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  1. Thanks everyone for your replies. I've had AP for a month and still learning something new every day!
  2. I would like to see the ability to set the Rotation Resolution in Preferences. My work in Affinity Photo on a PC requires matching elements from different image sources. I can select the Move Tool and rotate a layer with the mouse, but to get a precise alignment, I've tried the Rotation numeric entry in the Transform window. It's great to be able to click on the number and use the mouse wheel to change the value, but the 1 degree increments are not precise enough. I think the ability to select the decimal place resolution in Preferences of 1, 1.0 or 1.00 would be a great enhancement. Or, another possible enhancement would be to hold down a key while changing the Rotation value to temporarily increase the resolution. Example: Hold left arrow to decrease resolution, hold right arrow to increase. Thanks for your consideration!
  3. In Photo I often need to make a selection of an area than contains a complex variety of colors (Think plaid shirt I've tried: Select > Select Sampled Color But it only allows a selection based on a single color. I would like to see this tool modified so each additional color pick can add to the existing selection(s). With the adjustable tolerance setting, I think it would be easy to select areas having a variety of colors in just a few clicks. And of course you could first draw out a simple pre-selection perimeter to limit your color selections to within that isolated perimeter. Thanks for your consideration. Love Affinity Photo on my PC! Edit..... On further experimentation I found the Flood Select tool is what I need to use (AKA Magic Wand). Set Tolerance to 6% & uncheck Contiguous. Set to Add. Click the various colors inside the desired area. Also, if you click & drag, the Tolerance will dynamically change – so drag until the selection spills over, then back off slightly. When the selection is complete, Smooth 1px and Feather 1px. With the selection still active, convert to a Mask layer. To do so, Layer > New Mask Layer. To edit or smooth the edges of the Mask, click on the Mask layer and paint with a soft white brush to reveal, and a soft black brush to hide.
  4. Thanks toltec - I went with option #1. I thought maybe I was missing a way to replace it directly, but dragging the nested layers to a new parent works fine.
  5. In Affinity Photo (PC) I have a Parent pixel layer with nine adjustment layers nested below. I now wish to replace the contents of the Parent layer only with a new image I brought in. I can't seem to accomplish this, as pasting creates a new layer. I also tried merging (visible) the Parent layer and the new image layer without success. So how can you update (replace) a Parent layer with a new image, while keeping the child layers?
  6. #6 Offset paths. I must have this before I can switch to Affinity Designer. (Love Affinity Photo in the meantime however)
  7. I'd like to see an additional Gradient Type added to the option list: Square I find it very useful. Easier than using two linear gradients to get a simple star effect. Here is a screen shot from Corel Draw Thanks for your consideration. Love Affinity Photo on my PC!
  8. I agree - I miss having "crop to selection" after switching to Affinity Photo.
  9. My photo retouching workflow often results in many layers, such that I can't see them all in the layer list. When I attempt to use the mouse to drag a layer near the top of the stack to the bottom of the stack, I can only move within the range of visible layers. I can't reach a layer below those that are visible in the panel. I'd like to see a shortcut where you can select a layer, then use the up / down arrow keys to move it to a new location. It should scroll the layer stack if you're attempting to "arrow down" toward the bottom of the stack. It's possible there is some existing technique I'm not aware of Thank you for your consideration - Love Affinity Photo on my PC
  10. Yes - The Standard Color Picker needs numeric values. I use it as a quick way to see if, and where, I have any blown out areas (all white) when retouching photos.
  11. Please show the color numeric values as you move the Color Picker over the image. Paint Shop Pro has this feature and it is very useful. Perhaps the value shown (RGB, CMYK, etc) could be set in Preferences. Love Affinity Photo on my PC. Thank you for your consideration.
  12. Thank you. That does help and it's better than guessing where center is. In the interest of saving steps, I hope Affinity decides to default a Crop Preset to the canvas center.
  13. I'd like the ability to set the Resample method default in Preferences for both Resize Document, and for PNG Export. I'm using Affinity Photo on a PC. The Lanczos Non-Separable method works best by far for my photo retouching needs and I often forget to select it when resizing the document or when exporting as PNG. Having a default in Preferences for Resample method would be one less step to remember in my workflow. Thank you for your consideration - Love Affinity Photo!