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  1. These don't solve the issue as APUB will display the text LTR even though you can switch to an Arabic font. I am currently working on a book (Bi-lingual, Farsi - English) and was unable to use APUB and since I did not want to pay for Adobe, ended up producing it in MS Publisher and it is a pain in the neck since PagePlus also does not support RTL.... So Support for RTL is a MUST if this product is to be successful IMHO.
  2. Where can I find tutorials on masking images and fonts? or rather masking fonts with images?
  3. Wanting to add the importance of RTL feature which I think should have been added from the beginning and I guess brings to the title of this topic. While I appreciate this is not as simple as it sounds, it currently renders APUB useless for a project which requires the use of Farsi/Arabic text. As a result had to go back to the former foe (Adobe ID) and make peace with it.
  4. Well sadly I have gone back to Adobe InDesign for this project which is almost so pointless and I am yet to use APUB that I have purchased. Very disappointing....
  5. Given the fact APUB does not support LTR text, does anyone have a "Work-around" solution or is this just not possible? I need to produce a bilingual (Persian/English) and do not want to go down the Microsoft/Adobe route if I can help it.
  6. Sam Neil

    Affinity Publisher is Apple’s Mac App of the Year

    Well done guys! Aren't you pleased you built the Publisher!!! ?
  7. Sam Neil

    Publisher and Surface Go

    If you are running Windows 10 in S mode I suspect that might be the reason you cannot run it. However I could be wrong....
  8. Sam Neil

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    Loving the new Publisher. Its such a shame it came a bit too late for a project I am working on that really could have done with the Personas and I finished it in PagePlus. But now I am officially saying good bye to PagePlus and saying hello to Publisher. Thank you for your efforts guys!
  9. Funny I got the email yesterday and placed the order successfully! Am I one the only ones?
  10. http://moonsoftware.com/copiaris-backup-and-file-copy-software-program.asp
  11. Sorry can you explain what do you mean by this? Unfortunately Publisher is no way near that for my purposes. The fact that I cannot place Images in a workspace without placing them immediatly into the document simply is not very comfortable. How does PP do it? I am an avid PP user and cannot follow your point.
  12. I use it and swear by. Was hoping Serif would buy him out and add it to the collection. Has a mac version too but not as good as Windows.

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