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  1. I didn't spot this reply until now, sorry. Still having the same problem, and it's with a couple of documents. Attached screen recording should show you the fairly erratic selection behaviour. Screen_Recording_2020-03-02_at_13_17_59.mov
  2. Well balls... that'll teach me for giving Apple a 30% cut.
  3. I get that it's going to take a little time to fix whatever has gone wrong, that's totally understandable. So my next question, is there any way to roll back the Mac App Store version to the previous (1.7) build? Simple jobs that were taking 10 minutes are now taking 45 mins to an hours of playing around until I get somewhat satisfactory results, it's very hard to work this way.
  4. I disagree, it's far worse than before in every scenario for me. I tried expanding a simple stroke around the Honda logo for a customer and it turned into abstract art. Expanding strokes around any text seems to fail for me, and combining the results with the original shape is an absolute disaster.
  5. Since this mornings App Store patch for yesterday's issues I can no longer drag select objects on an artboard with any predictability. Sometimes it works, sometimes it misses an entire group or object, but most often it just says (0 objects) when dragging a selection around things.
  6. Thanks Sean, will that work with a Mac App Store version of the app?
  7. Fonts in Designer will only display for me as mm in the tool bar and character panel. I have show text as points selected, I've restarted, tried many documents, but it still only shows in mm. Opening the same documents in Publisher shows points as intended.
  8. This has happened me today too. New document created in Designer, images dragged from the desktop, trashed the images and Affinity pops up a resource missing dialog. My document was created as Press Ready, as Walt mentioned.
  9. No I edited my comment after posting and reading through the link you added. I'm happy to admit this appears to be on Apple and by design, it's not a bug so I don't want to waste anyone's time.
  10. Regarding the first portion of your reply, my screenshot has given you the wrong impression of what I'm implying. This updated screenshot might help. As Apple themselves state, this is how you tell when your graphics card is awake and active. Seems you're correct though, reading your link about "not switching back until the application quits". Thanks for taking the time to respond.
  11. Not to dismiss everything you just wrote, but you can tell the graphics card is being kept active by opening "about this mac". That will list which graphics card is currently in use. When APub is open (even in minimised and using app nap) the discrete graphics card remains active. I'm aware that the Energy tab doesn't show APub using more energy than my browsers, I added that to show that it was in app nap. Keeping the graphics card active, even idle, absolutely does drain the battery on these devices. It won't show as Affinity using significant energy, but the battery will drain faster nonetheless. When in the background, and particularly during app nap, the discrete graphics card should not be kept awake.
  12. As the title says, Publisher is keeping the discrete graphics card on my MacBook Pro alive, even when Publisher has long since been minimised and in app nap mode. There are no documents open, the app itself shows no energy impact, but keeping the graphics card awake is eating heavily into battery life and keeping the laptop quite warm constantly. The app also remains in the "Apps using significant energy" drop down until it's force quit. The only options I seem to have are quitting the app entirely and opening again when I need it, or forcing APub to use integrated graphics only... neither of which are ideal (or should be necessary).
  13. I used to subscribe to Monotype, but let my subscription lapse — in the mean time they seem to have discontinued it and replaced it with an enterprise/large studio service called Mosaic, which frankly I can't afford. If Adobe have removed the standalone Typekit sub, there's a good chance they'll reinstitute it later in the year when iOS 13 arrives. Apple are adding fonts to the App Store, and Adobe, MyFonts, Monotype etc are all on board... so hopefully when they all inevitably go the subscription route, they'll create a way to use that sub on desktop too. In the mean time you can use Skyfonts to sync open fonts from Google, along with any fonts you've purchased from the likes of MyFonts. Not ideal, but it's all there is right now (that I can find).
  14. K is black in print (CMYK). It removes the CMY from the image. It appears to be just a toggle, so at a guess it's just showing you how that image will look printed with just black ink.
  15. For the "strange results" part, try selecting the curves your going to merge, the changing the fill mode to Alternate (Menu bar > Layer > Fill Mode > Alternate). This solved a lot of issues I had with weird results from merging strokes and shapes together. Agree with the rest though, I always save right before I merge because it's 50/50 whether it'll lock up the app or not.
  16. Hey Sean, I have a screen recording and a document for you, where can I upload them that isn't a public forum? (not that there's anything super special here, I just can't upload a clients document to a public forum).
  17. Every time I open a Designer file, that uses the transparency tool, in Photo it shows the complete image/object rather than the graduated version. Screen recording attached. Screen Recording 2019-06-18 at 11.23.39.mov
  18. Hi Sean, no I hadn't used the Link Picture dialog, though I have seen it. I'll try to capture the screen next time it happens, I had a similar issue this morning where Photo asked for "Global permissions to use linked files in folder path...." but again, I haven't been linking any files, just dragging and dropping.
  19. Hey, yeah I've tried that but no change. It fixes the artboard issue, but does nothing for the text jump. Honestly this is a relatively minor annoyance compared to the other bug I posted, that one is causing actual problems with producing print ready artwork.
  20. Here's an example with just moving an artboard slightly. Brand new document, 2 artboards. Every move jumps the window slightly to the right Screen Recording 2019-06-11 at 12.26.48.mov
  21. No problem. Right click, paste, and it's fine. CMD+V and the whole canvas jumps. It's happening with more than just text, I'll try to screengrab that next time too. Untitled.mov
  22. Happened again this morning with another document. Embedded image files are being linked instead somehow, but I don't see any way to change this behaviour?
  23. As the title says, every time I paste text that isn't confined to a paragraph box it causes the whole canvas to jump on screen to the end of the sentence. It's really jarring.
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