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  1. Thanks to all for you quick and helpful suggestions. To answer v_kyr, I choose the freehand selection tool, then on the first layer-Background or Pixel (at the bottom of the Layers list) I draw the selection around the area to be adjusted. After I make the adjustment, I click on the "Deselect" menu. Then I "select" a new area and apply an adjustment. That will only affect the previous, deselected, area, and not the new one. For Walt-that is not what I desire to accomplish. I want to make adjustments to a new area. They may be similar, but may add more adjustments. I will try the suggestions from the rest of you. Thanks again to all. Fivel
  2. Hello to all. I am running this app on an iMac with OSX El Capitan. My issue is this. I can use the tool to select an area of a layer, and apply some levels and other (colors) adjustments. Where I have a problem, is when I deselect that area, and select a new one. The adjustments effect the previous selection, and not the new one. I am trying to use this method to clean up and adjust several areas of an astro image. Is it even possible to do this on one layer (Background)? Thanks in advance. Fivel
  3. I have been enjoying this app and sharing info about it. I and friends use it to process astro photos. Two more tools that would help are: 1. Erode filters, such as in Gimp to shrink stars 2. Vertical and horizontal gradient removal, automated if possible. The gradient map does not perform this function. Thank you. Fivel
  4. Although the request to work with fits format images is not new, I hope to keep this request alive. Along with that capability, would be the need to provide a tool, to debayer color fits images from a one shot color astro camera. That tool should be able to get the camera sensor matrix ( such as RGGB or GRBG) from the fits image header data. Here's hoping. Fivel
  5. Hi to all. I previously asked if the Photoshop Astronomy Tools package could be used as a plugin for AP. Since that is not possible, what is the chance of your programmers writing their own code to emulate those tools? I realize that it would entail adding some features to AP to catch up to Photoshop's set of features. Then the astronomy type tools programming could do the emulation. That would open up this fine application to a worldwide group of astrophotographers. I have not used Astronomy tools myself, since I don't have or want Photoshop. Fivel
  6. Thank you MEB, I now have the update and the free downloads. Fivel
  7. Hello. I have a few problems related to version 1.6. 1. Since I own version 1.5.2 do I need to pay for the version 1.6. 2. When I open the app I don't get the message to update. 3. Also, I tried to log in to the store and it fails. When trying to get the site to send instructions to update my password nothing happens. I don't even see anything in the spam folder. Please advise. Fivel
  8. Thanks to all for suggestions and help. MEB, I will try exporting the file with "Save Affinity Layers" to see if it works. As to upgrading to Sierra, I may yet go that route. Fivel
  9. Thanks Callum, I hope someone else is using Mavericks. R-C-R, I have been holding off upgrading to OS X Sierra since I would have to re purchase several applications to run on that platform. At least I see that I can use my current AP version (1.5.2) with Sierra. Decisions, decisions. Fivel
  10. Hi again Callum. Did you get a chance to use the image I posted? I hope you can repeat my issue. As I mentioned in the original post, I tried both Merge and Flatten but it still crashed Preview. Has anyone else seen this problem? Fivel
  11. Hello Callum. I don't know if I can attach such large files (minimum 38MB). I may need to PM you with it. Let's see if it gets posted. I am on a late 2009 iMac using Mavericks. Fivel DSC04699-Flare_2.tiff
  12. Hello. I need help with the exporting of AP MAC Tiff files to work with MAC Preview program. When I try to use Preview/Tools/Adjust Color, it crashes Preview. I think it has to do with AP adjustment layers. I tried Flattening and Merge but they did not help. How do I export the TIFF files to work with Preview?
  13. Hello DWright, thanks for the suggestions. I tried all of the Distortion filter that might gel reshape the stars, but nothing works to (Nudge or Squeeze) the whole image, Since I want to correct all the oval shaped stars, at the same time, I need a tool that can do that. So far, no luck. Fivel
  14. Hello again. In AP 1.5.2 the Distortion Filters have no effect. I tried them in a duplicate layer, as well as the base (pixel) layer. I am trying to Nudge, move, pinch etc. oval shaped stars, to make them round. In Photoshop, this is done with- Duplicate Layer, Darken mode Filters/Other/Move, (Nudge with arrow keys), in pixel increments. Then merge the layers In AP nothing similar has any effect. Fivel
  15. Thanks to all-I'm getting a better handle on these tools. Sima-I do the stacking in other applications (Lynkeos, Sequator, DSS etc.) then I save them as 16 Bit TIFF files, to use in AP. R-C-R- As I practice more, I get a better idea of how to ensure that the correction tools use the proper color. It's a bit tedious though, but it works. Can you have the development team look at the way Photoshop Elements simplifies the use of similar tools? There is no changing to pixel layers, no holding Option/dragging nor need for the magnified circle. What you select, by one click, is what the tool delivers. I hope AP can simplify the process also. Thanks again for all the help. Fivel
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