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  1. I wish that the settings I make in each dialog box would be remembered the next time I open that same box. This change would streamline the workflow for anyone not using the default settings and reduce the chances of mistakes by not changing from the defaults. For instance, I'm doing a lot of HDR Merge and none of those settings seem to be remembered when I start the next merge. I always have to navigate to the source directory (for some reason this box remembers some other directory) which adds a lot of work for each photo. I always have to click the other boxes and drop-down settings that are the "default" for my work-flow process. If I forget to change them, a lot of my time can be wasted. This seems to be a feature that could be widely employed. For instance, the "crop tool" never remembers that I want "original ratio" as the default. Although (as a programmer myself) I can imagine that it may make macro processing more difficult.
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