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  1. I've been looking for a list of feature requests, but couldn't find any. I really like the software and also the idea to participate with my requests somehow in future enhancements. But I believe that everybody who brings his ideas and wishes would love to have a response if it is taken into consideration for future developments and to have eventually a rough idea,when it will be implemented. It would also be great to have some sort of timeline for new releases.
  2. The PDF format stores text blocks and graphics in objects. If you take a document generated by Quark Xpress as PDF export and edit the PDF in Acrobat, you are able to see the structure of objects and to modify them. The object structure of Quark files is mostly kept, multicolumn text is split in one object per column and paragraphs are also separated in different objects in PDF. The Publisher seems to merge some of the objects - for me it looks more or less random and this merge is the cause of a lot of re-work to be done to the import result. I know that PDF has never been designed as an interchange format, but the designers of the different DTP programs have a big interest that nobody else can read their formats or create import filters for their native format, so a change from Quark to Indesign to Affinity Publisher or vice versa is made as difficult as possible. So at least in case of Quark we should be happy, that Quark doesn't try to obfuscate the generated PDF, but to keep the structure of the original document. And as Affinity is a newcomer in this market, they surely have a vital interest in making the move from other applications as easy as possible for their customers.
  3. Hi everybody, I'm new here and currently evaluating the publisher as an alternative for Quark. I'm facing the same task as you and started my evaluation with recreating some documents with publisher. I believe, the easiest way to transfer your documents is to export them in Quark as PDF and then to re-import in Publisher. Not perfect, as the frames are not recreated in the same way (headers for example make a mess in the document structure). With some afterwork you should be able to recreate your documents. The good news is, that fonts and font attributes are correct, that the images are positioned correctly and the text quite often needs to be rearranged in frames. Maybe affinity can do some work on the PDF-import to keep the objects?
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