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  1. @thomaso Ouuu maybe screen like this would more comprehensive. So as can be seen the text is not able to break to the whole frame even if there is enought space for it. It disappears somewhere to the left. I was checking all styles and "No break" isn't activated. So maybe will be better to go by way what @Old Bruce suggests.
  2. Hello, I imported styles to my new document from IDML and now I am creating the titles( Figure 1)... However I am not somehow able to break lines (figure 2) without using hard enters (figure 3). It always shows me only the ending of text. My style looks like this (last two images). I am wondering if it is caused by decoration or by something else. Anyway, the hard enters makes bad things in table of contents. Thx for any suggestion!
  3. Don't get it. Have you ever used https://stackoverflow.com/ ? It is absolutely normal to answer own question because someone will probably will have a similar issue and can find the response.
  4. Solved: Retina Rendering in Preferences changed to High Quality and blinking stopped.
  5. I have quite strange behavour of Affinity Photo when I am using brush on Wacom Cintiq 16... Active layer is repeatedly trying to sharpen itself... Even the color of brush in round cursor disappear for a moment. It is doing only from distant and medium zoom and when Affinity Photo is active. When I zoom in and see clearly pixels it stops. Is it some issue of my drivers (NDVIA) or bug? It is quite annoying after a while... Thanks!
  6. Ouuu okay! Now I get it! You are right. I was testing it and it is okay! My fault! However now I understand how can I manage my table of context considering text styles! So thanks!
  7. Yeah I know that is a not a perfect example, however my concern is still valid, I think. Imagine if you will do a new style for headings which will alphabetically lower than previsous heading, however you would like it use it as main heading (Because you are doing main headings as last during a workflow or whatever). It will cause a mess in Table of contents. Still, the headings order is according alphabetical order, because I didn't find any other solution. However thanks for your time 🙂
  8. Okay! I hope that it fully demonstrates my question. " you have also said that Style 2 is "Based on" Style 1" - no change if I change "based on" - "Body" Thank you! experiment.afpub
  9. Okay I created 2 styles... Style1 and Style2., then I put next level for Style2 Style 1 and still table of contents is accroding to the alphabetical order of styles (See top down image)
  10. Well If I would like to change the order of styles in table of contents, what should I do? It seems to me that it is made alphabetically and there is no way how to change it that first will go heading 2 and than heading 1.
  11. Okay solved one part - You can edit Toc style1 and Toc style 2, however with every editting of toc style you need to update Table of contents, because all texts will be formated by previously changed to style. However I am not quite still able to solve the order of styles. I am not quite sure what to do, if you want to have Toc style 2 above Toc style 1.
  12. Hello! I would like to create table of content from my new text styles, however I am not quite sure to make table of content hierarchical according to my newly created styles. With heading 1; 2; 3, the hierarchy is automatic. Is it something with next style and next level? I am confused from this... Thx! Thank you for any help
  13. Hello, How is it going? I don't like to be pushing hard on you but I've experienced this bug twice in week and probably no update was trying to solve issue of this topic. Please let me know. Thank you!
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