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  1. Thanks, to be honest, I am old and FontForge looks too complex for me. I am stuck on one diacritic mark, (attached example) and in the book I am working on, it occurs a lot. It also occurs after the A the other way around, i.e. mirrored
  2. I am digitising a book with arabic names but I cannot find the correct diacritic. The character I need is a curve , open to the left, at the start of a letter and open to the right when used after a letter. The are a bit like single quotation marks but without the blobs on the bottom. Any ideas? Is it possible to create a character Designer and export it as a character? any ideas gratefully received.
  3. I must be crazy but can anybody tell me how to create an outline, eg a line of 20 pixels with but with a white centre so looks like an outline?
  4. Thanks, this looks interesting but seems not so good for a Mac and the installed shortcuts are Adobe focused. Actually I think that Affinity should get onboard with this. But I will give it a try if you can tell me where to download the software, I don't seem to be able to find it.
  5. Thanks a lot.(though I am in Vienna my German is really schlecht). managed to get some details on Amazon UK but it seems a bit too specifically German. I really need some feedback from somebody who has tried it, or others.
  6. Can anybody recommend a programable keyboard to supplement the regular one. Would it be possible, for example, to program a key to flatten a picture even if no standard key combination is available? Thanks
  7. One element of Photoshop I miss is the morphing ability and the ability to record it as a movie file. Does anybody know of another program which offers this feature?? Thanks
  8. I have started using publisher to edit normal pdf's. In my opinion, with a little tweeking, there is an Affinity PDF creator just waiting to take over the world. Come on guys, go for it.
  9. Please see the video. How do I get just the cropped part into Publisher? s c r import.mp4
  10. The release version is great with a big improvement in Indexing capability BUT, and I asked this previously in the Beta forum, is there any way of completely deleting an index flag for all occurrences of the word rather than one by one? I have a big publication and the editor changed his mind. I really want to start indexing again from the begining. Any Ideas????
  11. With the final paid version of Publisher I seem to have lost the ability to edit tables directly. The cell numbers don't appear for either new tables or old ones created in the Beta version. Am I missing something? table.mp4
  12. It also crashes if I take the text from Pages and paste into Word first.
  13. I find that pasting text from Mac Pages crashes the program
  14. No, pre sales have just been announced. launch date is the 30th June.
  15. Hi, I am trying to pay for Affinity Publisher but website seems to be stuck on "processing your payment."
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