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  1. Roger terry

    copy paste word

    Sorry I can't the file is over 350Mb. I am finding workarounds and will try to let you know what I find.
  2. Roger terry

    copy paste word

    here are two screen shots. first of the text in PB, second when copied to Word. The text in PB is embedded in the cell but not as text in the cell. I reset the cell font to 9pt and then it worked ok. Strange that it only affected the last paragraph.
  3. If I take some text form PB and paste into word, the formatting is lost but inconsistently. ie one paragraph in the original for from PB and the next from the Word default Calibre. If I recheck the original text for para and font, both paragraphs are the same. Mybe a problem with Word, but strange. Any ideas?
  4. I split a table by duplicating it, then deleting the bottom half from one copy and the top half from another. The top have seems to have retained the bottom half but in ghost form which cannot be deleted.
  5. Roger terry

    Text wrap Failure

    Hi Sorry, I haven't been able to reproduce this, now seems to work fine. If it re-occurs I will make a screen recording for you.
  6. No, the overall performance is not much better than my 2012 iMac with 16Gb ram. Though of course it does have a retina screen which is better for sure. I think this new mac has less of one kind of ram, but I don't remember the specs.
  7. To be absolutely and perfectly honest, until this project I had never used AP and had only a limited limited knowledge of InDesign so the learning curve has been very very steep. I am almost at the end (3 months work) but still have issues which, incidentally, were not fixed by the new iMac with 32GB ram, I am very disappointed, to the point of returning it to the shop. One thing I have discovered is that the best way to handle the graphics which had been produced in VISIO was to export them to AD and save them as pdf's. Really low size and still editable when imported into AP. I have just found a new problem. Attaching a text wrap to a graphic now locks the system completely. It never did that before. Onward and Upward - hopefully
  8. Engaging text wrap now locks system completely forcing a force quit and restart
  9. I have Adobe CS4. When I migrated to a new iMac is stopped working and Adobe are no help. hence my total switch to Affinity. I was asked to translate a German language text book into English but there are a lot of annotated illustrations so I decided to do the whole thing in AP. Last week it stopped working but I quickly realised that it was iMac memory problem, 16Gb was not enough for really big book. Only option, new Mac, which I got and now working fine. This book is big, I mean really big, 500Mb with embedded pics and illustrations. It is still not finished but two weeks ago I sent a print PDF of it to a one off book printer. It was absolutely fine. Apart from typos, no issues at all. The indexing is not working properly. If you update the it, all the formatting is lost but that is recoverable. To be honest I had hoped that a release of AP would happen before printing but I guess not. My fall back position would be to send a pdf to an InDesign person in India or somewhat to turn it into an ID file but that looks increasingly unnecessary. FYI, the origination for the German language version was provided to me as the original print PDF. I opened it in AP and was able to extract all the data for translation that way. Hope that this helps. Affinity and the forums are really great, a real sense of community.
  10. I have been working with a big file, 350Mgb on disk. Perfect up to yesterday but now the program is locking up when ever I try to move a graphic. Activity monitor tells me that I am using 3.06 GB of memory with cpu at 1.6% until I try to move anything when the sun spins and cpu goes up to to 100% or more. I know there are a lot of embedded pictures. I guess I could link them but where do they go to? BTW my machine is a iMac, running Mojave 10.14.2. It has a 3.4 Ghz Intel core i5 with 16 GB of DDR3. Graphics is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 775M 2048mb. Or is my computer just not powerful enough for this task.
  11. I have 6 embedded pdf objects all created in Affinity Designer. If I click on one of them it opens in another AP window and allows me to edit it. The other five do not respond in this way. Any ideas as to why???
  12. Multiple crashes today when pasting some text from DEEPL translation website into existing text.
  13. Can I set a text box size exactly? What I mean is, that the text box size fits the text both when I select top aligned and bottom aligned? I have some problem getting text spacing working accurately. For example, I have a paragraph with a heading in one style and body text in another set in an individual text box. It is no problem when I add the same header and text styles into the same text box. But sometimes I have to add another text box with the same format and I want to get the same spacing between last line of text in the first box with the top of the heading in the next box so it looks like one text box with the spacing the same throughout. You might say of course that it should all go in one text box but as the order of the paragraphs is changing and there are a lot of them, I don't think this is an option. Thanks
  14. Roger terry

    Lines in Graphic

    Thanks, got it!. But it would be better if you could put a node into a line and, with a key combination, just click and straighten the line. Just an idea.
  15. Is there a simple way to make a curved line straight? Easy to make.straight line curved but the other way?????