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  1. Why not make it so it loads random images from the library.... Same applies to the other two apps.
  2. There really was no need to have a separate floating window for the preview and in terms of UI/UX it is bad and confusing. There is plenty of space within the export dialogue and yet the team have elected not to use it. One step back imho.
  3. That's why Adobe is not ignoring this market... Anyhow enough has been said and we are where we are...
  4. Yes I am using APub & AD for the job. Initially it was only English but then the specs changed. I definitely did not want to go to Adobe so I decided to set myself a challenge (stupidly) and here we are!
  5. Quark, Corel, basically whoever Serif is gunning for. As to if it makes any money for Serif, is a good point which perhaps has to do with their reluctance to touch it. The bottom line is RTL will not come to Affinity and 100 percent sure not in version 2... My 2 cents.
  6. Are you kidding? You are very misinformed. If RTL was not a money maker or important, Adobe would have dropped it. The fact of the matter is simple. Affinity did not plan for it and retrofitting is almost impossible which is a shame.
  7. @dominik I understand but surely the later they leave it too late and the trio gain more features, wouldn't it make them into so much complex software and retrofitting will only add regression as it does not every time a new beta version comes out. Support for RTL should have been there from day one.... imho. Right now I am in the middle of a RTL project and you would not believe the issues I have had to get it working. So many fonts display incorrectly which means I had to abandon them and choose something else. A paragraph is now put together line-by-line as it would still mirror it to LTR if you just paste it and that is still an issue despite me using an app to "encode" the text so it is shown correctly as RTL and not LTR... I hope they sort this out very soon...
  8. Merry Christmas & New year you guys. Thank you for an amazing set of software and your damn hard work & support. Well deserved break.!!!
  9. Have you tried opening the scanner using its own software? If that works, then it might be Affinity failing to talk to the scanner software...
  10. I am working on a book of 600+ pages and mainly JPG files. However I doubt I will embed the images to the size of the file. @GeoffW The trio of Affinity software (on Windows) have this very irritating 10ish second delay and become unresponsive once the application has started rendering them useless until I guess they are initialised which I don't get as the MAC version does not have this issue.
  11. I got your point. I was merely pointing out my observations....
  12. True. XNView from you screenshot seems to be the closest one to me. (Perhaps I am wrong)
  13. Yes we keep an "ADOBE FREE" house but I will check again. Thanks again.
  14. Thank you for your suggestion? Which type of PDF-X should I be choosing? There 3 types in the export option. The first one did not seem to work and they colours are still off...
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