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  1. It appears any keyboard attached to iPad on iOS 16.3 (I'm on the beta) isn't registering shift+return. However I can do it with the software keyboard in Notes but not in Affinity. Would love to see that in Affinity. In the meantime I'll report the hardware keyboard issue to Apple.
  2. I am noticing I can't type a soft return using the shift + return keys when on a Bluetooth keyboard (Logitech Keys To Go). This is a generally used function in other apps. Would love to see it in designer as well. On an added note it is possible to do a soft return in other apps using this same combo with the software keyboard. That would be great if Affinity Designer could do it, so I don't have to open the special characters tray.
  3. Attaching this screenshot from Glyphs Mini for reference. It's used for typographic design (but doesn't have iPad version) and pairs very well with other vector apps using cut and paste. They have an offset path feature that allows you to specify the percentage for each side of the path. In this case I created the inside of the R by specifying 0%. It would be a game changer to see this as the adjustment for stroke position on lines in Affinity Designer. I haven't seen any other general vector app do this yet. It'd be really cool.
  4. When I have an open path I can't position the stroke to one side or another. This would be extremely useful for typographical design when my lines are aligned to a specific grid. Example attached.
  5. Using the trash button on the left side or with a long press works correctly with artboards filled with content but doesn't work with empty ones. The only way to delete is through the layer menu.
  6. Yes. That was the workaround. It wouldn't be as convenient with more points but there are other ways. This would be a nice feature to include in that tray regardless, as I've seen it in other apps.
  7. Agreed. Here's an example. I'd like to merge these two points into one that is in the average center of both of them. If I drag them to approximately the same location with node snap on the join button up top isn't visible. So I break them and then join them again. The result is still two points with a miniature spider web of handles.
  8. Here is a demo of a curves adjustment layer flickering and not previewing changes when the iPad is turned to the slight angle (folio case). In this video I am toggling the angle of the iPad as I try to manipulate the curves. I notice that when it's at the slight angle, the curve changes may preview for a second but will quickly lock up until I close the curve editor, turn the iPad further upright, and then go back. FullSizeRender.MOV
  9. The interesting thing is that I haven't seen anything close to this behavior in any other iPad app and also have experienced it before ios16 in Affinity Designer and Photo 1. It feels like there's something coded into the Affinity apps specifically though I could be mistaken
  10. Upon adding a curves adjustment to the layer I am also noticing that the adjustment controls flicker on and off when in this position as well.
  11. I frequently use my iPad with the folio case which props it at a slight angle. Interestingly Affinity Photo AND Affinity Designer seem to be reacting to this angle when trying to place photos. The whole interface flickers strangely and taps aren't always registered. The video demonstrates it in Affinity Photo but the behavior is also the same in Designer. Previous to 2.0 I noticed other features in Affinity Designer such as keyboard visibility that were delicately affected by the slight angle. I haven't determined if these are still issues but I haven't seen any other iPad app that has had issues with this angle. You'll notice the flickering only occurs while the iPad is at the slight angle, but not when it is upright. This is an 11in iPad Pro M1 running iPadOS 16.2 (a). I have noticed this in previous versions of the OS IMG_5679.MOV
  12. Wow, this is great. Thanks for letting me know. So glad it's not a bug!
  13. When using a document that was created in Designer 1 I cannot change the leading of text. This behavior continues if I paste the text box into a document created in Designer 2. The example document contains two text boxes. One was pasted from Designer 1, and the other was created in Designer 2 and the text was pasted in. You'll notice if you change the leading of both, the second text box is the only one that changes. paragraph test.afdesign
  14. Walt, didn’t know about the long press, I’ll have to try that. Yes the three finger swipe down is nice. It’s just a tad slower workflow for me compared to previous.
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