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  1. Hi, Just tried to set up two different master pages, one Letter size, the other A4 size, otherwise same layout. Worked on some pages in Letter format with the Letter master page applied. Duplicated a spread and applied the A4 master to it. I was expecting that the settings of the master would be applied to the spread, ie. changing the size from Letter to A4. Should it apply the size setting from the master as well or is this expected behaviour? Bert
  2. Hi, Thanks for the replies. Yes, I'm aware of the transform panel but that doens't allow for a quick intuitive way of working for me. I use it when I want to scale things to a size that I know. When doing a free transform I'd like to be able to do so freely but can't when zoomed in and don't see the selection handles. It's one of those few handy things Illustror has that I'd like to see in Designer as well. Bert
  3. Hi, Is there a way to scale an object without using the handles. At the moment we have to drag on the corners to scale an object up or down. Sometimes I'd like to be able to zoomed in to something else and can't see the handles which makes precision scaling to match something in your drawing difficult. This is because at that point the move tool is selected, so I can move the object without seeing the handles. Is there a modifier key I missed somewhere that turns the move tool into a scale or rotate tool? I don't think there is or I haven't found it after 4 years of use. If not I'll put in a feature request. Something like when holding the command key the move tool turns into scale and holding the option key turns it into a rotate tool when the cursor is over an object. Thanks, Bert
  4. Hi, Couldn't find anything similar on the forum here. Have something strange going on when re-scaling an artboard and have attached a screenrecording to try and get the issue across. I have a mask apllied to an artboard, only covers about a third of the artboard, it's to let me isolate part of a design whilst working on it. I only switch it on when needed or move it around. Now I was running out of space on my artboard and wanted to make it a bit bigger. 1] As usual, just grabbed the move tool, selected the artboard by clicking on its name in the artboard view (not in the layer's list) with the mask tunred on. Then dragged the artboard out downwards which as you can see from the video goes a bit awry. 2] Closed the file and re-opened it. This time I selected nothing, just opened the artboard layer, turned off the mask and scaled the artboard downwards again. This then scales the whole design, not extending the artboard. 3] Closed the file and re-opened it. Turning off the mask but this time selecting the artboard by clicking on its layer icon, so it has a white square around the layer icon to indicate its selection. Dragging the handles of the artboard then makes it all go very crazy as you can see fom the video. 4] Closed the file and re-opened it. This time deleting the mask and re-scaling the artboard again as before. This time it goes as expected. Surely not the behaviour to be expected? I'm running v1.6.0 on a 2016 MacbookPro [touchbar], MacOS 10.12.6 with a Wacom Cintiq UX21 and an old 27" iMac as an external screen attached through a OWC USB-C dock. But I've disconnected everything and the behaviour is the same. Regards, Bert designer-artboard-scaling.mov
  5. It happened under OS X El Capitan, retail version only as I never run betas need to get work done! Backup strategy? Daily backups but if I don't know where to look I can't restore. Surely AD stores this somewhere?
  6. Was looking to see if this had occurred to anyone else as I just had the same happening here. All custom colour palettes, styles, brushes. All gone. It did crash on me yesterday, Designer, and after restart all was gone. Is there nowhere AD saves this info somewhere? There's quite a lot I've lost that I use a lot on projects. Thanks, Bert
  7. BertD

    Node Tool

    This topic is quite old now, has anything happened to this behaviour? I kno I can either click on a line to convert the anchor or control-drag to introduce a handle, but that last one I find quite confusing and also moves the anchor whilst I would expect the anchor to stay in place and the handle to move which would be fine. Bert
  8. Hi, Did a search here but couldn't find anything, though sure I'm not the first. On the Mac a fairly standard behaviour is to option-click a folder [triangle] to open all enclose folders and see the contents inside them. Did I overlook something or is that behaviour not in AD/AP? Comes in handy when you're working with lots of layers. Regards, Bert
  9. I'll add my vote to batch renaming layers. I often have layers like: [folder] t02.1_g01_s05_over t02.1_g01_s04_over t02.1_g01_s03_over t02.1_g01_s02_over ... [folder[ t02.1_g01_s05 t02.1_g01_s04 t02.1_g01_s03 t02.1_g01_s02 ... Having to do this in one file is ok, but at the moment I'm working on a yearly batch of interactive projects for which I get hundreds of files I have to prepare for incorporating into the projects. Setting a base name and renaming all layers in one go would be a massive time saver. Sequential naming even better. A bit like having "a better finder rename" inside designer. You could indeed use an external app and rename after exporting but that becomes a nightmare if you have to go back and change something to re-export. Bert
  10. BertD

    Affinity Photo 1.5 has launched!

    Well done everyone! Every day it's a joy to use both Designer and Photo. Keep up the good work. Bert
  11. This for me is a repeatable issue now. I think what does it for me is where the objects are in the layer[s panel] I've attached two screenshots from my layer panel. The problem occurs when the two layers I'm grouping are not on the same level in the layers panel. The objects will shift position when grouped just like the balloons above. When I move the layers on the same level and group them, all works fine and they get grouped with no issues. It doesn't matter if I select the object in the layers panels or make the selection on the artboard directly. I'm working with a different file than the one above now. Bert
  12. Just thought I'll follow this one up. Left my computer for a bit which went to sleep. Logged in again, AD was still open with the file and tried exactly the same as above again, both the grouping and constraints and it didn't happen. Quit out of AD, tried it again in the same file, but again all work as expected now. So not sure if it was maybe just a graphical glitch.
  13. Hi, AF file attached.. Bert moek_73.afdesign
  14. And a quick follow up. I thought, maybe it's something with the new constraints, you never know. The first screenshot is with the constraints as default. The second screenshot is what happens to my objects after clicking one of the arrows on the constraints panel. Surely that's not right? Bert
  15. Hi, Just noticed something in Designer 1.5.1 that I haven't come across before. Just started working on an idea and wanted to group some of the balloons in the screenshots attached. Selecting them and then CMD-G to group them makes them move position. Is this normal [new] behaviour and have I missed a new setting or a bug? Regards, Bert