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  1. Go into the document settings, there you can set the page size, margins and the bleed area … not sure what you mean by 'boundaries', but I'm guessing it's on of those.
  2. I support this motion … I have all three apps and if I have a problem with one of them I would like to go into its dedicated forum and search for a solution there. Having all 3 apps represented in just one forum makes it a lot more difficult to find the right thread that could answer my question.
  3. Ok, I have found a workaround for the issue: Design the book as normal and include the bleed area across the spine for all images/objects (like in the 2nd example above). Before exporting the print file open the Document Settings and untick Facing Pages. Left/right master page properties remain intact. The only issue were images that are going across both pages of a spread – they only appear on one of the two pages after the change and you will have to copy them and paste onto the other page. I hope that makes sense. Nevertheless, I think the function to 'allow pages to shuffle' and to seperate a spread for loose-leaf printing should be addressed in a future update of Publisher.
  4. I am designing a book that will be spiral-bound and therefore loose-leaf printed. Consequently the print PDF needs to be exported to 'All pages' (instead of spreads). When I set the inner bleed in the document settings and then export the PDF to all pages the inner bleed on the pages ends up being the page content of the facing page. If I have e.g. an image that goes all the way to the spine I have to stretch that image into the facing page in order to create an inner bleed for that page. I need to be able to seperate the spread in order to create proper bleed for the pages … in inDesign this known as 'Allow Document Pages to Shuffle'. Have I missed something in Publisher or is this indeed not possible in the current version? I have attached an image to illustrate the issue.
  5. I second this feature request … Lock Children NEEDS a shortcut, I use it all the time and would like to switch quickly!
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