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  1. Hi there, i search for a tool / asset or so program for Affinity Designer, to make easily Mandalas and / or Patterns... It can be cost a little bit, no problem, so i search on the website "Creative Market" but i am not sure, what the best or if that is what i need. Can you recommend some tool for me? Best regards. Info: I have the Windows 10 Version (Desktop Program)
  2. Hi there, i have a problem / question again :) The Problem is, that Affinity Designer show the fine, non-rasterized lines in the Pic and also after exporting to .JPG or .PNG - File :( What can i do now? Please look at the Screenshot i uploadet, so you can better understand what i mean. Thank you for help.
  3. No sorry i cant do that with translation - but its for me not clear enough...
  4. OK sorry, but i do not have a solution. Can you please see the Screenshots and tell me where i must do selection for the Grid-Problem? Thank You
  5. Hi there, thanks for your answears. But after trying that - it do not work The shit is, that the right side of the grid is not arrenged evenly... Are there othere Options? I have Deinstalled it and new installed the Software. But the System was save the settings in deeper folder... Thank you so much, by the way. Best regards.
  6. Hi there, unfortunately I have had a problem since the last update to the new version. Please don't laugh - but I can't find a setting like to make the grid view evenly. Can you maybe help me there? Thank you Patrick
  7. Hi, thx for the answears, its an -psd - file - how can i use them in Affinity Designer? Or is that not available / possible?
  8. Hello, sometimes i download some material from https://creativemarket.com/but i can not use anything in Affinity Designer, what can i do, that the downloaded file will work in Affinity Designer? Thanks for Help (sorry my english is not the best ;-) )
  9. Hi there, i want to delete the downloaded Example Photos. But i can not find the File. Can anyone help me please? Thx
  10. Hi, is it possible to safe own Smart-Forms for later use in a library? Example there are many from Affinity Designer: Stars, Arrows, Pies, Circle, Rectangle and many more... Thanks for Help
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