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  1. Maybe Global color... should be renamed Document color... as it can't be applied to an application palette. And why name a newly created color "Global color 1", " Global color 2"... It's meaningless. Why not name it with its name (like Pantone 7557 C or by values). I have no way to see if it's a spot color CMYK, RGB... (I am not using Affinity Designer nor Affinity Photo. Therefore I am not familiar with the swatch window who is the same across the 3 apps.)
  2. Thank you for the explanation. I should be able to set an application palette with no document open. With no document open, I create a new application palette. I can't Add Global Color (greyed out). The only way I see to add something is to click the icon Add the current fill to palette. I get R:255 G:255 B:255. The Edit fill (right click in the color patch) don't allow me to convert RGB into CMYK... Is this a bug or am I not using it properly?
  3. Well... you are right... I wasn't expecting it to work that way. I realize now that's a palette I created myself before. Still, I find it perturbing to dissociate application palette and document palette (I don't understand the use of system palette)
  4. I am having an hard time trying to figure out how to use the Swatches properly. There is three different kinds of palette... Application, Document, System. Why not only one palette? when I open the application palette it gives me Registration and Calage. What is the difference between the two? Also the CMYK values are wrong. It will simplify the swatches window to have a palette by default that you can customize to you needs when no document is open. Like in Indesign.
  5. Master A is set as Facing, A4, portrait Master B is set as Single, A4, Landscape A single line would improve greatly
  6. It will be nice to see in the Master Pages and Pages windows that a spread is made of two pages. For exemple Master A and Master B are visually identical, but one is a spead and the other is a page.
  7. The programme sometime crashs (rarely) when I try to print a blank page. MacOs 10.11.6
  8. I understand the Separated Mode in the Window menu (acte as an on/off). But I don't understand the Merge All Windows command... it seems inactive and redundant.
  9. Yes you are right funny translation... And you are also right with the thin space before colon.
  10. There is problems with the type size in various windows - Propriétés de la page In Configuration windows Résolution : and Commencer à : are cut and the type is smaller than the rest. Also there is a space in french before the colon sign.
  11. French: Float Near Text and Inline in Text are not translated (Calque menu).
  12. In French, the info bubble for Ligne de base is showing En-tête de paragraphe. And CMJN instead of CMYK (left of the sliders)
  13. French: In the créer un style de paragraphe window, the terme Leading is not translated properly in french: Intitulé instead of Interlignage.
  14. French: Rotate Left and Rotate Right are not translated (Right Click menu).
  15. The french translation for paragraph leading ( "En-tête de paragraphe") is not correct. It should be Interlignage de paragraphe. (#293) In the créer un style de paragraphe window, the terme Leading is not translated properly in french: Intitulé instead of Interlignage or Interligne. (using Mac with beta #293)