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  1. No problems - Just exported to PDF from Publisher 2.2.0. All OK
  2. Ash; Well-done to you and your team & beta testers. Ash please please give some indication or support for RTL languages as I fear the software will become so complex that a retrofit of some sort would prove impossible. Affinity has built a truly world class software that I at least use on daily basis at work and at home but this vital feature is creating a lot of obstacles. Sorry I did not want to sound I am ranting and once again congrats and well-done.
  3. Can I also add my vote for feature request for the support for This keayboard.
  4. Will Affinity support the Logitech CRAFT Keyboard? https://www.logitech.com/en-gb/products/keyboards/craft.920-008503.html Thinking of buying one.
  5. I understand - However, it would be good if Serif could at least address the issue with displaying the fonts incorrectly it would be great (If at all poss).
  6. Thanks Callum - Any ideas when Serif is planning on adding this? I am refusing point blank to use Adobe or indeed give up on Affinity Suite and RTL.
  7. Yes Alfred but the issue seems to be with certain fonts and in particular the letter R which I have circled in the screenshot. Microsoft Publisher or indeed Parsinegar has no issues with any Farsi/Arabic font which makes it very odd. I understand that Affinity Text Engine does not support this - however it makes it very hard to use any fonts as it becomes a gamble and I have had to play all sorts of tricks to finish my projects.
  8. I am not sure if there is a clear explanation for this behavior by the suite but why is it that in this Designer displays one character incorrectly when it come to most Farsi/Arabic fonts?
  9. As I explained - This is does not work when it comes to Batch conversion.
  10. Thank you for the explanation. The issue is when it comes to Batch conversion which is where I spotted this issue.
  11. Thank you for the info. I am not sure why they are messed up. I was given a bunch that turned out to be like this. At least I know where the issue lies. Thank you for this. Don't you think Affinity should have a fallback for such cases?
  12. Well I don't run MacOS and run Windows 10 when you open the file (Not placing it) it seems to crop it. As you can see the PDF opens correctly on Nitro PDF or Acrobat but it is cropped in Publisher. I can confirm this happens in V1 as well.
  13. Thank you for the workaround - but ideally it should open the file as normal.
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