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  1. I don't have Photoshop or Aperture on my Mac. And as R C-R says, You can use them as stand-alone apps which is the way I prefer to use them anyway. In AP, some appear to not be working or I get an error message saying the filter could not create another layer or whatever the message is. No problem as a stand-alone, though. If you are having trouble getting to appear in AP, just follow my posts in this thread to correctly link the plugins with AP.
  2. Yep I get that splash screen (demo versus buy) as well. I've decided I'd use the plugins in stand-alone mode.
  3. Excellent! AP can now identify the plugins ! Thanks! :) Edited to add: Two plugins show up with a red Requires Global Support warning but I had already done the authorization, I have redone it but they still show as red in the list (Analog Efex Pro 2 and Color Efex Pro 4). Maybe it's because they only work partially like you mentioned?
  4. Thanks for the swift reply, MEB. Allow "Unknown" plugins to be used is already ticked on. Will try to find the .plugin files you speak of and will restart AP. Thanks again for the help. Edited to add: HAH! Didn't see the installer also added a Google folder in the Applications folder. Will see how this turns out...
  5. Bummer. I went through all that, too, but I just can't get the plugins to load in the drop-down menu... I've tried reinstalling them, deleting the previous paths in the Prefs pane in AP, redoing the paths but to no avail. Latest AP from the MAS and latest version of the plugins downloaded today.
  6. Hah! Forgot to mention that the image I was talking about that threw the app in a loop was 72 DPI in both cases.
  7. It froze on a full-size .tiff image (4752 × 3168 px) I had lying around, I had to force quit it. I then reduced in AP the size of the image to 1200 x 800 px and that, it could handle.
  8. Got it ! Thanks, Brian !
  9. If not wanting to lose my time over posts and threads that don't concern me in the least is being religious, well then so be it. You obviously haven't looked around much to say you haven't encountered something similar. I've used a Mac since the mid-90s and have seen plenty of ridiculing for using a toy instead of a real computer. And it's still going on but on a different level, now. But what the heck, Affinity will decide what they'll do, I trust they have a plan on how to handle this.
  10. I think making entirely separate forums would be best, one for Mac users and one for Windows users. I like to look up the new posts a few times a day. I'm not thrilled that most posts eventually will not be for my platform and/or threads will have input all over the place on Windows users adding their thoughts that are aimed at their versions. Sifting through the posts will be more than tedious if there aren't two distinct forums. My two cents.
  11. Not a question but I don't know where else to post this. TechRadar published a review of Affinity Photo. Here's the link: Serif Affinity Photo Review :)
  12. Indeed! Thanks for your reply, A_B_C! :)
  13. Rather fascinating discussion here on fonts and glyphs so thank you all for your input! I was wondering... Would a font manager like, for example, FontExplorer X or Suitcase Fusion, make all this fraction business easier to work with?
  14. So am I. So sad. It's the first thing I saw when I opened the computer. It's like a hard punch to the stomach. I guess he wanted to hang on till his 69th birthday and once his latest album was released.