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  1. Roger terry

    Lines in Graphic

    Thanks, got it!. But it would be better if you could put a node into a line and, with a key combination, just click and straighten the line. Just an idea.
  2. Is there a simple way to make a curved line straight? Easy to make.straight line curved but the other way?????
  3. Roger terry


    Just tried text from textedit app. Crash again.
  4. Roger terry


    But also crashed with text from a pdf opened in AP. I have just pasted 4 paragraphs from the PDF, put into word, removed paragraph marks, copied and pasted into AP. No problems. 5th Paragraph crashed again.
  5. Roger terry


    OK the file was attached ok.
  6. Roger terry


    This morning I again opened my file, went to an empty page, set a text box, copied text from a pdf opened in AP, pasted and crashed. This happened twice. Then pasted the text into Word and took a small amount and pasted. success! no crash. Then added more text and crashed again. I attach here the report - Sorry, tells me that there is a problem in uploading this word file so here is the text Crash 2.docx
  7. Roger terry


    Just started a new project, set up pages, copied and pasted text from Word and instant crash. report appended. Crash.docx
  8. Roger terry


    Third time lucky!
  9. Roger terry


    Started a new file, A4 for print, 3 pages 10mm margins. Create full text box on first page, past 2,000 word from Word, 10.5 point, paste text and Crash. Do the same again, crash again. AP
  10. I cut a file down from 350Mb to 20Mb and it is attached here. Crashes just the same. Intermodal test.afpub
  11. I will make a screenshot video and post it.
  12. Thanks, I worked on it last night and now I think I understand. The next problem I found is with the subject matter. A combination of words and graphic as a PDF but I can't really go smaller that 6 point in the PDF text as I think then it will be too small to read. The project is a text book
  13. Roger terry

    TEXT WRAP Failure

    A ver good guess! Thanks. Look likes it still defaults to that.
  14. Thank you so much for your explanation. The pdf image is almost round so I guess I could create a sphere around it also?