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  1. Hi, Is there a way to export just a section (as defined in the section manager) in Publisher? Many thanks, Bert
  2. Note: This happens because the two layers Group & (Curve) aren't on the artboard, so the layer being dragged jumps back into the artboard. Makes sense. Bert
  3. Hi, AD 1.7, I think it's a new bug for me as I don't recall seeing this before. Couple of layers [also have 4 artboards]. The layer being dragged is set to erase. Dragging the layer on the canvas with the move tool makes the layer jump up in the layers palette. Have attached a movie that illustrates this. Watch the layer in the layers palette jump position. Bert AD_1.7_layer_drag.mp4
  4. Same here, connfigs were all reset. Toolbar, keyboard shortcuts. Really annoying for a tool you use professionally on a daily basis. If anything, have the updater make a backup automatically of settings and ask to use those upon restart.
  5. Hi, I was working on someting simple when the updates came through today and after applying the update and opening the same files I was working on in AD again I noticed straight away a performance issue I had not seen before. The update felt a lot worse than my experience with AD since the start. I've attached a screen recording which show the difference clearly. I have two identical groups, the have a layer [same in each group] with fx applied to it. When the layer with the fx is turned off, the performance is fine, dragging the group around is smooth enough. When I do turn on the layer with the fx the performance is basically non-workable for me. You'll notice it in the video. The fx layer isn't antyhing heavy, just a bevel as a test, I've attached a screenshot of the fx. I've also attached the actual file if anyone would like to try. Also attached a screenshot of the peformance settings in the app preferences. System info: System Version: macOS 10.13.6 (17G5019) Model Name: MacBook Pro Model Identifier: MacBookPro13,3 Processor Name: Intel Core i7 Processor Speed: 2.7 GHz Number of Processors: 1 Total Number of Cores: 4 L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB L3 Cache: 8 MB Memory: 16 GB I have a Wacom Cintiq 21UX and an old 27" iMac attached as extra screens unplugging them doesn't make a difference. Bert Affinity_Designer_performance_with_layer_fx.mp4 Affinity_Designer_performance_with_layer_fx.afdesign
  6. I ended up using the SNAP2007 profile for this one which worked ok. But yes, some more pro printing output features in the future will be welcomed. Other printwork had been going well, even with the beta version of Publisher.
  7. Hi, I recently have used Designer and Publisher quite extensively for print work and yesterday I ran into an issue I didn't manage to solve with any of my 3 Affinity apps. I had to deliver an ad to The Sunday Times Ireland via qmuli.com and had used Designer to create the ad. My main issue, total effective ink coverage over 240% error. Is there a way to check and/or correct this? Or how does anybody else go about this? Another issue, PDF version. Needed PDF-X1a-2001, nothing else would be accepted. Even just exporting as a JPG which was an accepted format didn't go well. In the end I used Scribus to output the file. Imported the JPG which was rejected, set the colour/PDF specs in the file preferences and the ad was accepted. Bert
  8. Hi, Just tried those steps again and yes, no crash happens anymore. Thank you. Bert
  9. Try deleting your preferences from /userfolder/Library/Preferences/ That seems to sort it. Unfortunately settings will get lost. Bert
  10. Publisher Beta, v1.7.0.305, MBP 15" (2016), High Sierra 10.13.6, 2.7Ghz, 16Gb RAM, Radeon Pro 460 Have exactly the same thing happening here. Any export option/change opens Atom and start creating and opening "tempimage_#.ext" files. It actually worked ok after the last update. Then I had Publisher hanging at some point and couldn't restart the app. Restarted my machine, opened Publisher and that's when this behaviour started. It is also eating up space on my hard drive. Bert
  11. This one I came across by accident. Whilst working on a page, by mistake I dragged an image onto a master page layer. Didn't noticed until after a while. As is the case with a master page layer, the items on it ae locked so couldn't just delete it. The mask also ins't on the actual master page, just on the layer representing the master page. It's replicable for me: - Open APub - create blank new document - on the first page (not the master page itself) add a mask to the (Master A) layer by clicking on the mask icon in the layers window - open the (Master A) layer and right-click on the mask - select Release Mask from the menu That results in a crash each time here. in v1.7.0.283 Bert Affinity Publisher Beta_2019-04-04-150809_Bowser.crash
  12. What I do like about the tables is the way you can select cell borders as per attached image. It does seem on my machine still a bit flaky in that I often don't get the actual table with the rows etc so I can't select the borders. Selecting them this way does help but is buggy here. Bert
  13. Thanks, that's exactly how it works indeed and something just doesn't feel right about that to me. An option to set a whole bunch of cell borders in one go would be handy. How else would you set individual cell borders for big tables? Going through row after row of cells and setting the options will take way too long. What I also find counter-intuitive [Excel isn't the best example of how things should work ] is when I do select a cell and set the border to say 1pt all around but then decide later that I only want a bottom border. I then have to set the ll aorund border to none and then set the bottom border, unless I'm missing something? Overal the tables feel to me quite unfinished and not set up for ease of use at the moment. Bert
  14. Hi, Couldn't find anything but is setting table cell borders still buggy? I would expect to select table cells, set border to bottom, set border (stroke) and that would be applied to all selected individual cells. At the moment it only sets a border for the last selected cell(s). Bert
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