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  1. i'm primarily a LR user too, but i'm three iOS updts behind on my desktop mac cause my old LR5 (& CS5) will not be compatible once i upgrade my OS..... or will it??? anyone know? I too heard AP was working on a photo mgt system similar to LR but i cant wait as long as it sounds it will take. It was suggested to me I get PS Elements for basic photo management/organizing & quickie fixes & use Affinity as a compliment to Elements for more elaborate edits.... & fun. Just have not had time to buy Elements yet. Sure would love to upgrade my OS & still use my old LR5 (& CS5) software - anyone know for sure if it will still work or not?? I wont do subscriptions either!!!
  2. i'm having the same issue - sudddenly my loggin not working & had to request a reset 2 hrs ago & but still no email to reset & unable to request reset again. have never had trouble with my password before. keep trying both Mac desktop & Mac laptop but A app telling me to read my email... that i never got..... and not seeing the option to download the freebies on iPad app......???? whats up???