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  1. Hard to say without seeing the document but my hunch is you've accidentally put the text boxes on top of the Data Merge Layout rather than inside it. Schwer zu sagen, ohne das Dokument zu sehen, aber meine Vermutung ist, dass Sie die Textfelder versehentlich ├╝ber dem Datenzusammenf├╝hrungslayout und nicht darin platziert haben.
  2. I'm looking into this, I can't say exactly when it will be fixed but there are a couple of work-arounds for now; either don't use facing pages or don't use master pages.
  3. So firstly I should say this is absolutely not what this feature is for and it's obscene to see it abused in this way but I, like the rest of you, can't resist a challenge! So here's my solution. The main advantage here is I've nested the DM nodes so you only have to create the row table once. Nesting works fine but you have to be careful with the Record Advance. In this case the outer one has a record advance of 0 since the inner one is doing all the advancing. I've done the row shading with a rectangle behind the table. Now I should do some proper work, Mark
  4. I can see from the screenshot you have Record offset 8 and Record Advance 4 so when it merges it starts by moving forward from 1 to 9 (+8) then it moves on by 4 which takes it past the end so it stops.
  5. TOC can search for text that isn't in the printable area, I suggest you put a text frame in the pasteboard with the photo title in it. You can create this frame on your master page if you've used one consistently. Make sure your TOC has Look In: All Text Frames and 'Include Entries before TOC'
  6. You can type as much as you like in the leader box; put more spaces in.
  7. Thank you for the suggestion. This is in the latest beta.
  8. You can do this today. Edit the TOC Heading style and set a tab leader.
  9. I think you want 'Printed'. That updates on any kind of export.
  10. As it happens the TOC in the tutorial uses only one style which in that document are chapter headings but you can tick as many styles to include as you like and they can appear anywhere in the document. About 5 mins in to the tutorial it shows all the text styles generated for the TOC in the right hand Text styles panel. This part of the tutorial could certainly be expanded upon but if you create a TOC and start editing these styles you will see you can apply all the formatting you have shown above. The styles are hierarchical so you can affect the whole TOC, entries for a particular source style and numbers all together or separately.
  11. When you have multiple spreads the pasteboard of one goes down to the pasteboard of the next and you can drag things up and down to move them from spread to spread but the answer to your question is no, the pasteboards doesn't extend beyond the top and bottom of the whole document and aren't shared between spreads.
  12. You should be able to change the UI language in Preferences -> General -> Language. Italian is definitely included. Your choice of language would not have been carried over from the beta to the retail version so you'll have to select it again.
  13. There are a few view options that affect this * If you have Preview mode on (View -> Preview Mode) then nothing will show in the bleed area. * If you have Clip to Canvas Off (View -> View Mode -> Clip to Canvas) and Show Bleed On (View -> Show Bleed) things will show right out into the pasteboard but a grey line will show where the bleed box is * If you have Clip to Canvas On then Show Bleed will toggle whether items that go off the edge are shown are clipped at the Trim Box (page) edge or the Bleed Box edge.
  14. I don't think there is anything in your screen shot you can't do with Publisher. There is a tutorial here that should get you started.
  15. In Preferences -> User Interface There is an option for 'Monochromatic iconography' which will make all the icons greyscale and less distracting for you.
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