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  1. Thanks iuli! Upon first reading your response I didn't think it would be helpful because file sharing between the two devices via Universal Control and drag/drop is actually working fine in other ways. I've been able to drag back and forth between them using different apps with no problem. It was just the two Affinity apps on the iPad that was causing those apps to crash. But I tried the suggested solution anyway and it does indeed fix the problem for those two specific apps. With that option off I can now drag files from the Mac to the Affinity apps on iPad with no crash. Thanks again!
  2. Using the latest version of Mac and iPadOS, latest versions of Designer and Photo on an M1 iPad Pro, dragging a photo from the Mac to the Photo or Designer application file browser/start screen via Universal Control will crash the app upon dropping the file onto the app window open on the iPad.
  3. Working on a Mac using the latest version of Publisher, I have a text frame and tap to link to a new text frame and draw that text frame, the overflowed text in the new frame is tiny... like, 1.2 or so. If I attempt to select the text and change it to the proper size it also changes the unselected text in the original frame and makes it correspondingly huge. There seems to be no way to select it all and get the same size text. It's not a new bug as I've noticed it in previous versions.
  4. On the Mac and many iPadOS apps Shift+Return yields a line break in text but that doesn’t seem to work in Designer. Is there a way to do this?
  5. Thanks! I went back to the file in publisher. It’s changed there. I don’t remember doing it but I guess I could have! In any case, thanks for the work around!
  6. Normally, I can create a text frame that by default has no fill. Or tap into a shape, with the text frame tool and double tap in the shape to convert it to a text frame and add text that flows within the frame. When I do this, as expected, the shape looses any background fill. However, I’ve, got a document that I sent over to Affinity Publisher on the Mac to do some tables then brought it back to the iPad. Now, any text frame, be it a converted shape or just trying to add a new text frame, the frame has a pale purple fill.
  7. It is possible. Draw the shape then select the frame (not the artistic text tool) then double tap in your shape which will convert the shape into a text frame. Type your text.
  8. Yeah, as I recall this has been an issue for awhile. I have an old post about it too.
  9. Unfortunately this seems to still be an issue.
  10. Sure thing Callum... here’s one https://www.dropbox.com/s/fhijotovwfhal28/Chess Saturdays 2.afdesign?dl=0 And I’ve found this happens with any file that I have with multiple art boards. Sometimes I can get an export with the correct dimensions but I have not been able to sort out why it works. I’ve tried different ways... changing the height instead of the width, width instead of height. Selection with background, without background, or the specific artboard. If I try enough times I’ll eventually get one. Thanks!
  11. When exporting an art board from Affinity Designer I select a particular art board, change the size with linked proportions but the proportions are not retained. Rather than a portrait oriented image I end up with an image that is squished. Sometimes it works properly but mostly not. This happens whether I choose the option to export selection (with or without background) or export the art board.
  12. His full resolution 16 bit files can be as large as 7.5GB each, I’m sure that’s beyond what the iPad can handle! But the smaller 8 bit images can be up to 3 GB.
  13. I’ve got a friend who works with huge files, or at least seem so to me. I regularly work with files that are 10 to 50mb. He usually works with photos on his MacPro that are 500mb to 1 gig using an app called Capture One. But he has shown an interest in using an iPad for editing away from his desk. I’ll check in with him for more details on the files but thought I might at least get an idea as to what the max limit is for an iPad running Affinity Photo. I suspect his needs go beyond what the current hardware can handle.
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