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  1. Funny I got the email yesterday and placed the order successfully! Am I one the only ones?
  2. http://moonsoftware.com/copiaris-backup-and-file-copy-software-program.asp
  3. Thank you JFisher. That has worked!!!!
  4. The latest version of BETA does not load. I have Build 1809 (OS Build 17763.348) of Windows 10. Any suggestions?
  5. Sorry can you explain what do you mean by this? Unfortunately Publisher is no way near that for my purposes. The fact that I cannot place Images in a workspace without placing them immediatly into the document simply is not very comfortable. How does PP do it? I am an avid PP user and cannot follow your point.
  6. Sam Neil

    Missing Font

    The suggestion by Alfred makes total sense if licensing is an issue.
  7. Sam Neil

    Missing Font

    Chris choosing a font that is not part of the user’s computer is not expected behaviour. If that’s the case this particular message should be suppressed.
  8. Sam Neil

    Missing Font

    I simply installed the latest BETA and that was it. This is my whole point. If I install the software, it should assume I have the font and if I don't throw an error message and further more substitute it with another font. I did not create those assets. The machine I used had never had Affinity installed on it. So I don't think my point is very hard to understand.
  9. Sam Neil

    Missing Font

    I appreciate that Walt but what I am saying is why is it relying on a font that the user might or might not have installed to have to substitute for something similar?
  10. Is this normal? Should it not install the font? Perhaps it should use the system fonts....?
  11. It’s a 64bit only I think the installer does not detect this (yet)
  12. I use it and swear by. Was hoping Serif would buy him out and add it to the collection. Has a mac version too but not as good as Windows.
  13. @MikeW & @Patrick Connor and why not? I hate to bring up the old chestnut but PagePlus has this feature and works like a charm. In fact I had to use it today. What is stopping you from adding this feature to APUB?