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  1. I guess it would be good if this is addressed now and not after the initial release.
  2. Awesome!!!! Cannot wait!!!!!1 Thanks guys!
  3. No problems MEB, We know you got a lot going on....
  4. Many thanks Jeff.
  5. What is the latest status on 3rd party Photoshop compatible Plugins & Affinity Photo? Is there a list?
  6. I totally agree, but I too use PP on daily basis and have done it may surprise you that you can achieve some good results with it. All I am saying to have a balance, however we are not going to get anywhere until they roll out the software first. We don't even know what it looks like or any roadmap/feature list.
  7. What is there not to understand by this statement? It's simple I do not want to pay an get an InDesign clone, If that's the case I go to Adobe. That is what I mean. Serif should take its PagePlus user's into account when designing APub. So which part is not clear? Taking into account the ones have been using PP from the beginning. Hopefully this is clear. Why Kathleen wants a clone is beyond me but I certainly don't want to. She comes from an ID background I don't, I am from a PP background so you where the issue starts. Let's just see when comes out first before we judge them.
  8. Well said Mike, I am hoping when it is launched I am not going to say: "WTF!!!!??????". I understand Serif are gunning after Adobe and its PRO users but when it comes to DTP, Hopefully they will remember us little people (PP Users) too! It will be a hard act as Serif have a more DTP users than any of their other legacy products....
  9. Kathleen Why are hoping for a clone? then why not use the real thing. I have been using PP since version 3! One of the best features for PP is its ease of use. Now I am expecting a PP clone but something in between for the rest of us who did not use Adobe products, By all means have some of the ID features but not ignore the PP followers esp since they have discontinued PP with the promise of APub.
  10. I hope you guys taking the existing Page Plus users into account and do not churn out an InDesign clone.
  11. Any news on 1.6 at least?