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  1. Odd that AP is having this much trouble with .heic files, as it's been in play fully in the Applesphere since 2017. I was just looking & saw that Photoshop now fully supports it from what Adobe is saying...
  2. Thanks, Walt. That's much of the information I was seeking. Much appreciated. Some apps in beta have a designated location just for the testing process comments, which I do not see with the Affinity site here. From what you've said, and what I've seen on other threads here, Affinity's are just woven into general group discussion of the beta. Nothing wrong w/ that; it just wasn't clear. Also, I then saw some commenters marked as Moderators (or official spokespeople of some sort) answering some posts on some topics but not others. So it was confusing as to whether these boards were being looked at. As per the chance of their fixing the placing of the zoom capability in the main toolbar, the Text Tool toolbar or the footer of the open document so that it's readily available while you're working IN the document w/o wasting time jumping to some other placement in the app -- it's the beta period still, so all things are up for grabs. And this item is as important to me as other items on the boards, like InDesign import/export, etc., are to other users. Plus, I've long since stopped assuming which code changes are simple, quick fixes and which are complex & tedious, as I've ended up on the wrong side of both assumptions too many times. If it's not yet released, it's still open for improvement. One safe assumption is that the Affinity folks will be tinkering with something or other, right up to the very moment they hit Submit on the release announcement. So I put this need out there for their consideration, asking that it be added either in the remaining release time here, or for one of the initial updates. Thanks!
  3. Walt, please do not take offense, but I am not looking to debate this topic or discuss it, I am attempting to make a direct request of the Affinity Publisher Beta Team. If THIS IS NOT THE PROPER PLACE, WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE POINT ME TO IT? Thanks! I tried searching all over the Affinity site & couldn't find a direct Beta app response link / space. This is the closest I've found. If I AM in the wrong place, would sincerely appreciate the assist to the proper spot. Thanks, all!
  4. Thanks, Aammppaa. Yep, I finally figured out all that. I'm not so much asking the group for a workaround, as I am asking the Affinity programmers to make a change here BEFORE this goes live in a few wks. While that kind of zoom selection works well on photos & images, for text it's much too clunky to deal with. I'm often going between 50 - 75 - 100 - 125 - 150 - 300 for various documents at various points, to solve various problems / challenges. Especially for comparing multiple documents, to make sure they're at the same magnification, to facilitate comparison or for moving easily between them. Adobe allows this, Word allows it. Pages allows this. I'm even trying to remember back to my old Quark days, I believe they had this option as well. Even if it were there were in the Toolbar for the Text Tool, life would be considerably easier. Trust me. At the very least, I see no reason for not offering a Zoom Icon in the Customize Toolbar option in the View Menu. Then, you & I could each customize it to our needs... Thanks!
  5. The window bar serves as gravy, not potatoes. Sure, it's nice in those odd times I'm just curious about the zoom %. However, we're talking tool here, not info. If I could change the zoom on the fly in the window, it would be usable. But since I can't, it's not. When working on a piece, I need to zoom tightly for a character or few words, then right back out again. Is the ability buried in the works there somewhere? Sure. But it sure ain't quick. We still need a constant, context-free icon in the toolbar for speedy zoom changes as we're working, not having to remember which of the many tools, panels & boxes we need to stop, figure out or remember & find just for a quick zoom change, in & out.
  6. It would be so very much easier if the zoom level were simply in the toolbar at the top, so just a glance will tell you what % you're at & adjustments are within the working page. Just the extra time to change tools & change them back again when you're working, or finding the proper panel is very time consuming. Especially if you use your center button to scroll up & down rather than zoom in or out. Please consider this for the final version. Thanks!
  7. 27-in. iMac. Default screen resolution. Please enlarge the text on the desktop UI. You've allowed for a fine range of zooms for the created document, but that doesn't help when we cannot read the UI, struggle to find & make out the wording of section tabs or basically find anything from the program on the screen. If I've got to shove my face up against the screen to read the Publisher tools & toolbars, it appears not yet ready for market. Many folks in the publishing trades have spent many years staring at screens, and ill-lit paper, with concomitant eye fatigue or damage to show for it. I enjoy the other Affinity projects, but would rarely use this one if the screen text for the app is too small. As it stands, I have to change my screen resolution just for Publisher. I'm willing to do that for testing, but it's not something I would pay cash money to have to endure if that is not corrected. Just saying... Thanks!
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