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  1. The original question was about creating PDF bookmarks with Publisher. This is possible as of version 1.9: https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/publisher/desktop/video/494086515/ Your question seems to be about something completely different, the unexpected behaviour that bookmarks are stripped out of imported PDFs.
  2. If we are in the process of doing kremlinology I am much more excited about this article, which suggests the team are working on book publishing features, something that might or might not involve footnotes but either way is more relevant to me than glossy magazines:
  3. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. From a quick test I think I can live with 125% at least while using Publisher
  4. PPPS: I have just found out that Windows uses automatic scaling on smaller displays. This is automatically set to 150% and causes this issue. If set to 100% the issue disappears (see screenshot and note the size of every window compared to the previous one). So this issue is caused by the interaction with Windows 10 scaling, not by Publisher itself. I would still like to suggest that the boxes should be resizable. After all that Windows scaling feature is a necessary one on small displays. I found that I couldn't work at 100% scaling, as everything becomes tiny.
  5. PPS: I know that DPT software isn't really supposed to be used on tiny laptop screens but this is the computer my employer issued me and at times I need to do something without having access to bigger screens, especially right now.
  6. Hi, I am usually using Publisher at my office, where I have two large monitors set up. However, since working from home I often find myself using my small work laptop. It has a 14'' screen and I run into a problem every single time I use Publisher on it: When I want to edit a text style by right-clicking on "Edit Text Style" the window/box (unsure about the correct terminology here, please see the attached screenshot) that opens is larger than the upper and lower limits of my screen, cutting off the lower controls, such as "OK", "Cancel", and the "apply style" checkbox behind my Wind
  7. Again, that is the point I was making: this is completely correct but only for English-language publications.
  8. Thanks everyone for the kind words. I was reading a book yesterday and had to think of what I was saying about German (and other) publishing practices again. This is what it looked like. This isn't a page spread that was carefully chosen for its egregiousness, they literally all look like that in this c. 800 page book. You will see the spread begins with a footnote flowing over from the last page and it ends with the last footnote flowing into the next page. All in all the book has 2385 footnotes (if I counted correctly, since the numbering restarts with every chapter). This is jus
  9. As one of the many people who have come to this thread after having found out in disbelief that this basic functionality is not (yet) supported I actually think your third option would have been the fair thing to do. It doesn't have to be huge red letters but a "Here's what you need to know before purchasing" page that includes a point along the following lines would have been nice: "Please be aware that Affinity Publisher does not currently support footnotes and is therefore not suitable for academic use; however we are working on implementing this functionality and hope to be able to offer i
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