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  1. Use the files referred in this thread. They work pretty well:
  2. Currently, the only solution in Apub would be to flow the text of footnotes through a series of frames at the bottom of the pages. Time consuming solution, of course.
  3. QXP support for footnotes is acceptable but not very good. See the QXP facebook threads.
  4. Walt, Please use this very brief file created in Word. Regards. Non_breaking_hyphen.docx
  5. I would be very grateful if someone could confirm that non-breaking hyphens coming in a DOCX Word file are ignored when APub imports the file. According to my tests, they simply disappeared.
  6. Please attempt to reproduce this: I write: "habitação"; then I try to undo. The undo process stops when it arrives to "ã". The same if I write "habitación" or other accented character.
  7. Yes, it's necessary to create a Spelling folder if it doesn't exist. You need to copyl the attached files there. You'll see in Affinity a "Español (España)" dictionary for Spelling and Hyphenation. The hyphenation file hyph_es_ES.dic must be installed following the "How do I add additional Dictionaries to Affinity Publisher?" guidelines. es_ES.aff es_ES.dic
  8. Spanish hyphenation rules work in Affinity as in LibreOffice, if you are using the right version of the Hunspell files. No difference at all. See this thread:
  9. See the link and use the attached files. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/155218-very-very-bad-incorrect-hyphenation-on-spanish-language/&tab=comments#comment-875145
  10. I think it's perfectly possible if you create a Text Style with autonumbering for your note references.
  11. Unbelievable but true: just now, in 2022, I have received an InDesign file where footnotes are still formatted by hand, in frames created for that purpose!
  12. OK, I see. I had visited the Latest Affinity releases page but it is not updated yet.
  13. 1.10.5 version? Where? I am using 1.10.4 and if I check for updates, 1.10.4 is the last available version.
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