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  1. I'm wondering about this too. I am likewise, trying to scrape by with 32GB on my iPad Pro and trying to get rid of unused files, but I can't seem to figure out where these Affinity Photo files that show up in the Inbox folder in iTunes, when the iPad is connected to my iMac, reside on the iPad and how I get rid of them. As you can see, I have already closed and deleted all my files, leaving only the sample, tutorial files that come with the app: I don't have the huge size problems some are having, the app is taking "only" a GB for itself and there are almost a gig of othe
  2. You have to put your stylus down and hold your finger on the screen until it picks a color, then pick up your stylus and continue working. Great way to work
  3. Can you scan it using the Preview app with no problems?
  4. Are you scanning in color at 300 dpi or a different setting from that?
  5. Yes, there is a need. The CLAIM NOW button in the app takes you to the Affinity Store and you cannot "check out" with the materials until you either create or log in to your account. Since I was able to RE-create my existing account, I was able to check out, and don't have the screen requesting the log in info, but it looked sort of like this:
  6. I just entered my existing email and password on the "create new account" option and since the store is acting like my previous account does not exist, it didn't tell me those were already in use, and I was able to check out with the free extras. Weird, but at least it worked.
  7. I am having the same problem. I try to use the exact log-in info I have always used, but now the site claims it is incorrect. When I try to reset the password, it tells me to follow the instructions in the email being sent. But there is NO email that is ever received! I have looked in the spam folder and there is nothing there either.
  8. I noticed I was getting the issue still with 200 dpi at grayscale setting, but not at the color setting. Weird.
  9. I was able to get it to work in Apple's "Preview" app. I tried it again today in the Affinity Photo app, and it seems to work now. The only thing I've done differently is upgrade from Mac OS Sierra to Mac OS High Sierra, so maybe there was something that changed there which allowed it work correctly again. Thanks for the help.
  10. I did check, and found they were in need of updating for Mac OS Sierra. I updated the printer driver, scanner driver and the firmware of the multi-function machine in hopes that it would fix the problem. I was disappointed to see that the problem remained, even after updating all that. I found I was able to use the Brother software to scan and then tell it to import it directly into Affinity Photo, and the scan seems to not have this problem by doing it that way. I'm not sure if the Twain driver that Affinity Photo uses is shared with the one in my old Photoshop CS 5 fo
  11. I used to be able to scan from my Brother MFC-8480DN to my iMac in Photo with no problems, but now it seems to result in an odd, disjointed scan of the object different from what was showing on the overview scan dialog (see screenshots below). Any idea why this is happening now with this 1.5.2 version of Photo or is it just this particular scanner?
  12. I have the same problem. The ipad PLACE command acts like it is going to work after it lets you pick a photo from your gallery, but then nothing is there in your document.
  13. Any tutorials on the Liquefy tool? I can't seem to find how to commit a mesh before leaving the area, even though the app,warns me they are not committed.
  14. How do you register an Affinity account? (As opposed to just registering for the forum.) I have had both Affinity Designer and Photo for some time, but apparently, I have not registered an account on the main site, as it has no record of my email address. However, I don't see any link to register, so I'm not sure if the "account" it refers to is only for employees, or some other designated group, rather than users of the purchased software. If there is a link I am missing, please let me know, thanks.
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