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  1. It seems to me that the TOC and indexing are problem areas. I have time today to take a good look at TOC and have started with this short video. When I said section I meant paragraph. Thanks TOC.mp4
  2. seems not to work on a Mac. I select chapter head and create a new style for it. As soon as I apply it, all the text in the TOC changes to what I think is the default. No possibility to update a toc style
  3. For me any updating of the TOC removes the existing format and no amount of clicking lets me re-format it to the original style. Paragraph formats for TOC seem not to work. Am I missing something (probably)?
  4. OK I see what it is in Word but my AP text has never been in word so I guess this is not a viable solution for me.
  5. I have no idea shat a Concordance file is. Can you tell me where I can get more information? Thanks
  6. Currently it seems impossible to create or update a para style for TOC. Or am I missing something?
  7. Yes i understand deleting the index but will that clear the index marks?
  8. But the editor changed his mind.
  9. I understand but I have over 200 words to index with an average of 10 occurences each so that's at least 2,000 clicks. Is there any way to easily remove the index marks?
  10. Is it possible to insert an index mark once for all occurrences of the indexed word or does one have to go to each occurrence of the word and insert the mark?
  11. Is it possible to import an .xls file into the table tool? It would be a big help. Roger
  12. Thank you, problem solved
  13. When I open my file I get two messages, one is that there is a missing .jpg and the other that fonts are missing. Is there any way to find out the location of the .jpg? I have searched the document but no result, and also searched my hard drive, again with no result. On the font issue, is there any way of finding where the text with the missing fonts are? I really can't explain where or what these missing fonts are. Roger
  14. Roger terry

    copy paste word

    Sorry I can't the file is over 350Mb. I am finding workarounds and will try to let you know what I find.
  15. Roger terry

    copy paste word

    here are two screen shots. first of the text in PB, second when copied to Word. The text in PB is embedded in the cell but not as text in the cell. I reset the cell font to 9pt and then it worked ok. Strange that it only affected the last paragraph.