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  1. This whole thread is just a crazy mess and should have a disclaimer posted by a moderator at the beginning. I've lost work, discovered my own workarounds, discovered that other people have too, wasted my time reading this mess (but thanks to the people who understand the problem and aren't just posting a blind fanboi defense to something they either haven't noticed or don't care to acknowledge), I've ignored a user and again wasted time and work again and again. I'm frustrated and angry. and once AGAIN I've stopped my work to research yet another quirk of Affinity workflow. I find it a great program with lots of potential but, Serif, you need to change some things in order to not turn off everyone interested. All of these people with their dealbreakers and the peddlers of misinformation! This whole community seems completely dysfunctional and unprofessional. There's more intelligent conversations on the Steam forums for crying out loud. Probly my last post cause I've just had it up to here!
  2. Has this been implemented yet? this thread is from 2014... it takes 5 years to add a small feature??
  3. You're definitely not the only one annoyed by this. I find it wayyy more annoying than even this 3.5 year necro. Affinity, you're amazing, but do you really need to be this un-intuitive?
  4. this. straight line pixel drawing is of major importance for me. so many times in the last couple of weeks with AP it's taken hours extra what used to cost me minutes in PS. AP has a lot going for it but there's so many niggling little things to bang your head against that it makes looking for something better (or god-for-f'ing-bid going back to PS) seem attractive. no matter what the cost
  5. I cannot get the color to apply as stated in the Help doc... Apply to Selection—when selected (default), the picked color will automatically apply to the selected object's Fill or Stroke. the box being ticked is not making a difference, apparently, the results are the same each way. apologies if this has been already covered, I can't seem to find anything.
  6. Oops, yes +1 Affinity can only be made better by giving US a few extra formats!
  7. +1 Affinity can only be made better by giving up a few extra formats
  8. M911

    Eyedropper (Apply to Selection)

    yes, but for me it's not applying. are you thinking that I'm using it wrong? that could be. I'm definitely not infallible. maybe you could expand upon what's stated in the help file, perhaps I'll discover something that I'm somehow failing to understand.
  9. M911

    Image Cropping

    +1 to crop from selection I'm trying very hard to adjust to this radical departure of workflow that I've developed in photoshop in the last 20 years or so.... it's how much I'm loving Affinity and how I despise Adobe . So I'm posting this with respect! Please attach a higher priority to this and to moving a selection before committing to it. Even my cat wants this
  10. M911

    Eyedropper (Apply to Selection)

    • I'm using the latest version • I can reproduce by making a new document or loading an existing one • accurate description already reported • I'm using Photo (posting in the Photo forum) with win 10 x64 home, fully updated OS and drivers • no unusual hardware or software • I've less then a week's experience with Photo (tho almost 20 years with photoshop) this has always happened with Photo • other guidance points I think are superfluous
  11. +1 I wonder if everyone who sees not having .ico export ability as being OK is using a mac. They are still widely used in the most widely used OS on the planet. I'd very much like to see this happen. Surprised it's not in to begin with since icon creation is mentioned as a main feature in the "Find out More" section of the main Designer Page.
  12. it's been a couple of years... is there any news on this yet?
  13. I just bought Affinity, long time PS refugee... is hard to believe this is a thing +1(bazillion)