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  1. Hi, thx for the answears, its an -psd - file - how can i use them in Affinity Designer? Or is that not available / possible?
  2. Hello, sometimes i download some material from https://creativemarket.com/but i can not use anything in Affinity Designer, what can i do, that the downloaded file will work in Affinity Designer? Thanks for Help (sorry my english is not the best ;-) )
  3. I forget to write: i use a Windows 10 PC
  4. Hi there, i want to delete the downloaded Example Photos. But i can not find the File. Can anyone help me please? Thx
  5. Hi, is it possible to safe own Smart-Forms for later use in a library? Example there are many from Affinity Designer: Stars, Arrows, Pies, Circle, Rectangle and many more... Thanks for Help