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  1. I must be crazy but can anybody tell me how to create an outline, eg a line of 20 pixels with but with a white centre so looks like an outline?
  2. Thanks, this looks interesting but seems not so good for a Mac and the installed shortcuts are Adobe focused. Actually I think that Affinity should get onboard with this. But I will give it a try if you can tell me where to download the software, I don't seem to be able to find it.
  3. Thanks a lot.(though I am in Vienna my German is really schlecht). managed to get some details on Amazon UK but it seems a bit too specifically German. I really need some feedback from somebody who has tried it, or others.
  4. Can anybody recommend a programable keyboard to supplement the regular one. Would it be possible, for example, to program a key to flatten a picture even if no standard key combination is available? Thanks
  5. Yes it would. What you suggested works perfectly if the text extends to the full width of the frame, but if is does not, the line no longer functions as I need. I need a quick workaround, adding white text might be the best quick fix.
  6. Thanks for your reply. I just did it but similar result. I created a paragraph style LLL. When I started a new text box I got the LLL style immediately but with the line extending away from the text, as you can see in this screen shot. The parameters are identical.
  7. I want to add a line just above the text. I set up the parameters and add a paragraph style. Perfect However, the next time is select this paragraph style the line is in a different place. Instead of being above the text and limited to the required width, it runs the whole length of the text. In fact it is impossible to recreate the paragraph style. I think that saving the paragraph decoration under paragraph style is not working para decoration.afpub
  8. The answer seems to be no, I have tried but can't repeat it. I think it had something to do with the way the table was created, ie the way that cells were merged. I started again and got over the problem.
  9. I don't know if this is a bug but when I try to delete the last column in this table it splits the table into two. Is it a bug?? See video Split table.mp4
  10. I really appreciate your help, so how do I get the Unicode to reveal itself?
  11. So not resolved. I am now on my iMac. I copy the character from the text ’ then past it into Find - result nothing. On save the file then open it on the MacBook Air, copy the same character, then past in find and it works perfectly. How can this be?
  12. Just to make it even more complicated, I work on an iMac with UK keyboard but also have a German iMacAir. you would imagine that the characters on the German machine would be the same as the UK one if the keyboard is set to UK, but it seems not. Two distinctly different characters which look identical.
  13. Yes, thanks very much for you help. The book is 280 pages and that is a lot of ft!
  14. FT.afpub Re the find and replace problem, I need to change ' to ft but can't find it in the search.
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