small? If so, should not be allowed to click OK. FullSizeRender.MOV
  7. Bumping again, as this should work pretty well with stage manager.
  8. With the pseudo window support now available in iPadOS, it would be great to at least get support for this feature in Photo. Along with this, it would be great to sideload another app beside Photo in split view. While iPadOS multitasking isn’t what it is on macOS, it would be good for affinity apps to finally support what is available.
  9. After trying out procreate recently, I found the timelapse export feature to be a nice feature. I see from research that this functionality was once in a few betas of affinity apps, but got dropped. Here’s an official request that it be put back on the table, but with the ability to trim and possibly set speed of the video before export. Thanks
  10. Bumping for visibility as this still would be a great addition to the iPad Affinity Photo app since they don’t make an iOS standalone app.
  11. This functionality would most likely be a toggle, so if you don’t want it, you don’t have to use it. Many, many others do want this.
  12. This has been requested many times, probably the most requested feature of all.
  13. Bumping this as I’ve now seen how procreate does this and would love a similar implementation for Photo.
  14. Bumping for visibility as I have now used this in LR on iPad and it works pretty much like what I'm used to in C1. C1 is also coming to iPad early next year, so it would be great if AP could get this feature before or around the same time as this to offer better competition. They do different jobs, but there's no reason AP can't have a more intuitive way of doing color grading on iPad and desktop.
  15. Bumping for this to be in develop module for V2
  16. in light of the feature being added to ACR/LR, I'll resurrect this request. https://www.dpreview.com/news/0878830172/video-adobe-teases-advance-color-grading-tool-coming-to-acr-lightroom-and-lightroom-classic
  17. Bumping for V2.0, in develop persona please
  18. Not sure if this is a limitation of iPadOS or Affinity Photo on iPad at this point, but with V2.0 not far away (I’m guessing based on V1.9 beta), thought I’d throw this request out there. While dodging and burning, it would be useful to have a zoomed in version alongside a zoomed out version of an image. This would require one of the larger iPads to make sense, but is this possible, or is iPadOS the bottleneck?
  19. Bumping this for visibility and also to add that it would be great if the macro recording acknowledged group creation and color selection.
  20. OK, this will be a long one. In the 2 years since I first posted this feature request a few things have changed in my workflow. Before, I liked to do my color grading in Capture One before exporting a tiff for skin work, etc in Affinity Photo. I now like to not have the color grade baked in, so that I can easily change it without losing my skin work. I could always just export from Affinity Photo back to C1 to do my color grade at the end, but it would be much more helpful if I could intuitively and quickly do my color grade in Affinity Photo. Below are 2 videos showing the difference between color grading in C1 and Affinity Photo for me (no retouching has been done yet, so please don't judge image). As you can see, C1 makes it much easier to preview looks I've created using the Color Balance tool, as well as create new looks on the fly. I know that I could save looks as luts or whatever and preview that way, but that still leaves the creation process, which right now for me, consists of a 6 node gradient map for highlights, shadows and midtones. As you can see in the second video, this is not intuitive at all and definitely not fast. Also, I already have these layers created in advance and have the blend options set for each layer, otherwise this video would be easily double the length. Even with this process, I still can't control the luminosity of the highs, shadows and mids within this color grade stack. I'd have to add 1 or more adjustments to do that separately. Panels like the Infinite Color one from Pratik look to bring similar functionality to PS, but as I understand it, these panels will most likely never work in Affinity Photo. As mentioned in my last post on this subject, Pixelmator Photo for iPad now has a similar tool to C1 and it would be great if Affinity Photo could provide this ease of use to color grading. I'd especially love if the iPad version had this as it is my main retouching/color grading platform. Anyway, thanks for reading/viewing. If there are any more questions I can answer about my suggestion or process, please let me know. ••••C1_Color_Balance.mov ••••AP_Color_Grade.mov
  21. As I've requested in the past, this adjustment should also be made available in the develop module, as that is when you have the most values to play with.
  22. With the new, better support for PS plugins in 1.8, has anyone tried the Infinite Color Panel on the desktop version of Photo? https://www.infinitecolorpanel.com/
  23. Guys, this needs to become a part of Photo and Designer (and Publisher, when it comes to iPad). Here's hoping for version 2.0!
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