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  1. I think that is what I was trying to verify then. Is there a request for that in a future update yet? That would be very useful for my current workflow.
  2. Paul you are correct and that’s great. Beyond that is there anyway to re-link items manually in the iPad version?
  3. Paul, I guess this post was regarding the transition between Publisher and Designer. However linking images into a document on designer on iPad is possible but I don't currently see a way to re-link image links in an Affinity Designer iPad document. Am I missing something or is this still not a feature?
  4. Any chance this import dialogue might head its way to iPad? I was lucky enough to bring my Mac to this cafe so I could open it up to import the pdf before going back to my iPad to work on it, but that’s not a great workaround 🫤
  5. Seconded. This just threw a wrench into a document I’m workin on today. Is this still not possible?
  6. Seconded. That’s is a perfect example. Here’s an additional screenshot of my scenario as I’m working on a font and cannot align the inner curve precisely without snapping the handle to a grid point. I was working on this in Vectornator which supported the handle snap but had some other UI issues, but I’m not sure how I can finish this without snapping the handles correctly.
  7. I would love the ability to live link or swap the source of images in Affinity Designer for iPad. I’m currently working on a photo book layout and need to make frequent color edits to the images. I would love the ability for these images to either be live-linked to a file or photo in Apple Photos so that edits automatically update. Changing the source of the photo while keeping size, position, and adjustments would be great as well. Please consider this as I am using this tool full-time at this point and this feature is integral.
  8. I am referring to the “Option” key on the Mac, alt on a PC. The title of that key could be causing some confusion 😆 Holding the “Option” key toggles to the eye dropper only while it’s being held in the paint brush. This is incredibly efficient. I’d love that feature in the paint bucket took as well. Other painting apps I’ve used support a similar shortcut in their respective fill tools.
  9. This is all cool and i would like to suggest that we have an option key toggle for the eyedropper while in the paint bucket tool, just like when you’re in the paint brush tool
  10. This currently works while in the paint brush tool. It would be super handy if you could sample a color before filling it with the option key. Currently I need to hit i, and then hit g to go back. This becomes cumbersome when sampling and filling multiple areas quickly.
  11. You are correct. This is intended as a suggestion to the Affinity team.
  12. When I’m in the fill tool, I would expect holding the option key to switch to the eyedropper just like it does when you’re in the brush too. It would be especially handy.
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