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  1. Thank you MEB, this is almost exactly what I need, except that it seems to disregard the layer effects of any containing/parent groups. Is there any way to still get all of the parent group FX applied to the exported selection?
  2. I have an Affinity Photo document with many dozens of layers. I frequently need to export one of the layers individually to a PNG (hiding all of the other layers/content in the document). I've found this very difficult to do, as I can't currently find shortcuts to either: a) hide all layers except the selected one or b) directly export a single selected layer Also, I need layer effects of the parent group(s) to still be applied. Which means doing something like copying the layer and then choosing New from Clipboard and then exporting won't work well for my purposes. Perhaps I'm overlooking something obvious? Can anyone offer suggestions on the easiest way to do this?
  3. The anti-aliasing is what is happening automatically, and what I'm trying to avoid, which is possible depending on what resampling technique is used (Photoshop allows you to choose the resampling technique just about anywhere in the app for this exact reason, between Bilinear, Bicubic, Nearest, etc.). But Affinity Photo doesn't appear to allow that to be changed in these key areas (merging or rasterizing layers). I'm working on pixel art (very small-resolution bitmaps) which I wish to use a Nearest Neighbor filtering mode. This can be achieved in the Performance settings but only appears to impact the display of layers during editing, and merging them down applies the anti-aliasing without any options on what resampling technique to use. Thanks for the suggestions, I've tried Force Pixel Alignment and also making use of the blend ranges options but that doesn't solve the problem. What is happening is a very visually-obvious blurring when layers are merged or resampled. This blurring is a result of the filtering technique used under-the-hood; I need the option of using a Nearest Neighbor algorithm. I understand that 99% of Affinity Photo users don't want this, since in large-pixel documents the anti-aliasing provides smoother and more pleasing results. But for pixel art it causes the artwork to become blurry and distorted which is not desirable.
  4. I purchased Affinity Photo for multi-layered pixel art creation, but I'm finding that I cannot use the Merge Layers or Rasterize layer features because they automatically choose a filtering algorithm which causes blurring. How can I fix this? This currently is a deal-breaker for me unfortunately. I've tried the following: Using Nearest rendering in the Performance settings (this causes everything to look as I expect on the canvas while editing the document, but the blurring problem occurs as soon as a multi-layer document is merged, exported/flattened, or a layer is rasterized) Choosing Nearest filtering during PNG export. For some scenarios this appears to work around the issue, but for general purposes it's not a solution since I frequently need to be able to merge selected layers together as part of my workflow without exporting the entire document I still cannot find any way to merge layers or rasterize selected layers using Nearest filtering. The result is that my artwork frequently is distorted/blurred from what I'm seeing in the on-screen canvas/display. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide
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