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  1. Here's the original image.
  2. Here is an original image The image below uses the 1.65 Shadows live filter (which has a radius slider, removed at 1.7) This image below uses the filter at 1.7 - producing a much more washed out image. Note also the filter below (1.7) is set to 100% whereas the filter above (1.65) is only at 30%. The filter with 1.65 was a lot better than the replacement filter at 1.7. This is mentioned by others in this and other recent discussions. FYI Some editing software packages retain "legacy tools" when updating features and I suggest this might be an idea for those of us that find that "new and improved" means the opposite :-)
  3. No improvement whatsoever in 1.7.1 either. Very disappointing.
  4. Steve Beeston

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.7.1

    Extremely disappointing to see that the shadows/highlights live filter has still not been fixed. 1.7.0 basically broke the filter. The new filter performs very poorly and removes the radius slider.
  5. Credit to someone who posted this elsewhere, but if you open a .affinity file from 1.6 that includes the old shadows/highlight filter, you can copy the layer in to a new document and it works just the way it used to in 1.6. Bonkers!
  6. Tried this and can report the same on Windows. Weird.
  7. Agreed. The shadows/highlights live filter is now worthless. Very crude and just compresses the dynamic range at the bottom. As I recall the filter was recently rewritten for recent versions but that rewrite has now been dumped and the old tool in Develop moved in to Photo. It's just appalling. I'm either going to have to revert to 1.6.5 or go back to Photoshop.
  8. Steve Beeston

    Old Versions unavailable

    I've tried downloading and installing 1.6.5 but I just get "Setup failed" when trying to re-install. Looks like I'll have to go back to Photoshop until this is fixed. As I recall, the Shadows/Highlights live filter in the Photo persona was rewritten in later versions and was certainly an improvement on earlier implementations, although still far short of the Photoshop equivalent. I don't think the Shadows/Highlights adjustment in Develop was rewritten though. They seem to have chucked out the newer rewritten filter in Photo and simply copied the poorer Develop adjustment in to Photo. I'm surprised this wasn't picked up in testing. It's a gamechanger for me as I use the live filter a lot in my workflow.
  9. I am extremely unhappy with the poor performance of the "rewritten" shadows/highlights live filter in Photo 1.7, to the point where I would like to revert to 1.6.7. Unfortunately only old versions up to 1.6.5 appear to be available on the download page - 1.6.6 and 1.6.7 are both missing. Is this an oversight? https://store.serif.com/en-gb/update/windows/photo/1/
  10. Agreed, how is removing functionality an upgrade? The new shadows/highlights is actually poorer now and is a huge disappointment. This enough to make me re-install 1.6x
  11. Updating wiped out my custom keyboard shortcuts :-(

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