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  1. Ah, The grep is what I was looking for. Thanks. That said, my interest in this was to import from pdf to test how well that works. I’d like to be able to dump InDesign and switch to Publisher. Assuming a future when I don’t have access to InDesign I want to get an idea about what it might be like to start with an import of a pdf from a previous project that needs to be updated. Hoping Serif will at import of IDML at some point because while importing a pdf seemed great at first any attempt to actually do anything with the new Publisher file was met with an awareness of all of the little changes. I did also try copy pasting the text from InDesign (even though I won’t have that in the future) just to see how it would go and as you said, it kept all my styles. Nice.
  2. I’ve imported a pdf from an InDesign project and as I clean up the document to re-link text boxes lost in import, one problem I see is that I now have line breaks that I don’t want based on the import of columns. Is there a way to remove the line breaks so that my text will reflow properly?
  3. I’ve got the exact same questions for these shortcuts. I checked in the preferences section for modifying shortcuts but could not find these. In the help section it says to use the home or end key for moving to the beginning or end of line but my keyboard does not have a home or end key (as far as I can see).
  4. This would also apply to Affinity Photo. Also, it may not be possible. At some point last year I decided I wanted to have all of my files on iCloud so changed the default save location to iCloud for both Designer and Photo. I recently had to trouble shoot some iCloud weirdness and had to log out of my account. Of course, doing that meant that all of my files were not just on iCloud, nothing stored locally. Yesterday I had a client request a file that he’d lost and I went digging. I’d missed the fact that Affinity files stored iCloud to not generate previews. This also applies to Affinity apps on the Mac. Is it possible for Affinity to generate such previews locally? Sure would come in handy for finding files that might not have been named or in some cases might have been named but just might have multiple versions. Whatever the case, would be useful. Thanks!
  5. No, I don’t have Acrobat installed, just preview. So, you’re saying that if you open that file with Affinity Photo on an iPad and export to pdf and open in Preview there are no artifacts? If so I guess it’s something wonky on my end. That fact that my client on a different Mac running Mojave is seeing it might indicate that it is something wonky in the export from my iPad? Just occurred to me that I should share that exported pdf too. Should have done that previously. This is the exported pdf (from AP on my iPad) that displays with errors on my Mac and my client’s Mac... Gray Bear Funky Card.pdf
  6. Hi Gabriel, my Mac is running Sierra but my client is running Mojave and he saw the same issue. Here’s a copy of the Affinity Photo document: https://www.dropbox.com/s/abyb9qo8axrpwa0/Spring 2019 Postcard Copy.afphoto?dl=0
  7. Denny

    Resizing canvas does not work

    Yes, that’s it exactly. If this is by design it should be changed. I can’t imagine that it is uncommon to need to change sizes during the process of a project and that such size changes are likely going to involve fractions. One work around if using Designer is to just use an art board which works as expected and is easy enough. This is not available in Photo though Designer/Photo documents can be passed back and forth between the apps so it would be possible to send a Photo document over to Designer, add an artboard then pass it back. Obviously the best solution would just be a fix to allow for fractional resizing.
  8. Denny

    Resizing canvas does not work

    You’re referring to resizing the Document whereas what I’m trying to do is resize the canvas. Or perhaps what you’re describing is a work around? In any case, I also tried resizing the document (as you describe) from 11 x 17 to 11.25 x 17.25 and that did not work.
  9. I suppose it could be a rendering bug on the Mac side of things but is that a certainty? Is it not possible that their is an error in the pdf? I also opened the pdf in Photoshop and Affinity Photo and then exported to new PDFs, both displayed fine in the Preview app. Not that this necessarily proves anything, I’m just not sure I understand how it can be a certain thing that we know where the problem is. As a designer delivering lots of PDFs to clients who may be using Macs, it’s a problem that leaves me waiting to hear back that something’s not correct. Or, I can take the added step of previewing every pdf on the Mac. I’ll probably start doing that but it would be good to know that Affinity has made an effort to confirm that their isn’t something buggy in the PDFs it’s apps are producing. The Preview app is installed on every Mac and I think it qualifies for many as a “proper” pdf viewer. At the very least it is assumed by many such as my client that he can open up a pdf and that what he sees is accurate.
  10. When I export a document to pdf I’m sometimes met with strange artifacts if the pdf is viewed on a Mac running Preview. If I view the pdf on the Mac in an app such as Photoshop or Affinity Photo or Chrome it displays perfectly. The problem arises if I try to view in Preview or Safari or another built in, default Mac app. Running Sierra on the Mac though a client who tried to open the pdf on his Mac running Mojave had the same problem. Using the most recent versions of Photo or Designer on the most recent version of iOS on an iPad Pro, 12.9” 2018 version. If I open the Affinity document on the Mac and export to pdf from the Mac version of Photo or Designer I get the same artifact. Most recent versions of Designer and Photo are installed on the Mac. Screenshots below... one as it displays on Mac with funky second logo... the other as it should be. Spring 2019 Postcard.pdf
  11. When I try to resize a document canvas on Designer or Photo the resize does not take. So, if I try to resize an 11x17 to 11.25 x 17.25 after tapping the check mark I’m left with a document that is still 11 x 17. Repeatable. Using the most recent versions of apps on iPad Pro 12.9, 2018 running latest version of iOS as of 1-30-19.
  12. Hello! I volunteer at my local rural library in Missouri and was asked to do a flyer for a basic photo editing workshop here by a fellow local Affinity user who will be demonstrating Affinity Photo. Super excited to meet a fellow local Affinity user. Thought I’d double check that it is okay to use your logo on the flyer. Flyer is attached! Cheers, Denny
  13. I’ve seen at least one other report of this on Twitter.
  14. Thanks Gabe. The file I was using was a 200mb promotional postcard with lots of layers and images rendered to a print quality pdf of about 7mb. Unfortunately I no longer have my previous iPad so it’s not actually timed. But it’s a repeating job I’ve done many times and just based on past experience it seemed about the same. I know, that’s not the way to compare with any real accuracy but my impression was that it seemed about the same. Oh well, I’ll file that in my box of first world problems.
  15. One of the few times I ever see lag using an iPad is when exporting Affinity documents out to pdf or similar. Certainly not the end of the world but I was hoping this time would be reduced a bit with the new hardware but seems to be about the same. Will there be any kind of optimization to take better advantage of the new hardware?