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  1. Patrick Thompson

    Copy Effects?

    Ah, I see now in the Edit menu there is a Paste FX. Exactly what I want. Thanks.
  2. When I assign some Effects (FX) to a layer, I often want to copy and paste those same effects onto another layer. I would expect there to be a 'Copy FX' option on the right-click menu for a layer but I'm not seeing anything related to that. Is there any easy way to copy and paste Layer Effects?
  3. I can't seem to get the right colors to show in an .eps file I am opening in AD. This is the image as a JPEG This is the preview of the .eps file before opening it in AD As soon as I open it in AD, it ends up looking like this: Colors are muted and no matter what profile I assign nothing changes. The default profile of the .eps is CMWK/8.
  4. Patrick Thompson

    Hyperlink - Affinity Photo

    +1 I need this when create online brochures that contain URLs.
  5. Patrick Thompson

    Image Cropping

    Never mind. I found out how to do what I want using the Export Persona and Slices. I'm really loving this app so far!
  6. In Photoshop I regularly use the Rectangular Marquee Tool to select an area of an image and then use Image -> Crop to crop to the selection. Is this possible in Affinity Designer?