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  1. That definitely sounds like the right direction. At least its a new feature I'll put to good use in Publisher. Thanks! I hope they add the embed option to Photo soon, though. It would be a super convenient workflow simplification for making reusable mockups.
  2. I'm sorry if this has been asked. Is there going to be an option to turn a layer into an embedded document from within Affinity? Similar to creating a smart object in photoshop. I love working with embedded documents but I wish I didn't have to start and save the correct sized file as a separate AF document then import into the project I'm working on. It would be great if I could just select the thing I want to be embedded and tell it to be embedded. Then I could do further edits to it as an embedded document.
  3. I want to buy the Shadowify plugin but I don't know if it works with AF Photo. How can I tell if a plugin is compatible? It looks like this plugin creates many multiple drop shadows on the same fx panel, which is something that AF Photo cant do, yet. Hopefully in the future that will be added. So I'm going to assume that it's not compatible. What are some good Photoshop plugins that do work with Affinity photo? I would love to have a list of them. I know I've had some success using the Multifill plugin by a company called Bpelt or Peltmade. I don't remember which one is the correct name. What Multifill does is it takes black line art and fills in the white spaces with flat colors. it makes flatting comics much easier. Does anyone have any other plugins that work with Photo?
  4. I think supermundane means a way to make the custom shapes. Currently, there's no way to make a raster object into a vector shape without manually tracing it.
  5. When I posted this originally there was no asset panel in Photo but thay have since added it. I use it exactly the way I used to use the custom shapes from Photoshop. Try it I like it way better than custom shapes because it can be multi-colored or flat monochrome. You can even save raster objects if you want. The next thing we need is a way to trace raster shapes and make them vector. Right now I just trace objects in Inkscape and bring them into Affinity then save them to the asset panel.
  6. Have you happened to find any info on these features? I would also like to know.
  7. Thanks, Walt! That's kinda what I thought. Though I didn't think to try the Designer Beta, That seems like the obvious solution. Thank you!
  8. I just attempted to export some assets that I created in AF Publisher into Designer and it said " Import Failed, Unable to Import File." I'm assuming that is because they were made in a Beta version and the official release can't import asset files made in a Beta. My question is, will this be possible when the official version of Publisher is released? or is it not going to be possible to share my asset libraries between programs?
  9. My guess is that, like many other tools in the Affinity applications, they have a superior method planned and are working on perfecting it. I'm also itching to have this feature and I'm sure it will be awesome when it's available, The team just needs the time to make it just right.
  10. Thanks, those sound like good options too. Though, I don't know if they would be much if at all faster. Either way, it kinda takes me out of my flow. The workflow I mentioned works for now. It's actually very quick to bounce between the two programs as long as they're both open. I just thought I would make a suggestion that I think a lot of people would like. I'm also looking forward to a vector Mesh warp for Designer and non-destructive perspective feature in Photo that would allow embedded documents to remain embedded instead of rasterizing them. Those would be neat to have.
  11. I'm doing some Digital speed painting in Photo and I developed a workaround for the lack of a custom shapes tool like the one in Photoshop. I Lay out my rough sketch and colors in Photo, then I go to File > Edit in Designer, where I have set up some categories in the Assets Panel for my custom shapes. I have to place a few of my textures and shapes into the canvas and then I have to go back to File > Edit in Photo. Once I'm back in Photo I can use the Mesh Warp Tool to warp the textures how I want them. My request is to have the Assets panel in Photo also so I don't have to jump back and forth. That way I can add and warp all in the same program. Sometimes once I start to warp the textures I notice that I forgot something and I have to jump back over to Designer just to grab a single texture, then back to Photo to warp. For speed painting, it's a pretty big step to add to the workflow. If the Assets Panel is added to Photo, I don't think that there will be a need for a Custom Shapes Tool.
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