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  1. I agree! I would also really appreciate it if the HDR and Focus Merge dialogs remembered their settings, and if the new image was titled using the names of the input images. The way Hugin panorama stitcher does it is simple and effective: files are titled "FirstFileName – LastFileName.xxx" Otherwise I have to go back to the finder to copy the filename and paste it in before saving each new merged image. Thanks!
  2. +1 for this feature I work with 2 external monitors on my laptop at home, but then none when I'm on the go. Sometimes managing palettes is tricky. They end up in weird places when i change monitor configs. Would be great to be able to restore to a saved state.
  3. hmmm… maybe not fixed? I Just had this problem again with Affinity Photo 1.6.6 and Copyless 2 2.10.0 when I tried taking Affinity apps off CopyLess's filtered list. Process: Affinity Photo [34527] Path: /Applications/Affinity Photo.app/Contents/MacOS/Affinity Photo Identifier: Affinity Photo Version: 1.6.6 (1.6.6) App Item ID: 824183456 App External ID: 824080612 Code Type: X86-64 (Native) Parent Process: ??? [1] Responsible: Affinity Photo [34527] User ID: 501 Date/Ti
  4. Awesome! Great to have updates! And thanks for the free content. However, I wanted to note that the "tom-chalky-handcrafted-fonts-textures" download is needlessly huge in file size - most of the PNGs in it are not compressed at all. I recommend anyone who downloads it to run the PNGs through ImageOptim (on Mac) or PNGGauntlet (on windows). Many come in at around 66MB, but when I ran them all through ImageOptim, most compressed down to around 100KB. ImageOptim reports: "Saved 3.89 GB out of 4.07 GB. 95.5% overall (up to 99.9% per file)", which is pretty crazy :) To Serif
  5. I discovered something about this bug (which still happens in photo 1.5.2) - it occurs when I am running the multi-clipboard utility CopyLess - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/copyless/id416439303?mt=12 - even if affinity apps are excluded in CopyLess's preferences or CopyLess is paused. Then CopyLess freezes. Same with the newer version CopyLess 2: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/copyless-2/id993841014?mt=12 , except that if CopyLess 2 is paused or Affinity Photo is excluded in its prefs, Photo does not crash on copying a layer with a live filter. So at least a workaround is to switch to Copy
  6. I have this same problem. OS X 10.12.3, designer 1.5.4, photo 1.5.1 Whenever I copy an object or layer with a Live Filter on it in either app, the app crashes. Tried with motion blur and perspective filters. Workaround is to duplicate the object - this works fine. However, this does not allow use of the "Paste FX" or "Paste Style" features and makes it difficult to go from one document to another. attached is an example file and a crashlog from each app. Hope this can be fixed soon! Otherwise, I have been thoroughly enjoying Designer and Photo. crash test.afdesign Affinity Ph
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