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  1. Roger terry


  2. Roger terry


    I used Myriad pro for my book, and this supported the superscripts, but beware, there are TT myriad pro and OTF fonts and I think only the OTF support full superscript though I could be wrong.
  3. Roger terry


    Thanks for your reply. I have solved the problem now. I lost superscripts following a rebuild of my Mac and lack of previously installed fonts.
  4. Roger terry


    Can anybody tell me which fonts support full superscript characters?
  5. Roger terry

    crash on print

    Many thanks. Roger
  6. Roger terry

    crash on print

    seems to crash on printing card.afdesign
  7. I have started using publisher to edit normal pdf's. In my opinion, with a little tweeking, there is an Affinity PDF creator just waiting to take over the world. Come on guys, go for it.
  8. Roger terry

    File crashes on opening

    I don't know where to get the data though it was reported to Apple. I went back in time machine and opened an earlier version which was fine. Roger
  9. this file crashes every time I try to open it via recovery option. Web 3.afpub
  10. Please see the video. How do I get just the cropped part into Publisher? s c r import.mp4
  11. Roger terry

    Line Spacing

    I am probably going crazy but something seems wrong. Take a look at the video. Line spacing says it is the same but clearly it is not. Is this a bug or am I missing something? Thanks line spacing.mp4
  12. Roger terry


    Unfortunately that didn't happen. When I deleted the index mark and then clicked on the index term, the mark re-appeared in the same location and this location was did not include the term where the index mark appeared. Strange. I selected all of the index terms and click the trash, result happiness and in fact this answered my earlier question about globally deleting index marks. It is possible to select them all and then send to trash.
  13. Roger terry


    I think I have found a problem. I want to remove all the index marks and have done so except for this one on page 92. I find the index mark and delete it but as soon as I clich on one of the words in my list replaces it. Every word is replacing the same index position which has nothing to do with the word. For example, ACTS seems to have a reference to swap body on page 92 but ACTS has nothing to do with swap body. index mark.mp4
  14. The release version is great with a big improvement in Indexing capability BUT, and I asked this previously in the Beta forum, is there any way of completely deleting an index flag for all occurrences of the word rather than one by one? I have a big publication and the editor changed his mind. I really want to start indexing again from the begining. Any Ideas????
  15. With the final paid version of Publisher I seem to have lost the ability to edit tables directly. The cell numbers don't appear for either new tables or old ones created in the Beta version. Am I missing something? table.mp4