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  1. Basic Brush circle is disappearing when I stop brushing and is replaced by the standard OS arrow. I have to guess where the next stroke will start, and it is very frustrating. Tried to find a setting in the preferences but it doesn't seem to be an option. Mac OS Ventura
  2. The Liquify Live Filter and the Outline Effect don't seem to play well together. See attached image. I applied a small rotation to the head of the man using the Liquify Live Filter on a layer that already had an Outline FX applied. See result.
  3. OK, found the way to convert a Mask layer to a Pixel layer using the Channels studio. It’s just a little bit more tedious than on the Desktop version but it works. I continue to think that a “Rasterize Mask Layer to Pixel Layer” option would be a a nice addition in a future version.
  4. I know that it would become a pixel layer and not a mask layer anymore. But it would be useful. I think I’m not the only one asking for this feature (I searched the forum). The only answer I found was for AP on desktop and I can’t find a way to reproduce this on AP iPad. Select the Alpha Channel, right click and select Convert to greyscale image (or something like that).
  5. I would reuse the mask to serve as a clipping layer. I’m not very familiar with AP/PS. Maybe what I’m trying to accomplish is possible without relying on this technique ?
  6. I searched the forum and found noting related to AP iPad version. Is there a way to convert a Mask layer to a Pixel layer with AP on iPad ? I’m looking for something like : Rasterize Mask to Pixel or something alike. Thanks
  7. Yes, Auto-Apply is selected and it still doesn't work for me. I even tried with and without Auto-Apply enabled just in case it was a UI error (enabled = disabled) but to no avail.
  8. Thank you for your quick answer. I hope the dev team will fix this and that an update is coming very soon !
  9. Hi, iPad Pro 12.9 inch. I'm new to Affinity Photo. Been using Photoshop for years and when selecting a color using the eyedropper tool, the selected color is readily available for using with the different brushes/tools. When selecting a color using the color picker tool with Affinity for iPad and switching to the brush tool, I was expecting to see and use the selected color but it's not the case. How do I pick a color using the Color Picker Tool ? Stephan
  10. Does it mean that it can be done but in a way that isn't obvious ? I'd be more than happy to learn it ! :)
  11. Hi guys, This is my first post. First of all, please excuse my English. French is my native language. Here's the problem I'm facing : I created a mask by selecting part of an image and then used the "Refine edge" dialog. I then choose to create a new layer with it's mask as the output of the refine edge dialog. Once the layer and mask created, I selected the mask and tried to invert it. I never found a way to do this. I'm used to photoshop, so I tried Cmd-I... right-click and so on. I couldn't find a way to achieve this simple task. I then searched the help and found a topic about a "Mask Panel". I searched everywhere but never found such panel. What am I missing ? Thanks.
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