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  1. Thanks for reply. Yes, I'm using Explorer sometimes but generally I prefer Total Commander as a file manager and Faststone Image Viewer as photo/image browser. TC is able to show thumbnails but FIV is very, very convenient if I need to browse images (and does not show Affinity files at all). I have to check ACDSee.
  2. Hi It is not stricte Affinity topic but kinda related. I'm using Fast Stone Image Viewer in my "workflow" and I'm addicted by simplicity of this software and full-screen preview which is very importand thing for me. BUT this soft does not support viewing of Affinity formats (any vector formats btw) and since Designer is my number one weapon I'm looking for something with ability to display at least THUMBNAILS of graphic files (like Windows file explorer do). OK - i know I'm maybe demanding so it is not even neccesary to opening files by viewer but i want to see thumbnails to have ensurance the folder with Affinity files is not empty when I'm browsing files with image viewer. What kind of image viewers/photo managers do you guys use with Affinity?
  3. Strange, but I'm pretty sure that "assign" does not work for me when I tried it (few times with different profiles so maybe it is just my fault and I done something wrong by the way). I have many tables and drawings (pixel) in document and when I changed profile by assigning it - table content and borders colour lose k:100 but drawings still keeping grayscale. Anyway - I thought it is problem in method. It is not - Your recipe works like a charm (I checked it on a fresh document). Thank You.
  4. Hi Situation: I have project with CMYK 0,0,0,100 (for example) and FOGRA39 profile assigned. Does it possible to change this profile (f.e. to U.S. Web Coated) without losing information about CMYK parameters? All i want is to keep 100% black for print purposes.
  5. Drawing with AD is just pure fun!
  6. Thank you all for your opinions. I know that the edges of the face are sharp, but this is due to the fact that they were also sharp in the original image. These old "rubber face toys" often looked quite strange. Maybe I will improve it, but I have to gather some strength to return to this project.
  7. Sure (or maybe - only if You have tablet, I don't have it) As I mentioned - this is nothing more but for practice purpose. I just wondered did I manage to recreate these smooth gradients on ears and face. I add fur just to complete overal look and I know it looks strange.
  8. Hi, This is redrawing of detail from Mark's Ryden painting "Snowhite" (full painting is lil bit disturbing and might be assignet to 18+ category, if anyone want to search it on the web). Detail: I redrawed a head of bunny without surrounding stuff. Just for practice and increase skills. I spend on this many hours and im still not fully satisfied (fur was a problem for me). All with vectors and some FX'es (blurr).
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