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  1. I LOVE YOU!!! I had clearly enabled it on one file and used it as a template for these "random" ones it's happening in... Dumbass. Thank you for the help.
  2. Hi Chris, no bounding box appears around the objects, they just seem un-selectable. Best way to describe it; it's as though the last selected artboard is the only thing that exists, and clicking on an object in another artboard or on the pasteboard area does absolutely nothing. I have to either click and select the other artboard containing the object first, or click on the object in the layers panel.
  3. I've been running into a new issue since the update to 1.6.1, where I cannot select an object using the mouse cursor if it's outside the active artboard (and occasionally within if it's a grouped object). The only way to select these objects is to use the layers panel and click on them there.
  4. Thanks for answering that, and yeah AnyFont is one of the apps that allows installing via management profiles. That being the case, I think this is really important, could a mod move this to feature requests? Or should I start a new thread there?
  5. Forgive me if this has been answered elsewhere, but I've looked and haven't found an answer. How does AP on the iPad handle fonts? By which I mean installing your own fonts? iOS doesn't allow a user to install custom fonts. It can be done per font using a hacky third party app that adds fonts using MDM certificates/profiles. So how will the Affinity apps handle using custom fonts? I've seen some apps allow for installing your own fonts within the app itself, Graphic handles this using Dropbox (not sure if they ever updated to use iCloud Drive). This may not be the end of the world right now for Photo, but once you release Designer I feel it'll be a make or break feature. Speaking as a working graphic designer, I couldn't get by with just Apple's system installed fonts. It'll also be a nightmare if you plan on allowing us to open AD/AP files created in the Mac or Windows apps – all fonts used will substitute for Affinity's default. I've just ordered the new iPad Pro, and once it arrives I'll buy a copy of Photo. Very excited to see what it can do.
  6. Non destructive develop layer is on the roadmap (https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/10075-affinity-photo-feature-roadmap/), so I think it's being worked on... but yeah, I'd like to second this request, it's pretty important for raw development.
  7. Brian D

    Fuji Film Simulations

    Nice job, thanks for sharing. Classic Chrome working like a charm here, haven't had the chance to try the others yet.
  8. That would have been my follow up post... thanks :)
  9. Is it possible to use one of my pre-made gradients from the colour palette as a gradient map? I've tried clicking, dragging, everything I can think of; but I'm stuck with the three built in gradient maps or the option to make mine again from scratch. Any ideas?
  10. Just created one, attached below. Seem to be able to replicate it by entering a term in the search box, then switching to a different asset collection. assets crash.txt
  11. Seems to happen when I swap between collections of assets, but there's no other pattern. What I mean is it doesn't seem to be any asset collection in particular that's causing it. My UI colour, and background colour are unaffected. It doesn't delete my recently opened menu... it just resets the entire studio: all panels disappear or reset along with their behaviours (eg the colour sliders swap back to the colour wheel), sets my toolbar back to single column, and removes any custom tools or layouts. It's bizarre.
  12. As the title says, the assets panel is occasionally causing AD to crash; and on reopening the entire workspace has been reset to factory. It's annoying to say the least. Speaking of – I can't seem to find any way to back up my workspace?
  13. You can add me to this list. 2014 15" Iris Pro graphics, and since day one Affinity Designer and Photo have driven my fans into overdrive when making raster selections; and I've had Designer since the day it was released.
  14. I tried doing this when I watched the video on lens correction, but it didn't make a difference to any of my RAW files. Did the lens correction actually apply after you changed it in assistant and reopened? I think this thread needs to be moved to the bugs subforum.
  15. Thanks for looking in to it... but just to note, it's happening with every single lens on two different bodies (aps-c and m4/3). Here's more screenshots, incase they're helpful. The Sigma isn't listed as supported, but is on their beta/daily update list