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  1. Eventually you can give RawTherapee a try for your Raw development. It is open source and offers a lot of settings. It also allows to copy all adjustments made for one photo to your other photos. So far I found nothing in Adobe Camera Raw which is missing in RawTherapee. I dig not dig much into Affinity Photo's raw development as I have a working solution
  2. You may see the additional 19€ as a gift to our secretary of finance. It is the VAT
  3. Maybe he found the translation for "vehicles" in Monty Python's dictionary - remember "My hovercraft is full of eels"
  4. As we didn't get a new Beta version now for nearly a month, I am hoping that version 2.0 is coming up next and that it integrates the most wanted features like footnotes and cross references. Both features are needed for all serious publishing that goes beyond posters and small booklets. I am waiting for these features now since Publisher came up and fear that without those features in 2.0 many users will return to the software they used before.
  5. Since I started this Thread the download made some progress: @Wosven: no, I bought from my provider 50MBit/s and get this with almost all downloads (if the server delivers). @walt.farrell: The hops in between show often timeouts and have no name resolution. From my understanding this is normal if firewalls block the traceroute packages. The final node has a response time of approx. 100ms
  6. The traceroute doesn't show the slowdown. with the 14th hop the Amazon-Network is reached and to reach the download server needs 30 more hops. Looks to me like the Amazon network configuration is "strange". But this can only be solved if Serif as the customer opens a ticket at Amazon, complaining about slow download speed from some sites. I can support them anytime with my traceroute results, but we don't have more things in hand to help. From the last time I complained (in December) I know, that I am not the only one with this problem.
  7. The download is still extremely slow. Can you please fix this? I already mentioned this problem in December, and - yes, I know - the server is in the Amazon cloud, but somehow this should be fixed. If you need more info (traceroute or nslookup - whatever you need), please let me know.
  8. I digged a bit deeper into the problem and I believe, that the problem here is, that the two master pages have different sizes (A3 and A4) and that after applying the smaller master page, the missing picture is positioned completely outside the new master page and gets lost. Publisher seems to adjust the page size of the new master page as a first step and then position the objects according to their positions in th new master page.
  9. Download of all beta-versions is extremely slow since some days: Doesn't seem to be my network connection, as everything else goes with usual speed (5MB/s)
  10. Hi @Callum, this is strange. I embedded the pictures before uploading. The size of the file increased from 1.1MB to 27MB after embedding. Just now I renamed the directory, where the pictures are located here (to make sure AP can't find them) and then opened the uploaded file from the link in my 1st post - pictures are shown and the resource manager still shows them as embedded. You could eventually try with some of your own pictures?
  11. I tried to use the same content for different layouts. This is pretty well documented in one of the Video Tutorials, but now I still have one problem: When switching my page to the 2nd Master page, one picture gets lost (means, the corresponding frame is empty). Maybe someone here could have a look at the document and can tell me, what I am doing wrong. Your help would be much appreciated. What I am doing is: - Duplicate the one page in the document - assign the Master page "Katalogseite"(by drag and drop of the Masterpage to the newly created page - confirm the change of the page size - confirm the move of an object without corresponding text outside the master page (that's perfectly ok, it is a text frame which will get deleted afterwards) - and now the content of a picture frame (Bild 1) is missing and I have no idea why and how I can correct it. I'm pretty sure it is only a stupid error on my side, but I've not been able to find it. I'm using the Release version 1.8.5, but the problem also occurs with the latest beta version. Thanks in advance for any helpful hint Begleittext_Template.afpub
  12. I agree, this is more some sort of workaround for the missing feature of cross references. Hopefully Serif will implement a working solution fast.
  13. Did you check on the Affinity webpage? In the learning section are links to PDF-files with the shortcuts: https://resources.serif.com/spotlight/learning/shortcuts/Affinity-Publisher-Shortcuts-Windows.pdf
  14. Thanks, @Walt! Well, the whole project is a book and this will definitely need a regular index too. But I'm optimistic and hoping that the guys at Serif are faster implementing an enhancement for multiple indexes than me in writing the book
  15. Hi Bruce, yes, that is exactly what I want to do. Thanks for your proposal, this will work ...
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