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  1. It seems that cell 5 in the attached is locked to a min height of 57.7mm. I can make it bigger but not smaller. Test.afpub
  2. Roger terry

    Column size change

    Not for me. I cannot add a white border to the first cell under the heading Rail. Does that work for you?
  3. Roger terry

    Column size change

    I think the latest update has fixed this, but I still have a problem with the cell borders on the other table.
  4. Roger terry

    Column size change

    I have copied the offending tables to a shorter file, please see page 3 Very short.afpub
  5. Also, if you have merged cells at the top of a group of columns and try to change the cell width by dragging of cells below the merged ones, the system locks.
  6. I cannot change some of the cell borders. cell.mp4
  7. problem when resizing column width. reset column width.mp4
  8. can I set a different page number start? For performance reasons I need to spit a document (at 115 MB) so can I continue with a new document starting a page number where the first part ends?
  9. Roger terry

    Application of text styles

    Somehow a paragraph style ( not one I created) became locked to my character style and could not be changed. I deleted the offending style and everything worked fine.
  10. This seems to have stopped functioning correctly. Is there a size limit on files? I have to say that mine is pretty big. Roger
  11. Roger terry

    Table tool

    This seems to come and go.
  12. Roger terry

    Table tool

    I am on I think that is up to date.
  13. Roger terry

    Table tool

    Thanks, got it. But, by the way, sometimes my backspace key drops into space mode, ie, goes forward entering spaces rather than going backwards and eliminating characters. I am on an iMac testing with a big file (300mb)
  14. Roger terry

    Table tool

    Currently, when I put the cursor into a cell, the default is black text with a black outline. To clear the outline I have to deselect the outline in every cell. It seems to be imossible to set parameters for a group of cells so that a default text style is established. Within a cell the cursor acts on the text but as soon as a group of cells are selected the ability to edit the text style of the cells seem lost. Is that clear? Let me know.