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  1. It's true, but direct import from IDML lets me transfer the design already done in ID.
  2. Thank you very much for your answer. IDML footnotes import is essential for me. I hope it will be implemented as soon as possible.
  3. I would be very grateful if someone could confirm that footnotes are not supported yet in IDML import by the recently published Beta.
  4. I would be very grateful if someone could confirm that footnotes are not supported yet in IDML import in this Beta.
  5. It's possible but in my i7 SSD Macmini late 2012 the performance is poor, because Mojave as host doesn't give Metal support to the Monterey virtual machine. As stated, I installed a Windows 10 virtual machine and the performance is better. The Parallels site has a lot of useful information, manuals and so on.
  6. Parallels only gives Metal support in the OS X virtual machine if your host is Big Sur. The only way to have your document visible in Apub is choosing "Software" in Preferences/Performance/Display, but the performance is very poor. I use Apub 2.0 in the Windows virtual machine thanks to the Universal Licence. In the future, with a new Mac...
  7. I completely agree. I'm in Mojave and I have a Windows 10 virtual machine to be able to use the Windows version of Affinity 2.0 apps thanks to the Universal licence. The virtual machine is quick and responsive, much more than the Catalina or Big Sur virtual machines I have also tested with 2.0 apps.
  8. As a Mojave user, the only solution that I have to use Affinity v.2 is to install a Windows 1o virtual machine and to use the Windows versions! I have installed a Big Sur via Parallels, but the Mojave Host doesn't let the Big Sur Guest take benefit from the Metal support. Update: it's possible to set Display in Preferences to Software and to get Apub v.2 running (without the black page problem) but it's very slow.
  9. The OSXDaily route lets me get the Catalina installer app that I have used in Parallels Desktop.
  10. Via Parallels Desktop 16, I have Mojave as Host and Catalina as Guest. Obviously, it's possible to install and run Apub 2.0 but the page background is dark and it's impossible to see the text. It doesn't matter if I am using light or dark system appearance. I don't know what's the origin of the problem (maybe, lack of graphic power due to the emulation process).
  11. Footnotes support, in my first tests with the Windows version, is better than in PPlus (as far as I remember). Good news.
  12. I have sent feedback about the matter. See: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/170422-footnotes-support-in-idml-import/
  13. Paradoxically, it's perfectly possible to install and run the Windows trial version in my old Windows machine (really old!) and my i7 Mac (Mojave) can't run Apub 2.0!
  14. I can't use Apub 2.0 in my Mojave machine (an i7!) but I have downloaded the Windows trial version and it works in my very old Windows machine. I have discovered that footnotes are not supported in IDML import when Apub 2.0 has that feature (at last!). Please update the IDML support with the new features.
  15. I have downloaded a Windows trial version (it works in my very old Windows machine!) and, unfortunately, footnotes are not yet supported in IDML import.
  16. I can't test footnotes because I' using Mojave and it's not supported. Anyhow, I would be very grateful if someone could verify that footnotes are supported in IDML import.
  17. First releases of InDesign didn't support footnotes. Even now, QXP has a poor footnotes support.
  18. I like the Apub interface, much more than the PPlus one. PPlus had a very long history. Apub is still in the 2.0 version (nearly). Please remember what InDesign was in its 2.0 version.
  19. The video tells: "hundreds of new features". For the rest, it's a typical teaser. Maybe we'll see a second teaser on monday.
  20. The new version is coming. It will be a big disappointment if it doesn't include footnotes support.
  21. I am quoting https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/publisher/ipad/?fbclid=IwAR0moAEsCMQvJcemy4HRPoJf00KX6oI6p7MLEU8cGckP4Hrj44kyI05mts4: "We’re aiming to launch Affinity Publisher for iPad soon, alongside some other major developments to the rest of the Affinity suite!" Maybe footnotes?
  22. Currently, the only solution in Apub would be to flow the text of footnotes through a series of frames at the bottom of the pages. Time consuming solution, of course.
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