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  1. Oh I see - my very rusty dtp skills - I've forgotten everything. And now you've inspired me try out making an eccentric publication with both vertical and horizontal pages.
  2. Thank you for your help. I do think it is a bit of a bug - I would expect the Portrait check box to automatically uncheck if you select a change to Horizontal orientation via the Arrangement dialog box. Otherwise it's a bit of 'computer says NO' lol
  3. Thank you! I know what was going wrong now - I had the Portrait box still checked...doh! So that even if I used the Arrangement dialog box; the orientation would not change. So simple but so easy to miss that little box.
  4. This is the horizontal document from when I could use my workaround but I think I have since saved it out in the new version. I'm using typefaces I downloaded so it will display weirdly. Hope that helps SBTC_A4_final.afpub
  5. Hi ivbera, What file should I attached. There is a screenshot at the top of the post that shows the dialog box, if that helps?
  6. Hi Petar, Not all users will be 'power users' some will just need a dtp layout tool for occasional projects. In my own case I recently bought a new laptop and could not install my old legit copy of Adobe CS. Therefore I bought Affinity Photo and am trying out Publisher. I haven't invested in Designer as yet but probably will in future and I will purchase Publisher. I am using it to create a few leaflets and a newsletter for my residents group. I am an occasional user - by project. It is fantastic to have professional tools available at an affordable price. I used to work in 3D computer graphics - I became ill but want to maintain my skillset and I'm really ****ed off with Adobe.
  7. I have upgraded to v.337 and I still have the glitch! ..even worse as my workaround (opening a different sized doc) does not work now either I've rebooted and have tried to change orientation with Document setup too. Win 10 XPS 15 9570
  8. I had the same issue. Thank you for the link
  9. Yes it did not change the orientation when I ticked the 'Arrangement' dialog box. I closed and opened the programme a few times and only solved it when opening a different sized document first. Hopefully .337 has resolved it. I have had a problem with the automatic update from the alert message on my current version - I see there is a discussion regarding this. I will try and replicate the orientation issue with the latest version and let you know. Thank you for your help.
  10. I've not needed master pages and I probably wouldn't need them for most of my projects. Therefore haven't yet explored this with Publisher but this discussion has highlighted an area for me to explore further. Thank you all
  11. I had a glitch on opening a new A4 document. On a previous session I had been working on a horizontal document. But on the next session when opening the programme and choosing a new A4 vertical doc. The direction of the document would not change from displaying horizontally. Eventually I did manage to refresh by opening a letter size doc then trying again. Win 10 Beta 1.70312
  12. Yes thank you - it does not happen if I make a text frame and past into that. I've only just started using Publisher in the last few days and as I'm a casual user I don't know may way around the tools yet. It's very good and I'm glad to have a viable professional alternative to Adobe products.
  13. Copy – Paste – Crash (from email) I’m a novice so hope this is helpful Copying text from an email pasted into Publisher causes instant crash. It does this in new document and when editing an existing document. Does not occur copying text from Word only from an email. From both my browser email and my windows inbox. Beta - v. Win 10 XPS 15 9570