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  1. The trio need a few more fundamental features such as RTL support before venturing into new territories...
  2. Cheers for clarifying that Garry. Was going mad!!! :)
  3. Should that matter? The document has changed - I thought this should flag changes in the document. However if what you are saying which kind of makes sense then I guess not.
  4. Not with me. 1. Open Image 2. Choose the Crop option and simply rotate the object 3. Close from the X 4. The application closes without any prompts.
  5. If you open an image and rotate it and simply close the application from the X on the top right hand corner, it simply closes without prompting to save changes. This is with the latest AP build (1.8.4).
  6. Does APhoto support plugins from Skylum Software? I have tried Photolemur 3 and no joy...
  7. It has nothing to do with that. The fact that Amir & Co. are the developer of this software, are the best person to answer that. It is like me buying a product from Adobe and ask the question about its safety from Serif! At first instance it is down to Amir to provide the safety and certificate so such questions should not arise. Furthermore if the person has purchased the software from this vendor, it is a bit none-sensical to ask the question after the purchase wether it is safe to run. One should contact the vendor to ask these question prior to committing themselves.
  8. You are best ask your question from Amir from his website: https://www.artwayz.com/en/buy-rtl-fixer | https://www.artwayz.com/en/rtl-fixer-installation/
  9. Please consider adding QR Code Generator like in PagePlus to the trio or at least as plugin...
  10. Hopefully when you have the Arabic/Farsi 100%, I will be in touch...
  11. Amir - I can certainly test with Farsi which is more or less the same as Arabic... You should have my details in the sign up from your website.
  12. This is such a shame as Serif are shooting themselves in the foot by ignoring the RTL users. I have personally signed up for your app... So let's see Amir...
  13. Well Thank you for that. I am normally on Windows anyway and I shall be for my Farsi project I will use your tip! But agreed such a shame MAC does not have this feature!
  14. This may have been asked before but does APhoto & ADesigner support WEBP files? or will they?
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