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  1. I am using the iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (2nd generation)
  2. Not for iPad. The weird thing is — not simply that one can shear — but that (as in the video I shared) it engages using the move tool, and unlike the shear feature in transform studio which only shears on the x plane, it is also possible to shear on the y plane. Basically, being able to shear using the move tool (by accident), is a bug, or this feature was being developed and code that enabled it at some point, hasn’t been fully removed. would be great to see this make it to a future update but for now, I was just hoping to let the people at Serif know about the bug. KTDN
  3. That is useful to know! Thanks! I was also able to do the same up and down (on the Y plane) is that also possible using the shear controls? It seems as though it’s only possible to shear on the X plane. KTDN
  4. Hello DWright, Sorry for taking so long to reply, but I was unable to replicate this until today. Attached is an example of skewing left to right. This must be a bug since there seems no reason for it engaging for any other reason besides pure chance, that said Designer could really use this feature! KTDN 8875D065-4E1A-473B-8715-F88DFFEC3424.MOV
  5. Will we be getting 1.7 update tutorials for new features? Seems quite necessary since discoverability is more difficult on a tablet.
  6. On opening the new Designer 1.7 for iPad, when I grabbed a handle with the move tool I was able to skew the object left to right and also up and down. However, I can’t figure out why or how this happened!? Subsequently, I have tried to replicate skewing and most of the time it just goes to rotate or does regular transforms. Does anyone know how this skew option works and how to engage it reliably as it will very useful to utilize. thanks! KTDN
  7. As great as Affinity Designer is, and as much as I love using it, I can’t stress how necessary and useful it would be to have the ability to “Live Trace” bitmap images for conversion to vector. I’d go as far as to say it’s one of the few major features holding Designer back from becoming a true Adobe Illustrator replacement. It’s no secret that many iPad users love using bitmap only applications like Procreate to create their initial designs and later, are looking for ways to to convert these into vector versions. Including a tool like this would make starting in bitmap and finishing up
  8. Hi Denny, I might have to. Serif replied to my email, they are also unsure as to what is happening.
  9. Since my initial initial post the issue has worsened, Affinity Designer now shows that the app is using over 700 GB — and I have not used it since my original forum post, as I was attempting to backup over the weekend, unsuccessfully. Bellow are 2 screenshots one taken on Saturday when I made the original post, and the other today. As you can see the storage used has doubled (this despite the fact that I only have 500 GB of internal storage). I am more certain than ever that this must be a software issue. Furthermore, I went and saved each file I have in Designer to iCloud
  10. Thanks Paul, although the instructions are the same, wouldn’t the size be different depending on if the data is vector or bitmap?
  11. Thanks so much for the suggestion. This isn’t the problem though, I’ve been through all of the files and none include bitmap images other than the few I already knew of. Since I do most of my illustrations in Procreate I always open bitmaps in Adobe Illustrator and convert using live trace which turns any bitmap into vector I then imported as PDF or SVG into Designer to work further. Since the entire folder of my illustrator work is less than 200 MB with over 300 files in total, it is simply impossible for Affinity Designer to suddenly balloon to over 300 GB.
  12. Hello Gabe, thanks for the info., however I’m not referring to Affinity Photo, the issue is with Affinity Designer and the vast majority of the files are on a single layer. Since it’s vector I don’t think the files can reach 150MB as vector is very small due to its nature of being purely mathematical in structure. thanks all the same!
  13. Hello, I've been using Designer on My iPad Pro since it became available and I dig it. However, I've run into a problem whereby the app is using massive amounts of storage which makes no sense. I have very few documents stored, fewer than a hundred, the vast majority of them are purely vector and no more than 5 or 6 include bitmap images, yet Designer is using 352 GB of disk space! looking at the info available it says that the app is using 922 MB and that documents & data are 351 GB. This is crazy! There is no conceivable way that the files I have in the app could be anyw
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