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  1. Thanks Dan, As soon as I put up the question I realised I could to that, same as sending to print – using - and , to select ranges and individual pages. I guess continuing the thought, it would be useful if there is a way to mark a spread – by colour or note (under the page number)
  2. Whilst developing a document in Publisher I sometimes have optional page/spread layouts. Is there a way to suppress specific pages so when I Export to PDF they are not included? This would be great for client presentation review as well as general working. I looked under 'ctrl + click' / Spread Properties but there was nothing indicating such a feature or ability.
  3. There needs to PDF placing options to allow for Place as Image or Place as Open PDF. I like the ability to open and edit the PDF but I much prefer the ability to place it as a locked image only so it isn't 'destroyed'. I'm building presentations quite a bit at the moment and am placing PDFs sent to me with various fonts embedded. I place the PDF and ofcourse it become Lucida. Doh. The way around is to open the PDF in Preview and save eac page as a JPG. An option on how the PDF is handled would be great. I put this forward a year or so ago when I first started using Affinity apps as it was a major issue than and remains so.
  4. Several of my afpub files created in 1.7 are not opening in 1.8.2. Publisher spends a bit of time and then closes and generates an error report. Is there a solution to this error to let me open my old (ish) files in Publusher 1.8.x? thanks Jeremy
  5. It appears that Hyperlinks are behaving oddly in PDFs exported from Publisher (1.8.1) A hyperlink added to a word works fine. If the hyperlink is added across several words, then it is fine. However, when a hyperlink added to several words and those words are split and carried over to the next line, then the hyperlink is applied to the whole of first line and the while of the second line. Not just the 'underlined' words. This becomes a bigger issue if there are two different hyperlinks and the second one is split over two lines, then the first one is ignored and takes the hyperlink attributed to the second run of words. The only way I found around this was to explicitly add the full URL and not assign it to a word. So instead of entering = Click here you have to say = Visit https://example.com/page
  6. I've opened a aPub 1.7 file in aPub 1.8.1. Update the Master Page A and want to reapply this Master to all the pages. Selecting the pages and Apply Master had no effect. I had to first clear the Master and then Apply the Master. Is this expected behaviour or should I be able to just Replace?
  7. No luck in 1.8. Placing PDFs in Publisher still removes all OpenType font styling. Please add the functionality to place a PDF as a 'locked file' so its text resolution independent (not rasterised) and retains all the OpenType styling of the original PDF. An obvious requirement is when a PDF contains a Passcode of Alphanumerical where the zeros have been styled with OT feature 'Slashed Zero' to avoid confusion with capital O or lowercase o. Placing the PDF example in a Publisher file currently changes the slashed zero to the standard zero rendering the example of the placed PDF doc useless. I know I can open the PDF and save it as 300 dpi page and place this, but this is a bit 'backward' InDesign allows this for years.
  8. Really? InDesign wins on Typographic handling at the moment. Does Affinity allows for plugins? Perhaps a third party will write scripts for handling Type (and PDF)
  9. I have a page with several text fields. I've entered text and now wish to select all and apply various OpenType features. However, many of the features don't show up in the Typography panel. So I check the 'Show all features' and now I can see all the features that are in the font. But, many are greyed out. It appears that I can't apply features to all the text. I have to go through and select all the individual words and then apply the feature. This is hugely wrong. Please can you make it like InDesign and allow the user to blanket apply features. It seems to work for number variants (Lining, Old Style, Proportional, Tabular) so why not all other features. I notice that I can the OT features are available if I add the glyph I want to change globally at the start of the text box. Does Affinity Publisher select what OT features to make available depending on the first line of a text box????
  10. The 'Slashed Zero' OpenType feature doesn't work as expected in Publisher. I can change the zero to slashed zero (where a font includes this OpenType feature) through Find and Replace and set up Format accordingly. I tried this as a last resort when selecting a range of text boxes, open Typography and 'See all available OT features' didn't work. The only way to access this feature in Typography is to select the zero I want to change. Which is useless if changing a range of appearances on a page. Also Find and Replace is problematic as there is no option to find and change within the selected text box. It is global or nothing. So I have to copy the text boxes to a new document then run Find and Change, then copy this back to the original doc.
  11. Not sure if this is a bug or a limitation of Publisher. I have a Text box place on a coloured Graphic element which I want to scale by 50%. So I select all and enter 50% in the Transform X(or Y) field, making sure that the dimensions are linked together. The graphic scales correctly but the Text box doesn't. The only way is to manually drag the group by the floating bottom right node/handle. However this isn't accurate. I asked some time back if there was a more easy way to add scale by percentage as in the Adobe Apps, unfortunately this hasn't appeared. Transform does seem limited in its abilities, especially in this circumstance.
  12. Please can you advise how I set up Publisher so the default colour for Black is 100% solid, not (C=72, M=68, Y=67, K=88). When I send to print as Black/White, the Black is tinted out. Only way I can achieve solid black is to go through every page and text box and change each colour. Setting 100% as default would be VERY useful. Or a global colour change across a whole doc.
  13. In Publisher I wish to use the straight (dumb) quotes not the correct typographic ones for a test I'm running. Turning off = Preferences / Auto-Correct / Change straight quotes to typographic quotes appears to have no effect. Single quote is still the typographic one but the double straight quote works. Only way is to insert via the Glyph tab.
  14. I presume 1.8 is in beta so I'd hope this at least is in consideration to be sorted. I'm pumping Publisher as much as I can and PDF capability is up there to be addressed. (along with quick and easy batch developing of RAW files in Photo – as PhotoShop does!)
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