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  1. Same here. Still a very capable software.... Love it.
  2. Summer 2018 in Northern Hemisphere will begin on Thursday, 21 June So APUB sometimes in June/July?
  3. Well done team!!!! AD is truly an amazing software that simply deserves to win all the time!!!!
  4. Serif have got the right formula & software. Been with them since 1993 and STILL with them!!!!
  5. Done! Fingers Crossed!!!!!
  6. Well done!!! Well deserved !!!!
  7. I just think if Affinity wants to release a tool in the new stable, they should seriously look into this. This is far better than WIX and Muse and anything else in this class. Yes there is not much of "Coding" but who really cares how you reach the goal? Granted some will want it but then again you cannot please everyone similarly APUB does not out put as webpages. It has a secret tool and it is the extensions which makes it even more powerful and you can just about make any third party code into an extension to use with the software "Visually".
  8. This is the best WYSIWYG website builder which Serif should have bought out:
  9. I think we can all agree that on the price front Serif have done a great job and offer far more than what you pay for. I have never had to use Adobe as I have always used PagePlus and a software called Real-Draw Pro which seems not to be developed anymore so I switched to AD/AP and I cannot tell you what a joy Designer is to use. (User Designer more than Photos). Right now I am producing my very first book that was hoping to do with APub but it was not to be and I tell PagePlus is doing such a good job for 200 page book. So well done team. I have been using PP since version 3 so it is unlikely for me to go elsewhere. Well done to Tony & team for such a great effort.
  10. TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!!
  11. This is not "Spreading" more info. A video that the software exists is not exactly spreading info. We all knew it existed. All I am saying a little NEW info would be nice.
  12. I am surprised that the team have not provided any more details/videos and left everyone guessing, perhaps this is a marketing tactic but it does not help having one video teaser and 20 pages of a thread containing people guessing the features and the boring argument about Adobe being the king!!!! More info/details (even screenshots) would be useful imho.
  13. Or for Affinity to release Import plugins later for PP/ID/QX
  14. I started my computing life on PagePlus 3 and never looked back or ever used Microsoft word for anything written.
  15. Great work Allan (As usual) Like yourself I too am waiting for Publisher but could not wait any longer and will be publishing a book that has been done on Serif PagePlus X9. Would have liked to be on the AP but can't have everything. Perhaps the next one.