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  1. Hi there, Just wanted to add my voice to this as I'm bothered by it as well. Unless there's a solution I've missed in the meantime? When applying a master to a page I would expect it to keep the scaling of the image already in a picture frame intact. Or at the very least we should be able to copy position/scaling etc over. Correct me if I'm wrong but there's no manual input other than dragging the handles for scaling, position and rotation in a picture frame. Which means you kinda have to eyeball it. I have a whole series of prints that have 2 kinds of backgrounds setup as master pages with the picture frame the same on each masters. When I then get to duplicate a page and just apply the other master to it, the scaling within the picture frame goes back to default so the two pages aren't identical from a scaling point of view anymore. BErt
  2. I agree, this could be such a time saver. Please introduce the ability to add shortcuts to context toolbar items. Or, move those into a menu if it's too difficult to implement, that way they'll be available for shortcuts. Bert
  3. That's the main thing for me. Once you've imported the data, there's a lot more that needs to be added to the programme, not just the data from the spreadsheet. So once that's all added in and you've re-arranged things I don't see a way to update the data in that document. You always have to go back to the layout, re-run and then merge the two layouts. The spreadsheet generated one and the actual layout. Unless I'm missing something? Bert
  4. That's an issue I'm looking for an answer to. I have a film programme, 350 entries. Set up the layout, hooked it up, and run the data merge. Great, works as expected. However when you end up with a new document how do you update that document when the data is updated? As this data is part of a programme, there's other pages added to it. As it stands the only way is to generate a new data merge and manually put the new data merge into the programme again? What is the thinking behind creating a new document when running a data merge? Bert
  5. I have a similar kind of issue. I'm making a programme for a film festival. Data merge works well, I get everything so that's fine. The problem I have is that there are different categories. Each category needs an image and title so the first page of a new category needs to be half a page and any following page take up full pages until the next category comes along. So ideally the data merge setup would be half a page layout followed by a full page layout with an option to set to be the main one. It wouldn't even have to automatically find the next category, you could use the range setup for that to get each category out of the csv. What would also be a handy option is instead of creating a new Publisher document when creating the data merge, it would do so in the current document. Could use master pages as the data merge template. Bert
  6. There's a thread on this: Still an ongoing issue. I had it working well for a good while thanks to @zimmt tips but has returned now out of the blue with 1.9. Workaround: open the file in Publisher - if you have it - as pages and print will work from there for me.
  7. This is still an issue even after the 1.9 updates. I now have presets which were working ok thanks to @zimmt tips. So I have saved all my presets without an artboard selected when saving them, had reset print setting checked as well. Now when I select a preset, then select the artboard I want to print it crashes the app (in this case AD) straight away. In the particular file I'm trying to print here I have 3 artboards. One A3 sized, 2 A4 sized. Sometimes I can select the A3 or an A4 and it doesn't crash but the preview in of which page I'm about to print in the print dialog goes blank. Selecting the artboard again then crashes AD straight away. It's actually gone worse now since 1.9. It does this now on my Black and white Samsung laser and Canon A3 color. As soon as I select an artboard it crashes so can't even print to a PDF. I can export to a PDF and print it from Preview with the printer settings that makes AD crash. It's definitely something Afinity suffers from and not my other apps. I don't want to have to make this round trip via another app. This is getting really in the way of my work. I rely on me being able to print my work for about half of my income and having to fight this regularly is getting on my nerves. I need to be able to hit print and be done with it, not spending half an hour trying and filing another post here. EDIT Opening the file in AP and converting the artboards to spreads makes me able to print the artboard I want. So it's definitely artboard related.
  8. @SPaceBar Shouted to early here. Just had the same happening again. Switched to a different preset when printing, keeps crashing and can't access the preset at the moment in all 3 apps on Desktop. When trying to access the same preset in Preview, no such issue. When I try the same jpeg I just tried in Preview in any of the 3 apps, staright away crashes. I had it going ok for a while with the "Use default setting" on. It does seem like something to do wih Artboards. 1] Open another file with 6 artboards, try to print, crash. Open it again, select an artboard before I select the printer and the preset, no crash. 2] Go back to the new file that crashes, insert an art board to see if that makes a difference, nope. Select the artboard before selecting printer and preset, crash. 3] Open the lastest file again, duplicate the artboard created in 2] twice so now have 3 artboards with the same drawing. Go to print, select a printer, select an Artboard (random), no crash. 4] Then I go back to the file used in 3] Delete all the artboards. Delete all the objects of 2 so I'm kept with what is basically the original file. try to print. Crash. None the wiser though... at least seem like creating artboards seems to help. bert
  9. Hi, Thanks, will have a look at sending you the files, can I use the upload link above again? I might try and replicate it here, it's a variety of elements I've copied. The Publisher files has a few master pages and I copied from the regular pages (which are based on the master pages). Once pasted in Designer I right clicked on the layer and selected Edit Detached so I could manipulate the layers. The master pages contain a group with images, curve, picture frame and rectangular vector background. Nothing to heavy. Files are indeed stored on the same local disk, no cloud storage involved. They are within my main work folder each in different subfolders. Nothing unusual. It's the first time I ran into something like this, not being able to re-open a file. Bert
  10. @SPaceBar Bit late in replying here. It's been better here since I started paying attention to the setting of selection/artboard as mentioned by @zimmt I do get caught out still every now and I might not have updated all my settings so here and there is one that will crash the app I'm in.
  11. I created a file in Designer. Copied elements from a Publisher file into a Designer document which has 4 artboards. Exported the artboards to jpegs, saved the Designer file and now crashes any of the 3 Affinity apps when I try to open it. It's only a 140MB file bit something is preventing it from being opened. Tech support any chance you can try and open the file for me to see if you can pinpoint the issue? Can't post the file here for others to try unfortunately. Bert
  12. I can add to this as I'm having issues with print presets and Affinity products - all 3 - crashing on certain presets. This thread helps in that I'll go and have a look relating to the artboards and if that's something affecting me as well or if it's something different. So far I haven't been able to pinpoint it yet. I'm using a Canon Pixma iP8750. I'm printing a lot on Permajet paper and at first I thought it was related to the colour profiles for these papers but I'm also experiencing it with presets for plain paper. High Sierra 10.13.6, Affinity apps all on 1.8.4. Will report back if I figure out more.
  13. Hi, Is there a way to export just a section (as defined in the section manager) in Publisher? Many thanks, Bert
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