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  1. Pauls, I can't remember what file was opened at that time. When I suffer a new crash, I'll send the report together with the opened file.
  2. I am using Word for Mac 16.16.5. See the attached sample file with non-English characters. Test.afpub
  3. Please attempt to verify this: iIf I copy and paste a non-English text to Word, the non-English characters are completely wrong. If I copy the same text to LibreOffice, the non-English characters are OK, but a page break appears after every paragraph in most texts (not all). With text editors (Aquamacs, Sublime Text), non-English characters are OK but the carriage returns are missing. No problems with TextEdit. It happened in 1.8.6 and it happens in 1.9.1
  4. After data merging, maybe footnotes/endnotes support is the next big feature APub is going to add?
  5. Apub crashes ramdomly. The problem appears from time to time (now in version 1.9.1 but also with previous versions). I am attaching the crash report. Luckily, the crash has never damaged my work. Crash_report.txt
  6. Unfortnately, not, but if you Import the PDF is relatively easy to rebuild your original publication, moving the necessary elements to the master pages.
  7. I can confirm that the same justification/hyphenation values in 1.9 and 1.8 outputs different paragraph compositions. Obviously, I am using Text Styles. The 1.8 result is much more pleasing.
  8. Maybe you can attempt to replace the missing font using the Find/Replace panel. Go to Find/Format/Font and in Font Family, choose Missing fonts instead of All fonts. Then it's possible to select the missing font to replace with your updated font.
  9. Hi! The behaviour is slightly different in the 1.9 version. Just start a new document with a very brief text. Language in Base style (applied): English-United Kingdom
. Check spelling when typing: activated.
 Now, switch the Base style language to a different one (Portuguese, for example). What happens in the screen? Absolutely nothing. When you start to edit the text, words start to be underlined in red here and there. Are you able to reproduce this? Best regards.
  10. I strongly recommend the use of Text Styles for the sake of coherence in your publication, no to mention the benefit of hierarchical styles. Everything you describe is possible (and easier, in my opinion) with Text Styles.
  11. Dear Walt, Excuse my lack of precision. I was referring to the fact of changing the Language setting in the Text Styles and to the "Check spelling while typing" red underlines. The Spelling function works as expected. So, it's a minor bug, as stated. Regards.
  12. Obviously, footnotes support must be together with their support in IDML import.
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