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  1. This topic is quite old now, has anything happened to this behaviour? I kno I can either click on a line to convert the anchor or control-drag to introduce a handle, but that last one I find quite confusing and also moves the anchor whilst I would expect the anchor to stay in place and the handle to move which would be fine. Bert
  2. Hi, Did a search here but couldn't find anything, though sure I'm not the first. On the Mac a fairly standard behaviour is to option-click a folder [triangle] to open all enclose folders and see the contents inside them. Did I overlook something or is that behaviour not in AD/AP? Comes in handy when you're working with lots of layers. Regards, Bert
  3. I'll add my vote to batch renaming layers. I often have layers like: [folder] t02.1_g01_s05_over t02.1_g01_s04_over t02.1_g01_s03_over t02.1_g01_s02_over ... [folder[ t02.1_g01_s05 t02.1_g01_s04 t02.1_g01_s03 t02.1_g01_s02 ... Having to do this in one file is ok, but at the moment I'm working on a yearly batch of interactive projects for which I get hundreds of files I have to prepare for incorporating into the projects. Setting a base name and renaming all layers in one go would be a massive time saver. Sequential naming even better. A bit like having "a better finder rename" inside designer. You could indeed use an external app and rename after exporting but that becomes a nightmare if you have to go back and change something to re-export. Bert
  4. Well done everyone! Every day it's a joy to use both Designer and Photo. Keep up the good work. Bert
  5. This for me is a repeatable issue now. I think what does it for me is where the objects are in the layer[s panel] I've attached two screenshots from my layer panel. The problem occurs when the two layers I'm grouping are not on the same level in the layers panel. The objects will shift position when grouped just like the balloons above. When I move the layers on the same level and group them, all works fine and they get grouped with no issues. It doesn't matter if I select the object in the layers panels or make the selection on the artboard directly. I'm working with a different file than the one above now. Bert
  6. Just thought I'll follow this one up. Left my computer for a bit which went to sleep. Logged in again, AD was still open with the file and tried exactly the same as above again, both the grouping and constraints and it didn't happen. Quit out of AD, tried it again in the same file, but again all work as expected now. So not sure if it was maybe just a graphical glitch.
  7. Hi, AF file attached.. Bert moek_73.afdesign
  8. And a quick follow up. I thought, maybe it's something with the new constraints, you never know. The first screenshot is with the constraints as default. The second screenshot is what happens to my objects after clicking one of the arrows on the constraints panel. Surely that's not right? Bert
  9. Hi, Just noticed something in Designer 1.5.1 that I haven't come across before. Just started working on an idea and wanted to group some of the balloons in the screenshots attached. Selecting them and then CMD-G to group them makes them move position. Is this normal [new] behaviour and have I missed a new setting or a bug? Regards, Bert
  10. Hi, No I don't. Bert
  11. Hi, Anyone experiencing crashes in Photo where you don't even get the usual "Affinity Photo crashed unexpectedly..." message? I've been doing quite a bit of drawing with the brush tool and have had 6 of them over the last two days which also causes me to lose work I haven't saved [luckily I save often but still] and no recovery file available. Some info: iMac late 2009, 27" 2.8 Core i7, 8GB, ATI Radeon HD 4850 512 MB OS X 10.11.6 Have been using it mainly on my Cintiq21UX and somehow I have a feeling it happens when I use the "eraser" part of my stylus. So using the brush as normal, turn over the stylus to erase something, Not 100% sure about it, must keep an eye on it. I've included the crash reports from the last 2 days if they are any help. Regards, Bert
  12. Hi, That's an interesting one with regards to the OldStandard font as I've been having issues with Designer crashing when the font menu [in the top left] is accessed. When using the font menu in the character palette I haven't seen the issue yet. Now, I've disabled the font and will see if it makes a difference and report back. Thanks. Bert
  13. Quick update. Downloaded the Beta and that works as expected again. I also had the problem with Photo, so I quickly opened the official Photo 1.3.5 and after installing the Designer beta, Photo didn't have the text tool problem anymore. So, opened Designer 1.3.5 [non-beta] again, and the text-tool works as expected again. Whatever it was, installing and launching the beta seems to have solved it. One of those strange things... Bert
  14. Hi, Just upgraded to OS X 10.11, a complete clean install. I've attached a screenshot of the problem I'm experiencing with Designer. When I select the text tool, next to the size dropdown I should normally get my font but I don't for some reason. I'm using FontExplorer Pro for my font management and have tried with and with it running but that doesn't seem to help. Deleted the preferences for Designer in ~Library/Containers but also not help. I can access fonts through the character palette and the collections that are in Font Book, but that's no use really. Has anyone else seen this? Bert
  15. Great, thanks! Bert